Willful Fitness Tracker IP68 Swimming Waterproof – Review 2020

Willful Fitness Tracker IP68 Swimming Waterproof

We have the Willful Fitness Tracker for swimmers and all the fitness guys. This is one of the most popular fitness tracking wristbands for the IP68 feature that makes it waterproof even while swimming. It also monitors heart rate, sleep, alert for calls and messages, and many more features. While considering the best gifts for relaxation, this smart tracking device is worth watching out for all ages of people.

Fitness Tracker

Tracking fitness activities is its primary job and we must say it does its job pretty well. It can precisely track the steps, traveled distance, burned calories, all-day activity time, and many more. You have 14 training modes to track more exercises and activities such as running, walking, cycling, hiking, treadmilling, or playing sports like tennis, badminton, basketball, football, or doing activities like spinning, mountaineering, dancing, yoga, and so on.

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Heart Rate & Sleep Monitor

Next, we have its heart rate monitor feature that uses the latest HR sensor for precise and effective heart rate monitoring. You can track the pulse rate and heart rate 24/7 using the graph in the App. Moreover, there is an automatic sleep monitoring feature, that detects your sleep between 9 pm to 8 am to analyze the quality of your sleep; it records deep sleep, light sleep, and also the awake time. It also features the silent vibration alarm that helps wake you up and not others. Now you can know how much sleep you are getting from the daily, weekly, and monthly graphic data in the app.

Get Alerts for Your Calls & Messages

See your all-important calls and messages on the Willful SW352 smart fitness tracker. You will also receive notifications for your calendar appointments and SNS like Facebook, Insta, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc.

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Waterproof Activity Tracker with Color Screen

This is one of the most exclusive features of this amazing pedometer watch. The Willful SW352 features IP68 waterproof features that make it perfectly usable while swimming or diving. It features a 0.96’’ LCD color screen that lets you view HD images. Its slim cool design is something that sets it apart from other smart bands.

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Other Key Features

There are some more to this amazing smart band. It comes with adjustable screen brightness. Interestingly, you can remotely control your smartphone’s camera to capture the beautiful moments between you and your friends and family. By connecting mobile GPS, you can draw your workout route. It also provides ease of charging with its USB plug at the end, so you can charge with any USB port without needing any cable. You can use it for up to 7 days with a single charge. This can also remind you to be relaxed in every while as per your settings.

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What Customers Say

Willful Fitness Tracker is a perfect deal for the price. You get everything here that you could get in any name-brand smartwatch and that too at an amazing price. So if you are looking for some budget gifts for relaxation, then this is worth considering one.

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