Best Infrared Heaters for Your Home

Stay warm during colder months using an Infrared Heating System to complement your central heating system. Best infrared heaters utilize the most recent technology to generate beautiful, radiant heat that keeps your body warm and comfortable in the cold winter months. They use quartz heating elements which radiate the heat upwards, so you feel it immediately. It’s like being out in the sun! Infrared heaters are great for heating small rooms like bedrooms. However, some of the most effective space heaters can heat larger areas.

Infrared Heaters
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Since infrared space heaters are made to heat the space directly in front of them, they are more efficient energy use and can save your electricity cost. Another aspect to consider when deciding if an infrared heating system is appropriate for your requirements is portability. While some models can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling, most models are self-standing. It means that you can quickly move them from room space. For example, you may have a gorgeous fireplace in the living area that warms the space wonderfully. But is it also able to heat the bedroom? If you own a big home, that might not be the scenario. Also, getting up in the morning when your room is frigid cold can be challenging.

Using a second heating source in your bedroom can be extremely useful. It’s not just that the room will be cozy and warm once you wake up; an infrared heating system will not add a lot of cost to your electric bill.

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Dr. Infrared Heating Portable Space Heater DR-968H with Humidifier

Best Overall Dual Heating Best infrared heaters

This attractive infrared heating system comes with a humidifier that adds moisture to the dry winter air. You can turn this off if you do not want to utilize it. The heater simply plugs into a power outlet and comes with remote control! Since it’s on wheels, the heater can move it between rooms. It can heat a vast area thanks to its dual-heat system, which comprises an infrared tube and the PTC (positive thermal coefficient).

Dr. Infrared Heating Portable Space Heater
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The Reasons We Loved The portable infrared heater features a quiet fan that effortlessly moves large amounts of warm air throughout the space. It’s also secure to touch and comes with an emergency shut-off if it is accidentally knocked over. It’s a fantastic accessory for any room in your home. It provides energy-efficient heating. It comes with an insulated heating system and has a humidifying feature.


  • 1500-watt is a great heating source with temperatures of 50-85 degrees
  • The electric cord measures 72 inches long.
  • The humidifier is equipped with a water bottle.
  • It includes a 12-hour timer that is programmed and a filter with a removable option.
  • Made of galvanized steel
Dr. Infrared Heating Portable Space Heaters
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  • The humidifier bottle isn’t too large, and the bottle must fill it frequently.
  • It’s designed for only small heat areas and cannot be used to be able to heat large areas of open space.

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Best infrared heaters Dyna-Glo IRSS30NGT-2N Infrared Vent Free T-stat Wall Heater

Best Overall Gas Best infrared heaters

The infrared heater runs on natural gas and doesn’t require electricity. It is designed to be mounted on a wall. However, purchasing the base legs independently can be put on the ground. It comes with an adjustable thermostat as well as an oxygen sensor. The appliance shuts off when it detects carbon monoxide levels in the air.

Dyna Glo IRSS30NGT 2N Infrared Vent Free T stat Wall Heater
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The Reasons We Loved It The best natural gas wall-mounted infrared heater. It comes with all the components required to set it up. It has thermostat controls and a simple button ignition. It can heat a space to 1,000 square feet quickly.


  • Capable of heating 1000 square feet of space
  • It runs on natural gas
  • Control of your thermostat to ensure optimal temperature demands
  • It doesn’t require electricity
  • It features a push-button button for battery-assisted ignition.


  • You will need to buy the fan separately.
  • The unit is not available for purchase within California or Canada.

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Heat Storm Deluxe HS-1000-WX Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater

Best Infrared Heater if You Don’t Have a Lot of Floor Space

This infrared heating device is among the top heaters mounted on the wall. It comes with all the essential equipment and simple instructions. It’s great for bathrooms, kitchen areas, bedrooms, or home offices. Its safe touch makes the heater perfect for families with pets or children. The automatic protection against overheating ensures that the heater will shut down when it is too hot inside. This would be a possibility if someone accidentally placed something over the grill.

