10 Best Smart Home Device Reviews in 2024

If you want to try a new smart home device without breaking the budget, then these devices at a lower cost can make a big difference in your life! While virtually everyone can benefit from smart home devices and technology, there have always been several barriers that prevent wider adoption. The biggest obstacle is the cost. Many potential buyers did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a single device.

But if you’re looking for just one or two devices that can make your daily life easier, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some new smart devices that show what technology can do in your home.

Advantages of Using Smart Home Device

  • More energy savings
  • An increase in your comfort level
  • The possibility of developing automatisms and life scenarios
  • Elegant and sought-after design
  • Increased safety for you and your family
  • A multimedia library is available everywhere

Here are smart gadgets and smart devices for your smart home

Amazon Fire TV Stick #1 Best Seller

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Almost any flat-screen TV on the market now has some type of smart functionality for connecting to online video streaming services and more. But there is no need to spend a bundle to bring some of these features to any existing TV.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick plugs into an open HDMI port and uses Wi-Fi to provide video up to 1080p. Using Alexa Voice Remote, you can access over 14,000 different skills and watch videos from different sources like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon Video. It can also play music from Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, and others.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Wyze Cam Pan Smart Home Camera with Night Vision

Wyze Pan Camera

Say goodbye to losing sight when something moves outside the view of your camera. With its 110°/sec rotation speed, 360° horizontal range, and 93° vertical range, Wyze Cam Pan delivers 360° coverage in under 3 seconds, so you can see exactly what you want to see when you want to see it.

Works with Alexa: Wyze Cam Pan works with Alexa. Control Wyze Cam Pan with your voice by saying, “Alexa, show me the living room” to view a live stream from your camera.

Clarity Day or Night: With 6 infrared LEDs, Wyze Cam Pan’s enhanced night vision distinguishes 18 steps of grey and provides clear images up to 30 feet away.

Smart Home Device
Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa and the Google Assistant

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Arlo Video Doorbell: Amazon’s Choice

Arlo Video Doorbell

The Arlo Video Doorbell is designed to capture what traditional video doorbells can’t. See a person from head to toe or a package on the ground with a 180° diagonal viewing angle, optimised for the front door. Even see clearly in low light with night vision. Speak to visitors with two-way audio or use pre-recorded quick-reply messages when you’re busy. Arlo Video Doorbell uses your existing doorbell wiring for continuous power. A smarter way to see who’s at your door.

Arlo Video Doorbell

Get notifications when motion is detected and view live video on your phone. Get a bigger picture of what’s at your door, from head to toe, or a package on the ground. Even see clearly in low light with night vision. Speak to visitors with two-way audio or use pre-recorded quick-reply messages when you’re busy. Arlo Video Doorbell uses your existing doorbell wiring for continuous power.

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) with TP-Link Smart Plug

Alexa, play top hits

Use your voice to play a song, artist, or genre through Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and others. With compatible Echo devices in different rooms, you can fill your whole home with music. Also listen to Audible, podcasts, radio stations, or pair with Fire TV to voice-control movies and entertainment.

Alexa is happy to help

Make your life easier at home. Use your voice to set timers, add items to lists, and create calendar events and reminders. You can also check the news, weather, or traffic. Ask for sports scores, movie showtimes, restaurant hours, or other information.

Keep your family in sync

Use your Alexa devices as an intercom and talk to any room in the house with drop-ins and announcements. Let everyone know dinner is ready, or remind the kids that it’s bedtime. You can also make hands-free calls to almost any number in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom to stay in touch with family.


Voice control more of your home

Manage compatible smart home gadgets using your voice. Switch on the lamp before getting out of bed, dim the lights from the couch to watch a movie, or turn the thermostat up as you head out.

You can also enable Alexa Guard to get smart alerts if your Echo device detects the sound of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, or glass breaking. Learn more about how Guard can help you keep your home safe when you’re away.

Designed to protect your privacy

Alexa and Echo devices are built with multiple layers of privacy protection. For example, Echo Dot has a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones. You also have control over your voice recordings. You can view, hear, or delete them at any time.

Amazon echo dot 3rd generation Charcoal Bundle with TP-Link simple Setup Smart Plug

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SimpliSafe 8-Piece Wireless Home Security System: Amazon’s Choice

The best deals for home, kitchen, smart home, and automotive on the web are updated daily with the 8-piece SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System.

This SimpliSafe security system promises that you won’t need to sign a contract or use tools to start using it. Also, it will work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which can be very handy. Remember that this will only last until the end of the day or while supplies last. So lock this deal before it disappears.

Smart Home Device

The SimpliSafe 8-Piece Wireless Home Security System is ready to protect right out of the box. Just plug in the base station, place your sensors, and start protecting your home in minutes; no tools are required. Your home should be the safest place on earth. We want to help you protect it in the right way.

Use technology to make you safer, making setup a breeze. It’s an intelligent, effective home security system that is prepared for everything.

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System
SimpliSafe 8-Piece Wireless Home Security System, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

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Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb: Amazon’s Choice

Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb

Are you new to smart lighting? Get started with easy smart lighting with this Hue smart bulb. Just using Bluetooth, without the Hue Hub, you can control up to 10 lights in one room. Comfy on the couch? There is no need to get up to change your lights. Control your lights using the free Hue Bluetooth app or with just your voice with Alexa or Google Assistant. It works with all Echo smart speakers and displays and Google Nest devices (Hue Hub is required for Echo (1st Gen) and Echo Dot (1st Gen). Certified for humans: struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free.

Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb

Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb

LED Smart Bulb

Philips Hue White LED Smart Bulb

Want to upgrade your whole home with smart lighting? Add a Hue Hub to control up to 50 light points, get access to the full Hue capabilities (home and away from control, from timers and routines, more smart home partners), and extend the product portfolio (indoor and outdoor smart lighting and accessories). Already a Philips Hue customer? This bulb is also compatible with the Hue Hub. Philips Hue, the creator of smart lighting, brings you the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and secure smart lighting ecosystem.

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GermGuardian Air Purifier pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer

GermGuardian Air Purifier pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer

BREATHE FRESH AND CLEANER AIR GermGuardian pluggable air sanitizers kill germs and viruses in addition to filtering odours with an optional UV C light to deliver crisp, refreshing air to your home. POWERFUL AND COMPACT With a compact plug-in design, you can easily get fresher air from any wall outlet in your home or your office. Designed for small rooms.

GermGuardian Air Purifier pluggable UV-C Air Sanitizer

Not only are there germs floating around in your air, but there are also odours, dust mites, mould spores, pollen, pet dander, and more. An air purifier is essential to improve the air quality in any room in your home or at work. The HEPA air filters capture small particles while also using Guardian Technologies’ powerful UV light technology to kill airborne bacteria. We offer several different models and sizes of GermGuardian air purifiers to reduce airborne germs in your home.

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control: Amazon’s Certified


Smart Home Device
Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice commands improves your comfort experience thanks to its advanced Smart Sensor and redefines control of your home thanks to integrated Alexa. It will reduce your energy consumption, heating, and cooling costs, and it will also allow you to have a lasting effect in the fight against climate change.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control

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Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation: #1 Best Seller on Amazon

Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation

Connect wirelessly with a wide range of smart devices and make them work together. Monitor and control connected devices in your home using a single SmartThings app for your Phone Automate connected devices in your home and set them to turn on or off when doors are opened, as people come and go, and much more.

Whole-Home Control: Receive alerts when unexpected activity occurs, set devices to turn on and off when triggered by movement, time, moisture, or temperature, and create automated routines like Good Morning, Goodbye, and Goodnight.

Samsung SmartThings Hub
Samsung GP-U999SJVLGDA 3rd Generation SmartThings Hub

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iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 960 connected robot vacuum cleaner is a simple, efficient, and smart home device. The iRobot HOME application allows you to start cleaning and programme Roomba 960 wherever you are using your smartphone! Who has never dreamed of no longer having to vacuum to have more free time? The iRobot Roomba 960 is made for you!


Smart Home Device
iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum: Wi-Fi-Connected Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, and Hard Floors

Thanks to its real-time mapping system, its control via a dedicated application, and its increased performance, the Roomba 960 revolutionises the cleaning of all the rooms in your house. Daily and meticulous aspiration of all your floors, autonomous battery charging, cleaning under furniture, obstacle detection

The Roomba 960 robot vacuum seamlessly navigates room to room to clean an entire level of your home, recharging and resuming until the job is done. Roomba 960 loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt with up to 5x more air power and requires less maintenance. Just press CLEAN or schedule Roomba on the go with the iRobot HOME App.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 960 wifi-connected robot vacuum

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Home Automation System with Smart Device

Over the years, home automation has moved into our homes. It’s a reality. So, if you are still hesitant to take the plunge today, here are the major advantages of a home automation installation with smart gadgets:.

A smart device for home automation brings together all of the computer, electronic, and telecommunications technologies applied to the home to make it more intelligent. Home automation, which makes the technical equipment of a home communicate with each other, makes it possible to automate, programme, and control the equipment in one’s home.

Home automation truly improves your daily living comfort thanks to centralised access and control of household equipment. It also allows you to save time and schedule repetitive tasks in everyday life.

For a smart home device example, you can have centralised lighting management to turn your lights on and off at once, programme scenarios according to your habits (leaving for work, going on vacation, etc.), programme different lighting atmospheres, manage your doors, programme your equipment (coffee maker, dryer, etc.). In this way, you keep constant control of your house, even when you are not physically present or are on vacation.

Home Automation: A Real Advantage in Terms of Security of Goods and People

In addition to the fact that home automation provides you with optimal comfort, it accompanies you in everyday life and has a real advantage in terms of security for your home: door opening system thanks to voice recognition, detection radars, cameras, alert notifications in case of intrusion or disaster, remote control of your home, etc. You can keep an eye on your home and your loved ones thanks to effective alarm and video surveillance systems that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet.

Home Automation with Smart Devices: a Source of Energy Savings

A home automation system is also a source of energy savings. If done right, a home automation installation can save you a lot of energy (up to 30%) in your home. Become more intelligent and communicative to reduce their consumption. This involves, for example, the automation of roller shutters, heating, visualisation of overall electrical consumption or station by station, the installation of window opening detectors capable of switching off the heating, the creation of scenarios using your systems (heating, lighting), the possibility of lowering the temperature of the rooms, regulating during your absence, or launching certain equipment during off-peak hours.

Home automation improves occupants’ comfort, improves security, reduces energy consumption, and increases the autonomy of people with reduced mobility or dependent people. However, home automation is not the same for everyone. This is why, before installing a home automation solution, it is essential to ask certain questions, identify your expectations, and be accompanied by a professional who will be able to support you in your thinking and to offer you the most suitable solution.


As you can see, it’s easy to bring a smart home device into your home without breaking the bank. And as technology continues to improve, expect to see more and more devices available at an affordable price.

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