Reviews of The 10 Best Mini Waffle Maker Machine

The mini waffle maker machine can help you big time with its incredible functionality. Though it’s a mini appliance, it can take care of your meals in the most convenient and versatile style. However, if you are given the job to find the best mini waffle maker, you are not supposed to be comfortable enough in this messy market. It takes a good amount of research and testing to come with a shortlist of the mini waffle makers to choose from. And we have rightly done so. We’ve made sure the waffle maker is not itself a good one, rather it ensures top-quality waffle making for your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or other snack times as well. To make this article more convenient as a buying guide for the best mini waffle maker machine, we’ve also included some of the FAQs regarding this topic. You can also get to know about some of the Recipes for Waffle Maker at the end of the review section.

FAQs on Waffle Maker

How to use a waffle maker?
To use a waffle maker, you need to accomplish the tasks such as cleaning the waffle maker at the start, oiling the grids, preheating the iron, mixing the batter, measuring the batter, and then start baking the waffle by pouring the batter, closing the lid, and switching on the machine. Flip the batter, if the waffle maker is flappable. Once the waffle is ready it will stop and indicate accordingly. Finally, remove the finished waffle with a non-metal spatula and serve in the right way. After use, make sure to clean and store properly.
How much does a waffle maker cost?
A good waffle maker should cost you in the range of $24-$40. If you’re lucky enough, the discounted price could go down as low as $17.
Can you wash waffle maker? / How to wash waffle maker? / How to clean a waffle maker?
Yes, you can and you should wash the waffle maker. You need to use a damp cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior of the machine. If you find anything stubborn, pour a few drops of cooking oil onto that, let it soften, and wipe it with the cloth. The cooking plates can be separately washed with warm soapy water and rinsed clean if they’re removable.
When to flip waffle maker while cooking?
Once you have poured the batter on the bottom of the iron to start cooking while also letting it spread, that is the right time when you can flip the waffle maker to cook faster. Due to flipping, you are allowing the batter to directly contact the bottom allowing faster heating.
Which waffle maker is best?
It’s hard to pick one as the best waffle maker. However, considering the customer reviews, we can pick the Dash Mini Waffle Maker as the best waffle maker.
Where to buy waffle makers?
What could be a better place to buy the waffle makers other than Amazon. Well, you can also get them at the nearest electrical appliance store if you want to check them out for yourself.

List of Best Mini Waffle Maker Machine

NameOur RatingPurchase Link

Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine

4.0/5buy button

DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

4.2/5buy button

BLACK+DECKER Belgian Waffle Maker

4.5/5buy button

Chefman Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker

4.6/5buy button

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

4.6/5buy button

AICook Belgian Waffle Maker

4.0/5buy button

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

4.3/5buy button

StarBlue Double Waffle Bowl Maker

3.9/5buy button

Marvel MVA-281 Avengers Waffle Maker

4.5/5buy button

Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

3.7/5buy button

Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine

Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine

Looking for a mini waffle maker machine? One that is enough for individual servings? Can’t get a better one than the Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine. It’s Amazon’s Choice waffle maker and is one of the most compacts out there. Let’s watch out for its features.

Compact & Portable

With an 8-inch size, this Express Waffle Maker is probably the most compact and portable one you can get around. Takes up very little on your countertop and is great to have for your smaller kitchen, camper/RV, college dorms, and so on.

Quick & Convenient

And yeah, besides being compact, it is quick and convenient as well. Just plug it in and you are good to go as it heats up in minutes. The dual non-stick surface is PFOA-free and provides an even cooking system for consistent results every time.

Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine 1

Reliable Features

This mini waffle maker machine comes with a 1-year manufacturers’ warranty with some of its most reliable features such as non-stick heating plates, non-slip feet, recipe database, and recipe book. Plus, it also allows ease of wipe cleaning. The design is also amazing and includes some on-trend color options. Now don’t tell me you are considering it as a gift for your loved ones! Well, If you are – you are on the right path, as it is could be an amazing gift for anyone.