What We liked about it Why We Liked It: This infrared heating device can be installed on a wall in rooms with no room on the floor. It’s non-hazardous to handle and won’t harm the fingers of children. The thermostat’s digital design can be controlled by touch. In addition, the heater comes with an air filter that can be washed for life.


  • The ability to heat 500 square feet.
  • It uses electricity and is plugged into a power outlet
  • It has a safe-touch grill that can stop burning if an individual accidentally touches the device
  • Can be adjusted thermostats with an electronic LED display
  • It can be easily mounted on the wall, saving flooring space


  • The fan of this heater could be noisy for certain
  • The heater has difficulty getting the temperature up while being extremely cold.

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Dr. Infrared Heater DR-988A Garage Shop

Best Infrared Heater For The Garage Or Workshop

It is an industrial portable infrared heating system installed in your basement, garage, or workshop. It has an electronic thermostat that you can set from 45 to 95°F. In addition, the heater has an air-flow system that provides all-day warmth even when it’s on. What We Liked About It: This portable infrared heater is a fantastic accessory to warm your garage or workshop quickly and effectively. It’s thermostatically controlled and features both low and high-temperature settings. In addition, the integrated handle makes it simple for you to transfer from one location to another.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR 238 Outdoor Patios
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  • The heater will heat an area as large as 600 sq ft
  • It comes with a 6-foot power cord
  • Security features for safety include finger proof discharge as well as intake grills
  • Include overheating protection
  • capable of warming up an entire room quickly and equally


  • It requires a separate outlet to plug it into (NEMA #6-30R) that you need to purchase separately
  • You might need to engage an expert electrician to set up a suitable outlet power supply.

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Heat Storm Phoenix HS-1500-PHX, Infrared Space Heater

Best Portable Infrared Heater For Small Rooms

The Heat Storm infrared heater can be mounted on the wall or floor. It has removable feet and wall mounting points to make it easy for installation. It’s the ideal portable heater to place anywhere in your home. It can comfortably provide heat to an area of up to 400 square feet. Why We Loved It The Heat Storm is a small infrared heater by Heat Storm that’s cool to feel. It’s great to heat small spaces, for example, the bedroom or office at home. It also has a removable filter that you can wash, which helps clean the air inside your house.

Heat Storm Deluxe HS 1000 WX Mounted Space Infrared Wall Heater
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  • Include two options for power settings or heat settings Full runs at 1500 Watts and low runs at 750 watts.
  • Security features include a safe touch grill and body
  • Infrared quartz bulbs are included for efficient heating.
  • The thermostat is built-in and comes with an LED display
  • Remote control included.


  • The heater isn’t powerful enough to adequately heat an open space
  • It might be challenging to warm an area when it’s freezing

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Best infrared heaters TURBO Suburbs TS25 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater

Best Infrared Heater With Fireplace Appeal

There’s nothing as warm as the heat you get when you open fire. This infrared electric fireplace can give you that same sensation without the smoke and mess you’d get from an open fireplace. Anyone can adjust the flames to 3 levels of brightness. The unit is entirely powered by electricity and has a visible LED display.

TURBRO Suburbs TS25 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heater
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The Reasons We Liked It: This classic-style infrared heater resembles an actual fireplace and allows you to alter the fire’s brightness. It’s a stand-alone model that can quickly move from rooms and warm up. The remote control lets you change the temperature settings while sitting on your couch.


  • You can expect temperatures ranging between 62 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It is possible to set the thermostat adjusted with the remote control
  • It comes with a timer set between 30 minutes to 6 hours.
  • Safety features include overheating protection, a cool-touch exterior, and a cool-touch interior.
  • The control panel on the door lets you alter the temperature, the flames, and the timer.
TURBRO Suburbs TS25 Electric Fireplace Infrared Heaters
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  • You cannot alter the temperature settings without using the remote
  • There isn’t a display of LEDs on this remote that can indicate the temperature.

