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To meet the daily needs of your home, you will need to buy a household appliance. Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, or dryer: they will all allow you to accomplish different tasks. But, to enjoy them for a long time, you must know how to choose them. To help you when purchasing one of these pieces of equipment, find here all the tips and criteria to consider.

Household appliances are electrical devices used to perform the various tasks of daily life. They are used to store, tidy up, clean, and they are an integral part of the home, and therefore of the kitchen. Also, it is important to clean it properly. However, it is not always easy to do household chores with the rhythm of daily life and professional life. To help you then, there are some essential household appliances to have at home.

Take Into Account

The first criteria to consider before purchasing your household appliance is the role it will play. In most cases, they guarantee great utility, but not defining the requirements in advance will push you to use it at all times. This will help increase energy consumption and therefore the bill. So before spending a fortune on an accessory, find out if you can’t do without it or find another more efficient and economical solution.

If you have to buy a refrigerator, for example, ask yourself if you should take a model with a built-in or separate freezer. It will all depend on whether you prepare meals in advance and keep them. Likewise, for the washing machine, do not go directly on a model equipped with a dryer. It will cost you more and use more energy. Once your clothes are washed, you can dry them in the open air: very economical and ecological.

Choose Connected Objects or Not

With the advancement of technology, you will find on the market today many very sophisticated household appliances. They can connect to a smartphone, a tablet, and control themselves remotely. You can, for example, see the contents of your refrigerator, program the start of the washing machine, or stop the washing machine. If you have to opt for these models, you will benefit from:

  • Remote diagnosis to detect anomalies in advance and prevent breakdowns;
  • A consumption statistic to know the consumption differences.

However, do not run straight to these very attractive technologies. Also, take the time to analyze the drawbacks to find out if it’s really worth it. Here are the most common:

  • Connected objects often exhibit computer security vulnerabilities and expose themselves to the risk of remote hacking;
  • Compatibility problems between smartphones and devices end up appearing over the years and updates;
  • The purchase price remains very high and sometimes beyond the reach of several grants;
  • These devices must remain permanently connected to Wi-Fi, which contributes to the increase in energy consumption;
  • The use of technology on household appliances weakens them and accelerates their deterioration.

Choosing the Right Household Appliance

To make it easier for you to purchase your equipment, here is a list of all the household appliances you can use at home. Here are the different models available:

  • The dishwasher: it will save you from having to fill the sink with water and having to wash all your cutlery. You can even opt for a model with a large capacity to reduce the number of washes;
  • Refrigerators and freezers: they will allow you to store your food, manage your stock and store your frozen products;
  • Washing machines and dryers: they will be used to clean your clothes in a very short time and to dry them without bothering you. You will find different models on the site;
  • Microwave ovens: to reheat leftovers from a meal, to prepare popcorn or to try a new recipe, they will make your life easier;
  • Air conditioners: to offset the summer heat, they are very useful and guarantee refreshing comfort;
  • Vacuums: they will make it easier for you to clean your homes.

Opt for a New or Used Model

When you want to get a household appliance, do not think that a new model is the most ideal. Buying a used device also has considerable advantages. So take care to analyze the two possibilities. If you only need to use your washing machine once a week or temporarily, opting for a second-hand model will benefit you. On the other hand, if your family’s needs require more frequent use, prefer new and efficient equipment to benefit from energy-saving technology. You can also find devices with slight cosmetic flaws, sometimes even imperceptible. They remain available at unbeatable prices and therefore represent a good deal. Balances are also economic opportunities that you must seize.


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You have the choice between a free-standing version and an integrated addition. In the latter case, you should install them in the matching panels of the kitchen cabinets. Also take care to check its capacity (the number of covers it can wash), its energy and water consumption, the noise produced, etc.

The Different Types of Hood

Image Source: The Kitchn

The hood is essential for working in a healthy kitchen. It filters and evacuates the smoke resulting from cooking food. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the hood, according to your desires, and the vision that you have of your kitchen. Because depending on the hood chosen, there may be some constraints.

The hood also called a visor hood, is placed below a storage unit, and above the worktop. This allows the smoke and vapor produced to be removed directly, despite the relatively small surface area of ​​the hood. In the same style, there is a retractable hood. The difference is that it is placed inside a piece of furniture, not underneath it.

Finally, it is always more pleasant to have an original hood. For this, the decorative hood meets your needs. It has several forms, as original as each other, and the colors are varied. What gives even more color and life to the kitchen?

The Different Types of Refrigerators

Image Source: Esteghlal Shop

The refrigerator is an integral part of our daily lives. We use it to store our groceries or to keep food that we don’t finish or want to eat later. It is, therefore, a device that keeps food as long as possible. It is, therefore, necessary to choose your refrigerator well, according to our needs, but also according to the space available in the kitchen.

The one-door refrigerator is considered a conventional refrigerator. It is smaller than other refrigerators but can store food that is not too bulky. We can find models with freezers, but this is not the most suitable for the situation.