Delicious Waffles

The Dash Express Waffle Maker is all good to cook 4 separate delicious waffles for your meal. You can come up with experimental recipes of hash browns, paninis, or on-the-go breakfast; while you can rest assured that you won’t go wrong with its amazing cooking system.

Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine 2

What Customers Say

Well, there are some deserving reasons which make it one of amazon’s choices for the mini waffle maker. And people seem to be realizing these reasons very well with their purchase.

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DASH No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

DASH No Drip Belgian Waffle Maker

Dash No-Drip Belgian Waffle Maker is a mini waffle maker machine that does more than making waffles. Pour any wet batter recipe on this machine and get it waffled for your delicious breakfast, lunch, or other meals. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

More than Waffles

Now make your hash browns, paninis, or biscuit pizzas with the Dash Belgian Waffle Maker. You can also experiment with the immense waffle recipes, especially the ones your kids prefer. It waffles your snacks and treats into 4 perfectly share-size portions.


No more spilling or leaking from the overflow of the waffle batter. Its built-in pocket sides can catch anything excessive and eases cleaning up in a snap. So no wasting and dripping.

DASH No Drip Belgian Waffle Maker 2

Quick and Convenient

Dash Waffle Makers are always quick and convenient to get in the action. Meanwhile, it makes sure that you are getting evenly cooked dishes on the dual nonsticky surface with consistent results every time.

Go on with your Waffle Recipes

It has everything to turn your wet batter into some amazingly delicious waffles. So go on with your recipes from hash browns, to savory waffles, to dessert waffles with this versatile machine. Just check out the recipe book and get started right away.

DASH No Drip Belgian Waffle Maker 1

What Customers Say

Customers seem to be barely going wrong with this mini waffle maker machine from Dash. It’s reliable enough for a delicious waffle-making experience and that too at an amazing price.

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BLACK+DECKER Belgian Waffle Maker

BLACKDECKER Belgian Waffle Maker

Black+Decker Belgian Waffle Maker makes a great addition to the list of the best mini waffle maker machine. If you are looking for a waffle maker Belgian style, then you have enough reasons to check out the features of the Black and Decker Waffle Maker.

The Ultimate Experience

You can expect the ultimate waffle experience with this amazing BLACK+DECKER Traditional Belgian-Style Waffle Maker that is made of Stainless Steel with a durable non-stick coating. It allows you to cook the fluffy waffles while providing great room for your special toppings. Try out grilled sandwiches, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, and so on. Discover some new treats and classic favorites.

BLACKDECKER Belgian Waffle Maker 1
BLACKDECKER Belgian Waffle Maker 3

Mini Yet Large

Black+Decker Belgian Mini Waffle Maker Machine is a great option for creating classic 7.25’’ Belgian-style round waffles. This makes it compact, yet perfect for a large size single serving.

Non-Stick Plates

It comes with non-stick plates that allow the waffles to slide out easily. Also, it provides ease of cleaning and you need a few swipes with a damp cloth to clean its interior and exterior.

Cool-Touch Handle

This Black+Decker mini waffle maker comes with a cool and convenient extended handle. This allows you to open it safely while it’s heated up.

Ready Indicator Light

When it is preheated and ready for the action, you can understand by its ready indicator light. So you can enjoy safe waffle-making.

BLACKDECKER Belgian Waffle Maker 2

Vertical Storage

It comes in a compact and space-saving design. So you get the chance for vertical storage in your cabinet.

What Customers Say

The Black and Decker Waffle Make has it all for you amazing waffle meals. And the slightly lower price tag makes it an even better option to check out.

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Chefman Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker

Chefman Anti Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker

The Chefman Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker can surely wow you with your waffle making. Especially with the price that it is offered at. Let’s check out some of its features here.

