VIVOHOME Automatic Pet Feeder 6.5L Product Review

The VivoHome automatic pet feeder is designed for your pet’s care when you are away. This feeder comes with a large capacity with excellent programmable features that can provide perfect feeding experience for your pet. It will help your pet to maintain a healthy diet even if you are not there for it.

Automatic Feeding

This pet feeder could be an excellent assistant for those who tend to be more outside home for their work purpose. It allows you to customize the pet’s meals 4 times per day. Plus, there are 39 adjustable feeding gears with each gear having 2 kinds of food to choose. Once you have personalized the meal for your little friend, there’s nothing more you need to do which allows you to carry on with your job.

Ample Storage

The VivoHome pet feeder can hold up to 6.5L of food which is an ample amount to get your pet going for a few days of food. It will foster your pet’s feeding routine and take care of the nutrition and health issues. Plus, it comes with two portion wheels; one for the large dry food kibble and another one for the smaller ones. It can be replaced based on the size of your pet.

VIVOHOME 6.5L Automatic Pet Feeder

Sturdy & Reliable Tray

It is equipped with a reliable and sturdy feeding tray that can securely snap to the bottom of the device. It can endure a certain weight without being broken, and also the tray lips keep the food from being spilled once the food is dispensed. Plus, the removable feeding tray is dishwasher safe making it easier to clean as well.

Convenient Options

It also provides the ease of operation as you can conveniently adjust the settings with the LCD. If you are looking for a pet feeder with timer and clock for scheduling your pet’s meal, then you can get nothing better than this VivoHome pet feeder. Moreover, you can utilize the recording function to leave a voice message for your pet. A voice message can be a great way to let your pet feel that you’re calling her for the food. Another interesting feature is its top lock design. This allows you to open the lid only when it’s pressed, keeping it safe from your pet’s accidental touching or kibble spilling.

Dual Power Supply

This feeder supports the dual power option, one of them is the USB charging option that makes it operate with the batteries even if the power outage occurs. Another one being the regular power adapter.

VIVOHOME 6.5L Automatic Pet Feeder

What Customers Say

The VIVOHOME Automatic Pet Feeder has been a great assistant for the pet lovers when it comes to feeding them. And this can be seen as people are showing an excellent response to this product.

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