Whynter Beverage Cooler – Product Review 2020

Whynter Beverage Cooler

When it comes to beverage coolers you cannot make a list but to mention the Whynter. Although this is designed to cool beverages, you can also use it to cool your foods like cheese, butter, eggs, etc. It doesn’t make any big difference what you use it for as long as it serves your purpose. These Whynter Beverage Coolers offer the best quality with an innovative design and are a great centerpiece of any living space whether it is a home, office, or yacht.

Whynter Beverage Cooler

20 Bottle Thermoelectric Freestanding WC

The Whynter WC-201TD is a thermostatic mini-fridge specifically made for cooling beverages that offer 20 bottles of storage capacity with a cooling system that is thermo-electric and vibration-free.

Compact Design

This is a compact countertop unit with a size measurement of 20.5″ L x 15.79″ W x 22″ H. Its space-saving design also includes the recessed handle and also the 5 removable chrome shelves made of premium stainless steel.

Whynter Beverage Cooler

Stylish As Well

It comes in a stylish and sleek design. Its black tinted mirrored glass door and a sleek back cabinet add a classy touch on its overall look. The tinted glass also protects the unit from UV rays to keep the consistency inside. Regarding the interior, there is the soft lighting with a power button to switch on/off.

Smart Operation

It operates with minimal noise and vibration due to its thermostatic technology that keeps the sediment steady. You also have the digital soft-touch control panel that provides precise and automatic temperature control. Also, the thermostat is adjustable between the range of 46°F – 65°F.

Why You Should Buy It

To keep your little things fridged, especially beverages, Whynter Beverage Cooler could be one worth buying option. The great price may also encourage you to do so.

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