Anti-Overflow Channel

It’s an intelligent feature that catches anything excessive of your batter, so your countertops remain neat and tidy. So its wrap-around channel keeps you worry-free from the batter leaking/overflowing out of the cast iron waffle maker or getting any mess on the countertop.

Shade Selector

The Chefman allows choosing between 7 shade settings to create the best waffles for your breakfast, lunch, and snacks. The higher the shade, the crispier, and the darker your waffle is. During preheat its red light is illuminated and once it’s ready to cook, its blue light is illuminated.

Chefman Anti Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker 1

Non-Stick Plates

You expect this feature and it’s there. So its non-stick coated plates allow you to remove the waffles easily or clean them with convenience once you’re done. Wiping down the interior and exterior plates with a damp cloth/paper towel is good enough to keep it clean. Store in the vertical position for space-saving storage.

Great Assurance

It has the CETL Advanced Safety Technology Approval which ensures long-lasting durability with 1-year assurance by Chefman. So be confident with your purchase.

Chefman Anti Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker 3

Immense Recipe Options

The Chefman Anti-Overflow Waffle Maker includes recipe books with unlimited options of waffle recipes. So you can create a delicious breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Now prepare the classic chocolate buttermilk, chocolate chip pizza, banana nut oatmeal, and cinnamon roll in the waffle maker.

What Customers Say

The Chefman Anti-Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker offers a lot for an amazing price. It’s hard to find anything too harsh from the customers regarding this amazing mini waffle maker machine.

Chefman Anti Overflow Belgian Waffle Maker 2

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Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

Don’t tell you you’re not considering a waffle maker only because you’re on a budget. Here we have the Oster Belgian Waffle Maker which is an amazing waffle maker for the discounted price that it is offered at, and you could hardly ask anything more from it. We’ll take a look at more of this mini waffle maker machine below.

Perfect Belgian-Style Waffle

It provides perfect Belgian-Style large-size waffles with round shapes. Its deep pockets can hold a lot of syrup and top for the ultimate taste.

Non-stick Plates

With such a price, it doesn’t hold back itself to offer the non-stick plates. With the non-stick coated 8-inch plate, it’s very easy to release the waffles. It also allows for a quick cleanup.

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker 2
Oster Belgian Waffle Maker 3

Adjustable Temperature

You can even adjust the temperature to customize the heat to cook different kinds of batters and finishes. Simply twist the temperature dial and you are good to make some crispy and fluffy waffles.


It comes with sturdy stainless steel housing for added durability. Plus, its touch handle includes a firm grip making it safer to help to prevent burns.

Indicator Lights

The indicator lights of this machine, make it visible if the power is on and whether you can start the baking or not.

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker 1

What Customers Say

People find it a well-performing mini waffle maker machine. And when it’s on the discount you could not ask for anything better for sure.

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AICook Belgian Waffle Maker

AICook Belgian Waffle Maker

To make another high-quality mini waffle maker addition to the list, we have the AICook Belgian Waffle Maker. This premium quality mini waffle maker machine comes packed with features. So its features are worth watching out for.

High-Quality Baking Plates

The AICook comes with 4-piece baking plates that can cater to the delicious Belgian-style waffles to the full family in their breakfast. Its heat technology includes electric coils behind each of the coils to ensure even and quick cooking for crisp golden fluffy waffles. Its non-stick coating is durable and ensures low-fat baking and also allows easy removal of the waffles. So you can forget about the sticky dough.

Versatile & Delicious

It offers versatile cooking options that include different types of waffles, omelet, hash browns, biscuit pizzas, and much more with a mini waffle maker while ensuring the professional bakery kind of deliciousness.

AICook Belgian Waffle Maker 1

High Power Efficiency

Having a power configuration of 1200 watts, it heats up fast. The preheat is done in about 5 minutes and the baking in about 6 minutes. So you can easily have several batches to handle a good amount of hungry mouths.

