TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder – Product Review 2020

TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder

We have the TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder, a pet feeder with thoughtful design to solve the feeding problems of your pet. This will ensure the food is eaten in the right way by your pet and no food is wasted.

Easily Personalize the Meals

Now you can easily personalize the schedule and portion of every meal. You can program 6 meals a day with 1-50 flexible portions. This will let your pet eat less with more meals on specific times thus maintaining a healthy diet.

Technological Advancements

The TSYMO auto pet feeder comes with a sensor that uses the advanced infrared detection technology to find out if the food amount is too high and prevent them from spilling. Meanwhile, it can also remind you to fill the bowl with more food if the food level becomes too low. It also comes with the Unique Motor Inversion Technology that adjusts the machine’s operational rhythm by automatically reversing it if the food is not smooth enough. This design feature can also prevent food from getting jammed.

TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder

Dual Power Options

It is compatible with two power options such as the power adapter and the D-type battery charging. So your pet’s feeding won’t be interrupted in case of any power cuts as well. Also, you can use it as a portable feeder that you can take anywhere along with your pet to have it fed.

Record a Message

If your pet likes to hear your voice then record a message for up to 12s. It will be played back to your pet at its meal time so that it doesn’t miss out on any of the meals.

Easy to Care

This amazing pet feeder also includes an easy to care formula, so cleaning its components is pretty easy. The detachable feeding bowl, storage container, and the lid can simply be rinsed using the water. These components are very much durable and the manufacturers back their product with a 2-year warranty in case of any inconvenience occurs.

What Customers Say

There are lots of satisfied customers out there who don’t see their pets asking the food anymore after purchasing this TSYMO Automatic Pet Feeder. The pets get their food at the right time and with the right portion.

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