In the category of large refrigerators, we find the American refrigerator. It has two doors that give access either to a freezer or to a refrigerator. It is possible to store a lot of food, but watch out for the electricity bill. There is also the fridge-freezer combination, a real two-in-one, which allows you to achieve in short what the conventional fridge could not do. But here too, electricity consumption is important.

The Different Types of Ovens

Microwave Oven

Among the various household appliances available on the market is the oven. Useful for cooking food, while retaining the nutritional benefits it brings, the oven finds its place in a good part of homes.

There are several methods for heating and cooking food. The steam oven, as its name suggests, generates steam, which heats and cooks food. Temperatures can also vary from one steam oven to another. We also have a gas oven, which consumes less energy, particularly soft and tasty cooking.

The Different Types of Cookers

Electric Pressure Cooker

In order to be able to cook in optimal conditions, any kitchen must have its stove. And there are different types of stoves. They are equipped with plates, which operate with different resources.

In the classics category, we find the gas hob and electric hob. These are the basic plates. In general, we choose one or the other depending on the level of cuisine, and the dishes we tend to make. The gas hob is used to make relatively complex dishes, where fire management and firepower play a key role in cooking. The electric stove, on the other hand, is more suitable for beginners who wish to make simple dishes or just reheat the dishes. In the event of accidents, it also involves less risk than that with gas plates. If you tend to juggle between “Top Chef” dishes and simple and basic dishes, or if you want to cook dishes that are managed differently, it is possible to opt for the range cooker. It combines the two types of plates previously mentioned, and thus, life becomes simpler.

There are also induction hobs, which provide the same benefits as gas hobs while enhancing the safety aspect of the range. Finally, halfway between the induction hob and the electric hob, there is the ceramic hob, which has two heating devices.

The Different Types of Freezers

Image Source: Voltas

The type of freezers you want to choose depends on how much space you have, or what you want to use. If there is enough space, the fridge-freezer combination is suitable. True two-in-one, all food is concentrated at one point in the kitchen. On the other hand, if there is a lack of space, it is better to opt for a built-in freezer, which is placed in some kitchen furniture, or under a worktop.

The cabinet freezer can be used in large kitchens and allows you to sort and store as much food as possible. Of course, the size of this type of freezer can vary and the storage capacity can vary, as can the energy consumption.

The chest freezer turns completely opposite. Placed horizontally, very wide, opening upwards, the chest freezer nevertheless remains practical for storing food. Its ability to keep cold is also optimal compared to the cabinet freezer.

The Steam Cleaner

 Steam Buddy
Image Source: Steam Buddy

Whether it is to disinfect the carpet, maintain the curtains or even clean the windows, the steam cleaner is the device for you. Indeed, the steam cleaner is a device that is both versatile and easy to use. You can ensure impeccable hygiene with a steam cleaner without using chemicals. If you have grease stains or dirt that is difficult to remove, the steam cleaner is the device for you. If you don’t already have a steam cleaner at home, it’s time to decide.

The Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

To clean the house faster at home, the vacuum cleaner is your best ally. On the floor, carpet or carpet, the vacuum cleaner allows you to dust daily without getting tired. If the vacuum cleaner is a device that has been present in our homes for years, it has not stopped developing in recent years. Indeed, we find today’s high-performance models, fast, efficient and also more and more autonomous. You can choose your vacuum cleaner according to your cleaning needs, the floor to be cleaned, but also the time you will spend on cleaning.

Traditional Brooms and Sweepers

Traditional Brooms and Sweepers

Brooms are also essential for sweeping the house on a daily basis. Especially if you don’t have time to wipe your mop every day, think about brushing up from time to time. If you have solid wood floors, it is more advisable to use a soft bristle broom. For the maintenance of grounds, courtyards or large areas, sweepers allow you to maintain cleanliness without much effort. Indeed, sweepers have the same operation as traditional brooms. To obtain a satisfactory result, it is important to take into account the flexibility of the hairs and the distance between them.

The Washing Machine

Washing Machine
Image Source: XiaomiToday

Among the household chores that occupy our time a lot, there is also laundry. With a washing machine, you can save a lot of time by not doing the laundry. Also, the washing machine is very easy to use for the whole family. In addition, the washing machine does not take up much space; you can quite put it in the kitchen or in the laundry room. So even if you live in a small apartment, there is just a small space to install a washing machine. You can also save even more time by choosing a washer-dryer model. It is a practical and versatile device that combines the washer and dryer. So you can put your laundry in the machine and take it out clean and dry.

Tumble Dryers

When purchasing this type of household appliance, you will have a choice between two models:

  • Conventional dryers: they consume a lot of energy (around 500kWh / year), but you can remedy this by drying your clothes in the open air;
  • Heat pump dryers: very economical, they use the calories in the room to remove moisture from the laundry and thus reduce energy consumption.

Other selection criteria, to properly choose your appliance, you must follow a certain number of criteria. In addition to those already listed, others remain very important.

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