Intimate Design

You can get the right amount of crisp and crust color using its temperature control feature. Its indicator LED lights on the lid lets you know once it’s ready. The non-skid feet can prevent it from slipping on your countertop. The handle comes with a thoughtful design to ease the operation; it divots deep for a larger syrup and other topping capacities. Its anti-leak channel doesn’t let the batter leak out even a bit. Plus, it allows cord storage for convenient saving.

AICook Belgian Waffle Maker 2

High-Quality Phenolic Plastic Construction

It’s a little unique in terms of its construction, which is more stable and durable due to its anti-scald phenolic plastic materials. As a result, it is more heat-resistant, arc-resistant, isolated from potential arc damages, resistant to solvents, sturdy and tough, halogen-free, and flame retardant.

Delicious Experience

Go for the season-themed delicious meals, arrange your waffles with the most colorful toppings. It can be vanilla ice cream, strawberries, syrups, choco chips, and much more. Enjoy a sweet or savory waffle experience with this amazing Aircook Waffle Maker.

AICook Belgian Waffle Maker 3What Customers Say

You will come up with a lot of thumbs up for this amazing mini waffle maker machine. Especially, because of its cooking quality, convenience, and sturdy construction. You don’t mind the price either.


AICook Belgian Waffle Maker 4

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Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

The list for the best mini waffle maker will be somewhat incomplete without mentioning the Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker. So let’s make the accomplishment and check out some of its amazing features here. This will also let you know why it ranks so high as a mini waffle maker.

Professional Design

Presto Waffle Maker features a professional rotating design. And that gets even more interesting with its extra-thick grid that bakes a Belgian waffle with a 7-inch diameter. Plus, its four easy-to-cut portions make it suitable for the breakfast of your whole family. Its exterior with brushed stainless steel gives it the firmness it requires.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker 1

Dual Function Base

It comes with a dual-function base to ensure convenience in rotation for baking. Also, provides the ease of locking it in the vertical position for space-saving storage.

Convenient Display

The Presto Waffle Maker has a convenient digital display that comes with a countdown timer to signal that your waffle is ready. So you know when to slide out the waffles.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker 2

Non-stick Interior

It comes with a non-stick interior coating that provides ease of wipe cleaning. So regular hand wash is enough to keep it ready for the next mission.

Unique Flippable Design

The unique 180-degree flip design helps you to spread the batter uniformly to make the waffle crispier and fluffier from the outside and more tender from the inside.

Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker 3

What Customers Say

Presto is a reliable home appliance brand, and people seem to be relying upon it even for its mini waffle maker machine. And it’s because they can enjoy some amazing waffle dishes in their mealtime.

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StarBlue Double Waffle Bowl Maker

StarBlue Double Waffle Bowl Maker

Isn’t it interesting to have multiple waffle maker bowls in one mini waffle maker? Well, it is, and here we present the StarBlue Double Waffle Maker, something that offers you to elaborate the creativity for some ultimate waffle-making experience. Let’s have a look at what it has for you.

Add Your Favorite Toppings

What do you want as the topping for your favorite waffles, Savory mixes? Fruits? Salads? Ice cream? Or something else? The StarBlue Double Waffle Maker offers you to give it a go for whatever topping you want. No soggy mess you can have your waffle thick enough for toppings to stay and provide the right sponginess.

Multiple Waffle Bowls

It comes with an innovative design containing dual waffle makers that allow cooking two waffles simultaneously. The contemporary double cup is designed to bake more and serve better. You get a recipe book it containing 5 delicious recipes to get you started right away.

StarBlue Double Waffle Bowl Maker 1

Non-Stick Cooking Plates

Like other great ones, it also has non-stick cooking plates with a sleek design. The black coating makes it look elegant and also provides ease of cleaning after use.