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Dr. Infrared Heater DR-238 Outdoor Patio

Best Infrared Heaters For The Patio

The infrared patio heater can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or tripods. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in the garage, office, or workshop. The appliance style ensures that it can be heated at a wide angle. It’s constructed of weatherproof aluminum anodized in a weatherproof finish and can be placed in your outdoor space.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR 238 Outdoor Patio heater
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We Loved It The best-infrared heater that you can install on your outside patio or garage since it’s constructed of weatherproof aluminum. It is installed vertically or horizontally on a wall or ceiling. The remote control lets you adjust the heat settings. In addition, it enables you to mount it high without purchasing the ladder needed to alter the temperature.

Dr. Infrared Heater DR 238 Outdoor Patio
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  • There are three heating modes: high (900 watts) and mid (1200 watts) in addition to the highest (1500 watts)
  • It also includes a remote control as well as an alarm clock.
  • Aluminum construction
  • Features safety features, including water protection, overheat protection, and humidity protection.
  • It is easily mounted on the ceiling or wall using the brackets that come with it.
Dr. Infrared Outdoor Patio
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  • You must purchase the tripod on its own.
  • This isn’t an electric space heater. You must be right close enough to feel the warmth.

COSTWAY EP22618 Infrared Heater

Best Budget Of Best infrared heaters

The portable infrared heater is great for small spaces and generates radiant heat from quartz. It comes with a handle to allow you to carry it between rooms. It’s the ideal tower heater to use when you require extra warmth, whether in the office or relaxing on your sofa.

COSTWAY EP22618 Infrared Heaters
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The Reasons We Loved It The radiant infrared quartz heater keeps you warm and cozy even when you’re in front of it. As a radiant heater, it’s not designed to heat the entire space but is an ideal choice for those who want to add a little warmth. It’s also extremely lightweight and can be easily transported to any other area within your home.

Dr. Infrared Heate Outdoor Patio
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  • Include safety features including tip-over safety and overheat protection that provides for automatic shut-off
  • Two heating settings are available – 600 Watts and 1200 watts
  • Thermostatically controlled, which makes it more efficient in energy use
  • The unit is silent, which means it will not disturb your sleep.
  • Heating an area of up to 160 square feet
COSTWAY EP22618 Infrared Heater
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  • The grill’s mesh gets hot, and care is required if you have pets or children.
  • Due to the radiant heat, the heater heats the surface it’s sat on.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

Best Overall Large Room Infrared Heater & Fireplace Stove

If you love the radiant flame but don’t want to endure the clutter, the electric infrared quartz fireplace heater could be what you’re looking for. The stove comes with an effect of flames that is 3D behind the logs. In addition, you can alter the speed and brightness. What We Loved About This: Infrared warmth generated by this portable space heater keeps your body warm and preserves the humidity of the air. It’s an infrared heater for mobile space, which means the ability to use it is to heat any room in your home.

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove
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  • The ability to heat an area of up to 1000 sq ft.
  • Integrates safety features such as overheat protection
  • It has a digital thermostat that can be adjusted to regulate the room’s temperature.
  • It also includes a remote control as well as an alarm clock.
  • Its exterior space heater is a nice finish, which makes it suitable for use with pets and children.


  • The flames emit an eerie sound when they’re in use.
  • The plug may be hot if you run your space heater over a while

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Comfort Zone 1,500-Watt Electric Digital Quartz Infrared Cabinet Space Heater

Best Budget Infrared Heater

This infrared quartz heater is perfect for heating any medium-sized room within your home. It utilizes quartz bulbs to create radiant warmth. Quartz bulbs are secured by a durable steel safety grill that ensures that the heater remains cool to the touch.

