Looking for some of the top-notch kitchen gears that can be cooking game-changers for your delicious snacks and smoothies? We have spent hundreds of hours testing and researching to come up with some of the best small kitchen appliances suited to every budget and space. We made sure through our study that these home appliances ensure complete satisfaction and do not put you on any hazardous situations like facing the food process failure, blender burnout, or any such frustration. Small kitchen appliances come with some big responsibility to leave you with a smile during your cooking experience. Below we will be presenting some of the darlings you can have in your kitchen for experiencing the most delicious homemade dishes. These are also the smart small appliances that can make your kitchen a smarter one.

Black & Decker Air fryer Toaster Oven Review

Breaks the ground with the first toaster oven with air firer technology from Balck & Decker.

How about getting a toaster oven that can serve as an air fryer too? That is something the Black & Decker has come up with their large capacity Air Fryer Toaster Oven. This is the first of its kind from the company that can make you experience a great thrill.

What the air fryer toaster oven does

Air fryers can help you to make some crispy and caramelized food by generating enough heat and surging air currents through a robust convection heating system. Some of the benefits of having such a great machine are – it uses much less oil, roast items more evenly and quickly, provides a delightful taste.

best air fryer toaster oven

Air-frying Toaster Oven

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What else the toaster oven can do

It is capable of doing a few more things than you might have expected like its wheelhouse includes modes to broil, bake, and keep food warm. This large-capacity toaster oven is a 9 x 13-inch interior pan that can provide sufficient space for as many as eight toast slices or a 12-inch pizza. They have three separate racks at different positions making it more convenient.


This, not something new to their kind as the first air fryer debuted was the $199 Cuisinart Air introduced in the market a few years back. Some other companies like Breville also have newly introduced such small appliances which is the $400 Smart Oven Air. As this is in the early stage, the Black & Decker is yet to come up with a specific price for this best air fryer toaster oven. But the expected price for these small kitchen appliances is below $100.

Why You Should Buy This

The air fryer uses much less oil while cooking food that gives a fried taste to it. There are five functions available in this device such as broil, bake, roast, air fry, and keep warm. The large capacity has an area of 9 x 13′, comes with an external crumb tray and handles making it easier to use. It also has three knobs in the control panel and its three rack positions provide improved cooking flexibility.

Our Opinion

Getting a Black & Decker air fryer at such price is the top deal for any best air fryer toaster oven 2019. It comes with some decent features and performance that keep pace with its competitors in the market.

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Ninja Ultima Blender BL810 Review

The value of Ninja slicing through the competition with models that cost twice as much.

Works the way it’s named

Ninja Ultima looks to be aptly named because of the reason it is lethal and ridiculously effective like ninjas. This blender comes with a pretty decent cost considering the values it possesses that is capable of competing with some of the high-profile ones. This ninja machine is all set to provide you with the most effective to help you get some of the most delicious smoothies.

Keeps pace with the more expensive competitors

It comes pretty well when it is about keeping pace with the more expensive competitors like Vitamix 7500 and Blendtec Wildside blender for a price of half of those. When we tested Ninja with the Vitamix it came out very satisfactory for the price of $259.99 against the Vitamix and Blendtec’s price of $529 and $454.95 respectively. However, both these competitors are also excellent home appliances but if you are to consider the combination of both a great price and value then the Ninja Ultima leaves you with no competition at all.

How suitable the great value product is for you

This powerful blender will likely to be considered when you have many rigorous tasks in hand. But to meet your simpler demands you should be contented with the $39.99 Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart (Model 56206). If, however, you want a beast that can blend through virtually anything and replace many of your small kitchen appliances in your home like the meat grinder and the food processor, then the Ninja does provide excellent value.

Featured configuration for this powerhouse blender

This powerhouse blender configures with 1,500 watts, 2.5 H/P, and variable speed ranging from 3,700 to 24,000rpm. It’s loud and so does you can expect with the Ninja that is supposed to be more effective than stealthy. It measures 18-inches high at the tallest point, 8-inches wide countertop footprint and depth of 9.5 inches.