Ready for Mouthwatering Waffles

Enjoy at-home mouthwatering waffles and be amazed by its scrumptious and flavorsome taste just like the bakeries. This bowl waffle maker will allow you to get waffles with a thickness of 4-inches. So you can fill it with some of the most incredible toppings to make it an ultra-delicious meal.

Maximum Quality & Satisfaction

StarBlue leaves its mark in the world of waffle making not only for its design but also for its top-quality manufacturing. It comes with sturdy construction and is durable enough to be with you for a long time. This becomes reliable for its brand value and also for the fact that it offers a 2-months money-back guarantee. So you can purchase this with the highest satisfaction.

What Customers Say

This multiple bowl design for this waffle maker seems to be working for a lot of people out there. So you don’t mind giving it a go even if it’s priced slightly on the higher side.

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Marvel MVA-281 Avengers Waffle Maker

Marvel MVA 281 Avengers Waffle Maker

Marvel MVA-281 Avengers Waffle Maker, an amazon’s choice and could be your kid’s choice as well, especially if your kid is a fan of the waffles and avengers. Whether you make a waffle for your kids or adults, it’s worth watching out for its great performance for making waffles.

Avengers Characters Design

Your hero at home won’t mind starting his/her day with a golden-brown waffle coming out from the Waffle Maker designed with their favorite Avengers Characters. Its vibrant graphics includes Marvel Avengers Characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. And the more interesting thing is, each of the waffles comes in a 4.25″ size imprinted with icons that include Iron Man’s Helmet, Thor’s Hammer, Hulk’s fist, and Captain America’s shield. Now your at-home superheroes can recharge themselves in a superhero style of breakfast.

Nonstick Baking Plates

Like other great waffle makers, it also comes with non-stick baking plates. So spritz the cooking spray a little and see how easily your waffles slide out after cooking. Also, you can clean it up easily, wipe it down with a damp sponge or cloth and you can start the next mission right away.

Marvel MVA 281 Avengers Waffle Maker 1

Power Indicator Lights

The Marvel Avengers Waffle Maker is not only fun to watch but also includes the most convenient design out there. And it is seen with its power indicator lights, be informed when it is plugged in, and also when the temperature reaches the right level for your waffle making.

Four Delicious Waffles at Once

No more suffering from the hunger for your at-home heroes, as you have the Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor to make the day full of waffles for them. This amazing waffle maker can make four delicious waffles simultaneously. Not bad to have such an amount of golden-brown waffles to recharge the superheroes.

Toppings of Their Choice

How about covering the waffles with topping that your superheroes like. You can choose blueberries, strawberries, fluffy whipped cream, maple syrup, bacon, or anything else the real avengers like to have, as this amazing waffle machine is good with almost anything.

More Features

Moreover, you would have the Adjustable Browning Control to make it perfectly suitable for your kids’ choice. Plus, its cord wrap makes it more convenient to use while cooking all those tasty waffles.

What Customers Say

If you like to see your kids having breakfast with waffles, maybe it’s a good way to impress them. Plus, its performance as a mini waffle maker machine has been receiving good responses. So should be a great purchase.

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Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Disney DCM 12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Well, talking about the mini waffle maker to attract kids for their breakfast waffles, you can’t miss out on the Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse characters are all-time favorites for the kids. So why not make it more interesting for them with waffles of their favorite characters.

Non-stick Baking Plates

Non-stick baking plates are convenient and all you need to do is spritz, pour, bake, present, and enjoy. It provides the ease of sliding out the waffles to meet the hunger of the Disney fans. Plus, you can easily clean them up, as few swipes with a damp sponge or cloth are good to get it ready again.

Disney DCM 12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker 1

Delicious Waffles

The 6-inch Waffles having Mickey shape not just look cute but are also delicious to have. Especially, when it’s cooked with amazing toppings such as syrup, fruit, chocolate, whipped cream, butter, cherries, or anything your at-home little character likes.

