Wolf Gourmet WGCO150S Elite Countertop Convection Oven

Now, its time for Wolf, probably the best kitchen appliances brand associated with delicious taste-making; is here presenting you the elite countertop convection oven – Wolf Gourmet. From prepping the ingredients to finishing the dish, Wolf Gourmet helps you to serve the dish you envision. It’s the most advanced countertop oven with a huge number of benefits in a compact and energy-efficient form. This is a convection oven that can help you in a wide range of cooking modules starting from baking food to warming food faster and also in an even manner. And it becomes easy with the five heating elements, advanced electronics, and intuitive controls.

A Countertop Oven With Advanced Convection Technology

Enjoy the full-size countertop oven features with advanced convection techs. It circulates nonstop heated air to make baking and roasting in even form without having any hotspots. Besides, the precise temperature control helps you get the right oven impact on your cooking. It can get you the meat cooked at the right internal temperature for precise and tendered results.

7 Unique Cooking Modes With 5 Heating Elements

The seven unique cooking modes include – Bake, Broil, Toast, Roast, Proof, Bagel, and Warm.  These modes give you the cooking flexibility to serve almost everything in your dinner table. It provides better control, better performance, and better results. Besides, the 5 heating elements help your cooking by delivering consistent temperatures needed for even cooking performance.

Accessories Included

The Wolf convection oven comes with few accessories that complement its overall effectiveness. Firstly, it comes with 2 easy-glide oven racks that easily slide forward to put dishes securely within the reach and can also be repositioned into three levels. It has one baking pan with the broiling rack insert and also the temperature probe. These pieces of stuff help you cook the right way.

Wolf Gourmet WGCO150S Elite Countertop Convection Oven

Advanced Convection Technology

The perimeter convection technology constantly circulates the heated air for even and faster cooking. Save your cooking time by around twenty-five percent. Now, bake or roast with the convection a single simple press/ The interior is spacious enough to fit most 9” x 13” stoneware dishes or a 5½ pound chicken.

Amazing Temperature Control System

The Wolf comes with an integrated temperature probe. Cook your preferred dishes at your preferred temperature. Temperature is finely tuned and uniquely calibrated for the best cooking performance in each cooking mode. Intuitive controls allow for a simple selection of cooking mode, time and function. Five heating elements and advanced electronics deliver more even cooking performance for baking, broiling, and roasting every time.

Other Vital Features

It comes with a spacious interior that can fit 9” x 13” stoneware dishes or one chicken weighing 5½ pound. The sealed spring-loaded door prevents heat loss and also provides an easy opening and closing. The Halogen light makes the interior more beautiful and visible to let you check the food while cooking. Besides, the interior is nonstick with removable side rack holders and a drip tray for perfect cleanup.

Why You Should Buy It

You may feel the Wolf Countertop Convection Oven is a little overpriced. But seeing its so many amazing features you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks.

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