Comfort Zone 1500 Watt Electric
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The Reasons We Loved It Why We Liked It: This infrared heating system emits radiant heat will keep you cool and warm even in colder months. It comes with the ability to measure the temperature of the room. It will turn off the heater after the desired temperature is attained. It’s also portable so the heater can be moved around the house.


  • Safety features include a tip-over cut-off switch as well as an overheating alarm.
  • It has an eco-friendly mode that makes this infrared heating device more energy efficient. You can select the 1500-watt setting.
  • The thermostat can be displayed via a large digital LED display to display either the temperature in the room or the temperature you prefer to set.
  • It also comes with a timer you can set up for as long as 12 hours.
  • There are two settings for heat.

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  • The fan may be loud when you use the heater in the evening, and you are a light sleeper.
  • It is not able to provide enough heat to large open spaces.
Comfort Zone 1500 Watt Electric heater
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Best Infrared Heaters Buying Guide

You must consider certain aspects if you’re searching for the most efficient infrared heaters on the market. We’ll explore each of these in more depth so you can know what to look for when selecting the best model for your needs.

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How Does an Infrared Heater Work?

Infrared heaters use the heating element to generate the necessary heat. This could be a Quartz bulb ceramic heating or carbon heating elements. Infrared heat is the most effective. Quartz bulbs produce energy used most often in Infrared heaters. Sometimes, quartz heating element heaters are complemented by a fan. This allows the heater to warm more space. It’s not just the warmth but also the warmth of the air that circulates throughout the room. Of course, a fan-driven heater is more energy-intensive; however, it’s an excellent option to warm a larger area.

Heating Area Of Best infrared heaters

A key aspect you should consider is the size of the area you’d like to cover with your infrared heat source. Some heaters can only heat tiny rooms or a smaller place directly in front of the heating unit. Be aware that we’re talking about radiant heating when we speak of infrared heating. But, other infrared heaters can comfortably provide heat to larger areas, for example, garages or living rooms. In addition, sure heaters are explicitly made for outdoor use, meaning you can put them on your deck or patio in colder weather. To determine which infrared heating system is best for your needs, consider the space area that needs heating. It will give you an idea of which infrared heater best suits your requirements.

Best Infrared Heaters for Your Home
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The Power of Best infrared heaters

The amount of watts an infrared heating device runs around the clock determines the quantity of heat it will produce. The majority of best-infrared heaters range between 300 to 1500 Watts. However, infrared heaters that operate on electricity are limited to 1500 watts due to the maximum output achieved with an ordinary electrical outlet of 110 volts. Therefore, to determine the amount of heat needed, it is necessary to increase the size of the space you wish to warm by 10. For example, a space 15 feet wide by 10 feet would contain a total area of 150. If you multiply that by 10, you’ll require an infrared heater capable of consuming 1500 watts.

Best Infrared Heater
Image Source: Green Coast

The location you place the Infrared Heater is essential.

Be aware that an infrared heating device is intended to warm the object right against heat waves. Therefore, it is recommended to put the heater in an open space for the heat to radiate outwards. For example, setting the infrared heater inside an alcove with walls will absorb the entire heat. In the same way, if you have furniture pieces in the area in front of the heater, they will absorb heat as well. In the same way, Infrared heaters are especially ideal for those with high ceilings. The reason is that the heater does not heat the air, and the temperature will rise, leaving the room cold.

You’ll also need to consider whether you’d like a stand-alone model or one that can be installed on the walls. Free-standing infrared heaters are generally more portable. However, it is instrumental in heating the living area and the bedroom at night. In contrast, wall-mounted heaters require no flooring space, and you will have complete control over where the heat is directed.

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The portability of the Best infrared heaters

Whether you use a wall-mounted or free-standing one will affect the ability of the heater to move. The ideal choice will depend on the area that needs healing. The purchase of a portable heater allows the user to move it from one room. However, if you plan to move it, you must select an affordable model with a built-in carry handle or additional wheels for casters.

