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My name is Marina Dominguez and I am a Home, Garden, and Outdoor improvements blogger!

With my partner, Mia A Chloe we are looking for contributors and need your content! We are a growing site in home-garden and outdoor improvements as well as a backyard decor niche that wants to provide more useful information for enthusiasts like you!

Submit your best, most informative content to us for immediate review.

However, before you do, please read the contribution guidelines below.

Contribution Guidelines

Your article must:

  • Should not go against any Terms and Conditions of our website
  • At least 1000 words
  • Be original (we’ll check with Copyscape Premium)
  • High quality in proper American English – our readers are located in the USA & Canada
  • Have no more than 3 outbound links
    • Those links must be topically related to the article
  • Must have at least 1 Inbound link.
  • Go into depth on your topic.
  • Have at least one image
    • At least one image within the article body must be 500*500 or above and have no text
    • Must use a Landscape image as a featured image. Mention the image source below article.
    • Image size should not exceed 100KB per image. You can use RIOT software (freeware) to reduce image size.
    • Place Image Source Credit as Caption.
    • Image(s) must be properly attributed.

Apart from that, an article should be:

  • Well formatted with bullet lists or sub-headings. Must be Green by Yoast SEO.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes. Use Grammarly (Free or Premium)
  • Must email to [email protected] after drafting the article. We will review and publish your blog. We might terminate the article if you did not notify.

Things That Guarantee Rejection

  • Make sure that it looks like you took time to think about the topic in some depth
  • If your English is not good, please get an English native editor to fix your article
  • If your article is trying to stuff your text with keywords without good reason, it will be rejected, plain simple
  • If you used an article spinner/re-writer to make the article “unique”, it will be rejected
  • If you are linking to sites that have nothing to do with the content of the article or if the sites are “shady” (our discretion), no publication for you, sorry
  • Anything else that doesn’t pass muster

We Reserve The Right To Make Edits To Your Article

This includes:

  • adding links to internal and external resources
  • editing to make sure your article fits the writing style of our website
  • possible rewriting later if needed while preserving all the links as is
  • placing ads and affiliate links in your text 

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