YUEWO Moonshine DIY Water & Essential Oil Distiller

YUEWO Moonshine DIY Water & Essential Oil Distiller

This brings us to another home essential that can make your life simpler. The YUEWO Moonshine DIY Water & Essential Oil Distiller, a home distiller set that can help you produce the spirits having a strong aroma like different alcoholic drinks and also the essential oils. It can also help you to make pure water. This is just a glimpse of what this essential for home is capable of doing. We’ll find out more of its amazing features here.

Meet the Yuewo Moonshine Stills

The Moonshine stills is a great alembic stills used for distilling. This distiller can be used by both the beginners and the expert distillers. They are convenient to use and also portable to take anywhere. This DIY kit can help you make your spirits whether it is an essential oil, water or alcoholic drink.

Great Construction

This is a 304 Stainless Steel Distilling Kit having an all stainless steel construction. Its argon welding helps you avoid any kind of health issue as well. All of its parts consist of food-grade materials. So you can expect the maximum durability along with its maximum functionality. It can take the stove, induction cooker, or other heating panels as its heating sources.

YUEWO Moonshine DIY Water & Essential Oil Distiller

Diverse Application

This Essential Oil Distiller comes with a diverse range of applications. Generally, people can produce different essential oils like liquor, perfume, and remedy. Besides, it is also popularly used for distilling water to make pure distilled water. People who are drinkers can use it for the production of strong aroma conceded spirits and alcoholic drinks. It comes with a capacity of 3.2 Gallon or 12L. They are also available in 5.2G/20L, 9.2G/35L, and 15.8G/60L versions.

What Customers Say

Its wide range of applications makes it a great kit for DIY enthusiasts to produce their personalized form of liquids. Its design is practical and functional and for that people have been liking it very much.

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