Infrared Heater
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These kinds of infrared heaters are often referred to by their smaller size as space heaters. However, portable infrared heaters are better suited for renting since you can carry them when you move to a new residence. In addition, these miniature models may be appropriate for motor homes, particularly if you own an electric solar panel.

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Consider the Safety Features of Best infrared heaters

When considering infrared heaters, it is essential to consider the security features of every heater, mainly if you’ve got pets and children who are young at home. Most of the heaters we’ve looked at have various features that help ensure the heater’s safety. The features you should look out for include:

  • Tip-over safety. This will ensure that your heater can be automatically turned off if crushed.
  • Overheat protection. This feature will also ensure that the heater will shut off if the internal parts get excessively hot.
  • Automated timer. This lets you program the timer to ensure that the heater shuts down immediately if you’ve neglected to switch it off.
  • The temperature is cool to touch on the exterior. This is essential to ensure that tiny fingers don’t get burnt. If your child is tempted to touch the surface of the infrared heating device, they will not hurt themselves. Pets often want the warmth of an infrared heating device that will keep their pets from burning.

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Do the Best infrared heaters Have a Thermostat?

Another aspect worth considering when considering the best-infrared heaters is whether or not the heater comes with the capability of a thermostat. The heater will automatically switch off once the room has reached the desired temperature. It is possible to adjust the desired temperature at any point. When the room is fantastic, and the temperature is at a comfortable level, the heater will return to its original setting. This is an attractive option to reduce your energy costs since the heater will not be on when it isn’t needed.

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Does the Heater Have Variable Infrared Heating Settings?

The most efficient heaters will come with a range of temperature settings. This will allow you to increase the performance of your heating system. In addition, this will enable you to gain more control over the cost of heating with infrared. Finally, this allows you to regulate the heat produced when you move your heater between rooms.

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Consider the Aesthetics of the Best infrared heaters.

If you’re deciding between the best-infrared heaters on the market, You should also consider the appearance of the heater. It is possible to match it to the design of your decor or even use it as an element. Sure infrared heaters have an edgy style and are often unnoticeable. However, some can be noticed and create a bold statement. Think about infrared fireplace heaters that feature fake flames. They resemble the real thing and can add some atmosphere to your house. For specific individuals, watching the fire could make you feel more comfortable. It is all about your individual preferences on whether you will choose a modern style that is a perfect match with your décor or if you prefer an appliance that will be the centerpiece of your living room.

Infarred Heaters
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Conclusion Of Best infrared heaters

When choosing the ideal infrared furnace for home use, consider various things before purchasing. In short, the main features:

  • The area you would like the heater to be able to cover. Remember that infrared heaters only will heat the objects directly in front of them rather than the air. Therefore, the ideal heater for your needs is based on the dimensions of the space and the location you intend to place it.
  • How much power does the heater be able to produce? The maximum output of an electric heater is 1,500 Watts.
  • Do you want a stand-alone heater or a wall-mounted?
  • How compact is the heater? If you’re looking for an appliance that you can put in your lounge during the daytime and in your bedroom during the night, you should choose the most lightweight model.
  • Safety features. If you have small children or pets at home, it is essential to consider the safety of your heater. The best-infrared heaters include automatic shut-off features if the heater is over or overheated. Many will also come with a cool-touch exterior.
  • Does the heater come with an adjustable thermostat and variable heating settings? These are indicators that you’ll benefit from the most energy-efficient performance from the appliance. A majority of the top-rated infrared heaters have these features.
  • Are you pleased with the appearance you see in the design of your heater? The infrared heater you buy is likely to be the focal feature of your home. Therefore, selecting one that complements your décor or creates a focal point is recommended.

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We hope you’ve found our reviews of the top infrared heaters helpful! In addition, we’ve listed the most important aspects to consider in each of our picks. This will ultimately make your decision much simpler without needing to do endless hours of research on your own.

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Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated below and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.