How best it performs as small kitchen appliances

Regarding its performance, it surely satisfies you especially, considering its price. We have put this into few tests where some have been the preliminary ones like crushing ice, making pesto, smoothies, and pancake batter. Some of these tests were rigorous though such as milling entire almonds into the almond flour and then turning the that into almond butter to make whipped cream, and tests that determine if the blender is capable of grating/shredding/blending a whole 8-ounce sharp cheddar cheese block.

So far, we knew that the Ninja can handle some rugged tests that need high power and post similar results with half the price as both of them cost.

Tips to use it

Although the Ninja Ultima is an easy-to-use blender, it requires one to be a little more hands-on than the other comparably sized blenders. For instance, you need to lock the pitcher in place by turning it clockwise. To start the blender, the lid has to be on the pitcher and also secured by locking its handle downward. It can be an annoyance for some but at the same time, it is a safety precaution that comes with the power and number of blades in it. Making the most out of these customization features and different blends settings can be made easier with this user manual.

When it comes to cleaning the blender, it comes with proper instructions regarding how to clean it. Just beware of the blades to hand-clean them to get the sense of safety using the best ninja blender.

Ninja Ultima Blender BL810

Ninja Ultima Blender BL810

Ninja Ultima Blender BL810

Why you should buy this

Ninja comes with some of our favorite features such as the 72-ounce blender jar that also signifies the large capacity of the machine. It has a removable quad blade reaching up to the height of the blender to make this large pitcher a more functional one. Being removable it comes very handy for large quantities of food as the additional blades can make short work of the blending process. However, the bottom blades can be more than sufficient for smaller tasks.

Another favorite aspect of the Ninja line of products is that the options they come with. The Ultima BL810 has two 16-ounce – single-serving-size cups that to be hooked directly onto the base of the blender using a blade lid. You can trade this for tradition to-go cup lids once your smoothie gets blended. It has a potential feature to allow the smoothie in the to-go cup to made in five pulses which allows you to have it later whenever you want.

Although it lacks the presets, they surely make this up with the power dial and the switch like the Vitamix. If this is flipped up it can blend consistently. This allows you to have total control over its function and power.


The bulky look and the fact about keeping track of the various accessories is something that can be frustrating. Due to their tinted blender jug or angular shape, they look so much bulkier compared to the similar category KitchenAid and blenders. Another setback that it has is the lack of presets like the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender or the Blendtec blenders.

Our Opinion

We feel this blender to be a great blend of price and handy functions that can replace some of your small kitchen appliances without breaking the sequence and the reasonable price of Ninja Ultima can help you meet all desired specifications affordably.

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Philips Airfryer XXL review

Let you enjoy the benefits of having something really big

What does it can do

This is a powerful air-fryer from Phillips which is not a compact one nor it is as large as the full-size toaster ovens. It comes with a 1,725-watt heating system, that is capable of frying up 3-pound batches of potatoes for snacks, or even tacking a little whole chicken.

How does it look like

It looks like other kitchen air fryers. It is like an egg-shaped bucket with a black body made of plastic and steel. The controls are pretty simple unlike the other advanced collections from Phillips that consist of two simple dials and a knob on the top that controls internal temperature, and a timer dial that serves as the power switch too. There is a large handle just under the timer. Other parts consist of a drawer to hold the food basket, a big pan, and a thin plate with a star-shaped cutout.

Philips Viva Collection XXL Twin TurboStar Airfryer

Philips Viva Collection XXL Twin TurboStar Airfryer

How easy it is to use the air fryer

Although it is not that difficult to use, could be a lot easier. It comes with proper instructions to guide you through the whole process. The frying basket for putting things inside and the straightforward temperature dial for controlling the temperature to fry are some of the convenient things that ease the process. The indicator light also helps you with the cause.