Convenient Features

It’s a cute looking mini waffle maker but it doesn’t miss out to include the important features as in the power indicator lights. Its cute-looking illuminated mickey indicator light will let you know when it’s plugged in and hot enough for the cooking action. The non-skid feet are another feature that makes them stay in place and convenient to use.

What Customers Say

This is a very popular mini waffle maker machine, and it seems that parents of some Disney fans find it as their top pick for their kids’ breakfast waffles.

Click For Price & Features

Recipes for Waffle Makers

A waffle is a dish made from dough or leavened batter and interestingly, you can make several variations out of it based on the recipes and types of waffle maker used. Talking about the mini waffle maker recipes there are plenty to go about and the number is going up all the time. To make the most out of your waffle maker, you can check out the recipes for waffle makers regarding your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. We’ll mention the names of some of these recipes here which can be made with most of the mini waffle makers. You can also see what each of these recipes takes to interest you.

  • Waffled Hash Browns: Top the all-purpose potatoes with sour cream and smoked salmon onto the crunchy, caramelized crust of the hash browns to make it a more accomplished breakfast.
  • Waffled Margherita Pizza: You know you can make pizzas with the mini waffle maker, so go for the crispy ridged crust and combine it with cheese and sauce by following the Margherita recipe. And your waffle maker will make both; the crust and also melts the cheese.
  • Waffled Brownie Sundae: It simply takes you to pile ice cream and other suitable toppings onto the brownie waffles hot off the press to get the instant sundae fit.
  • Waffled Falafel: For people looking for lower-fat recipes. The waffled falafel is lower in fat than most of its deep-fried waffled relatives.
  • Waffled Banana Bread: Mashing the bananas to enjoy a chunkier waffled banana bread can be a great idea for breakfast.
  • Waffled Biscuits and Gravy: For a crispier taste, the waffling biscuit provides the right nooks for the sausage gravy. You can also watch this recipe with homemade-cut biscuit dough.
  • Waffled Chocolate Chip Cookies: If you like to have crispier outside and softer middle in your waffle cookies, it’s just an easy waffle recipe for a waffle maker that doesn’t require any preheating.
  • Waffled Chorizo-Cheese Quesadilla: Sounds complex, but the recipe isn’t. This dish will make you enjoy super crispy waffle edges with a tart kick of the quick-pickled onions to the richest chorizo and melted cheddar.
  • Waffled Bibimbap: Go Korean with your waffle dish. This dish is layered with brown crunchy rice and topped with an egg. You might be hungry enough to check out this recipe.
  • Waffled Tomato Grilled Cheese: Waffling the grilled cheese and tucking it with the roasted tomatoes should interest you. You can have the taste of grilled cheese and tomato soup together with every bite.
  • Waffled Brioche French Toast: Well, the quickest recipe to eliminate your hunger. You can have either the thin and crunchy texture or the thick and fluffy texture.
  • Waffled Carrot Cake: Get the tender cakes and have the cream cheese frosting along. Top it with an ice cream scoop for an amazing dessert.


This article aims to provide you with a buying guide for the best mini waffle maker machine. We feel we’ve succeeded somewhat and also expect that with the right choice you’ll always have the most delicious waffle experience at your meals. After going through this article, you should be capable of making an informed choice for the best mini waffle maker machine. Our recommendations on the list will give you some top-quality options and you are not going to regret any of these purchases. Even, the budget options on the list are good enough to keep you happy with your waffle-making experience. If you want to play safe, you can pick Amazon’s choice options for the best mini waffle maker which is the Dash DEWM8100AQ Express 8” Waffle Maker Machine. The Chefman, Presto, AICook are also good options to pick. If you are looking to impress the kids with waffle makers, there are a couple of suggestions on the list and you can go with either the Avengers and Disney imprinted Waffle makers. And the Recipes with Waffle Maker mentioned at the end can make it more convenient as a guide. So this should be it for the conclusion. We wish you a happy waffling and happy life!

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