8 Tips for Using a Non-Stick Stainless Steel Pan

The versatile stainless steel pan offers different cooking possibilities. For example, it can be used to prepare fried foods and fat-free dishes. But before taking full advantage of it, there are a few tips to use. The temperature level and the type of ingredient are the basis.

Master the Heating of a Stainless Steel Pan

The first tip to properly use your stainless steel pan concerns the heating test. No matter what future ingredients you choose, always check if the temperature is right. To find out, pour a few drops of water into your pan.

If they form small balls that sparkle and scatter over the entire surface, then you have the green light. But, on the other hand, if they stick to it and evaporate instantly, reduce the power of the fire.

In addition, there are different types of stainless steel pans. To help you make your choice, find our selection of the best products here. You will find the model at the right size that will best suit your gas, electric or induction hob.

Stainless Steel Pan

Boil Milk in a Stainless Steel Pan

The ingredients are cooked differently from each other, and when you have to settle for the minimum, sometimes you are forced to heat or cook the milk in a pan even if it seems atypical. The method turns out to be simple; however, once you take a closer look. This limits unsightly and difficult to remove stains on the plate.

Place your pan on low heat, and before pouring the milk, add a few centiliters of cold water instead. Then boil your mixture as it should, let it rise three times in a row. Don’t lose a drop. And as the edges of a pan are often low, don’t overfill it. In the end, you will notice that your hot drink will not stick inside. This method also reduces the washing of the cookware.

Cook Without Fat with a Stainless Steel Pan

This idea is attracting more and more famous culinary chefs and most amateurs. First, heat your stove to the correct temperature. Then put your beef or pork tenderloin in it, without the slightest drop of oil or butter. Leave it on one side, then turn it over when you have browned it.

You will get crisp, fat-free, health-friendly, and ready-to-serve food. The meat juice cooks it from start to finish. Then you have to think about cleaning your utensils.

Non-Stick Stainless Steel Pan

Keep your Stainless Steel Pan Clean

To maintain hygiene in your kitchen throughout the week, especially in your stainless steel pans, wash them at the right time. After each cooking, put them back on the hot plate and pour water inside. Then bring it to a boil and turn off your heat. Have your lunch. When you have finished your dish, return to your pan. During this time, the rinse juice will have completely cooled.

Now you can wash your container without any risk. First, and using a sponge and soap, gently wipe away food residue from the surface of your stove. Then rinse thoroughly with a few wipes to wipe it off. As a result, your container will shine again.

Cook Your Omelet with a Stainless Steel Pan

For this, you will juggle the temperature. Always choose a medium heat level. Adjust your fire between 50% to 60% compared to its maximum power. Then do the drop test. If the oil is too cold, the omelet may stick.

Wait until the texture suits you. You are free to season it with grated cheese, herbs, ham, prawns, chili, or whatever during this time. Well browned or barely cooked, make according to your preferences.

Fried Egg on Stainless Steel Pan

When it comes to cooking eggs, a non-stick skillet is preferred to avoid breaking the yolks. However, you can also use a stainless steel version. To make a fried egg with a stainless pan, heat it before adding a few drops of oil. After that, break the shell and gently pour its contents inside.

Then lower the power of your fire not to burn your mixture. Then wait for the time to add a pinch of salt and seasoning. When the egg white has hardened, this indicates the end of cooking.

Prepare Your Sauce

The meat or poultry residues deposited in the bottom of the pan are reusable in the design of the sauce. Please put it back on the heat and put cold water in it to do this. For this, prefer the oyster juice. Once the largest amount has evaporated, you will see the tasty and tasty sauce forming. This is eaten with pieces of fresh meat. You know how to make the most of the ingredients with a stainless pan.

It all takes less than 5 minutes, the same time you will need to clean. Among other things, avoid using a metal spoon during preparation. This type of material often inflicts scratches on stainless steel bottoms.

Some Precautions with Stainless Steel Tools

When washing a stainless steel pan, be careful with bleach. Due to its complex and aggressive chemical composition, this disinfectant gradually deteriorates the components of the alloy, making the utensil more and more vulnerable over time. So use tap water for rinsing.

Also, beware of abrasives. Finally, do not use this item to polish stainless steel unless you are a professional. BTakingthese a few precautions into account will keep your stove longer. Also, the stainless steel model is much more resistant than a non-stick surface.

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