Zacro 6L Automatic Smart Pet Feeder

Zacro 6L Automatic Pet Smart Feeder

Zacro 6L Automatic Smart Pet Feeder is more than just a feeder. It is a great assistant for pet lovers to keep watching, communicating, and feeding the pets even being away from home. This high-end product from Zacro is packed with some amazing features. Let’s take a look at how it can really wow you.

Scheduled Meals with Large Capacity

One most important feature of this pet feeder is it provides scheduled meals with a large capacity to take care of your pet’s diet. It comes with a 6 liters large container where you set up to 6 meals a day for your pet with 1 to 10 servings each meal. You can even set the amount in the exact grams. So you can control the feeding schedule and also the portion for each feeding. You can either set the routine to automatically feed your pets like this, or you can use your smart phone’s app to instantly feed your pet.

Zacro 6L Automatic Pet Smart Feeder

Smart Video & Audio Features

This smart pet feeder features great video and audio functionalities. It features the 1080P HD Camera with night vision that can be used as a home security HD camera with a 95°viewing angle. So you can see what your pet is up to. It also adopts an advanced IR feature that can provide clear pictures even in the darkness. Besides the smart camera, it also features 2-way audio communication for audio and video recordings. You can record a voice message for up to 6s for your pet that can be played at pet’s mealtimes. Moreover, you can talk, see, and play with your pets in the mobile app using its voice interaction function.

Health & Convenience

This pet feeder ensures healthy feeding for your pets as its food trays and bowls are built with BPA-free plastic. Moreover, this pet feeder is easy to clean and disassemble as well. It can create some good moments between your pet and your loved ones. You can share the videos and Snapchat pics with the FnF even watch online videos using the app.

Zacro 6L Automatic Pet Smart Feeder

What Customers Say

It has been another great automatic smart pet feeder when it comes to picking up an Alexa-enabled smart one.

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