One of the rarest small kitchen appliances that need a big space in your kitchen

The $300 XXL power air fryer from Philips deserves a space in your kitchen for its amazing performance, isn’t it? However, it depends on how much extra space you can afford it. In that case, you need to have some real frying jobs in hand to make it worthy of a huge space in your kitchen counter.

Why you should buy this

Being an XXL fryer it gets a great benefit for its large capacity. You can cook different delicious foods by having loads of potatoes or similar vegetables or pieces of fresh chicken, even a smaller whole chicken.

Preparing a batch of food it works pretty faster as well compared to other similar fryers. The quality of fries is great for both the inside and outside texture, where it is crispy outside and creamy inside. Burgers, chicken wing, meatballs, sausage, and the number of products were tried including the whole chicken fry and all of them came out pretty well with the taste unless they are overcooked.


Coming with a steep price tag sets it back for us. Another thing is the lack of a stirring arm which makes it difficult to wash my hands. Temperature controlling is not friendly either rather a confusing one.

Our Opinion

If you want to cook things in big batches and ready to pay a bit more, then the Philips Airfryer XXL deserves to be in your kitchen. However, the cost is still too much considering the flaws it has like the confusing controls and special maintenance for a few of the parts. Some cheaper alternatives with lesser functions are available if you have fewer coins in your pocket.

Small Appliances For Your Kitchen

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Ember Travel Mug review

Ember Travel Mug

If you are a coffee geek then this exorbitant smart mug is catnip for you

Now its time to come up with something for your beverage solutions such as this Ember Travel Mug. It is good at controlling your beverage temperature and has a unique and alluring design to hold your coffee at the optimal temperature and right flavor.

Goldilocks zone to drink hot beverages

Coffee or tea can taste magical when they are in the goldilocks zone and ideal heat level. Having quality coffee grounds with a competent coffee maker can help you to taste the depth of the delicious flavors. To get you with such taste the $150 Ember Travel Mug comes up with sophisticated electronics design and engineering that regulate the temperature of the mug content actively and precisely.

A mug adds it big to the 21st-century small kitchen appliances list

Although it may look like a simple single-serve thermal mug, it is surely more than that. The mug comes with a black exterior with a tall and slender design. This design with a slightly narrow top provides a better grip for its comfortable matte surface that has reduced slippage. Weighing 1 pound while empty and 1.75 pounds while filled, makes this dense cup pretty handy.

The next part that is the technical part of the ember beverage system is the charging coaster which is a flat one with a rectangular shape. The receptacle on the coaster accepts the mug for charging its battery. One big setback is the fact that you do not have a choice but to carry the coaster for charging the mug.

Why you should buy this

Starting to use these small appliances make life easier for you. To start experiencing the best coffee, you can simply pour your drink inside by unscrewing the top. Things get a little interesting from here on as the Ember logo on mug’s face is a touch-sensitive button that you can use to power the device on and off. A quick tip on the logo shows up a small screen with white LEDs. The display is at the bottom of the mug and recessed underneath the surface. You can have different readouts for tapping it every time which includes the current drink temperature, state of heating or cooling, ember travel mug replacement lid, target temperature, and finally the ember travel mug battery life.


It’s awfully expensive and the amount of liquid it holds isn’t much either with the 12-ounce container. It retains the heat for around two hours if away from its charger that includes a proprietary charging system. Sometimes people do complain about ember travel mug not charging properly. It is a rare case and we recommend replacing the charger (you will probably get it free from vendor) If you are a coffee fanatic and want to go beyond that $20 thermal mug then you should go for this.

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Our Opinion

You need to be an ultra-rich coffee geek to get your coffee burned by the temperature of this flashy Ember mug technology coming at an insanely high price. However, the coffee it provides is delicious so much so that you cannot stop yourself from having it again and again at a temperature that invokes those taste-sensitive neurons.

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juice Extractor review

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juice Extractor

This extractor can get you a lot of juice at a decent price

Hamilton Beach 67601A Juice Extractor costs $70 that is $30 less than its closest juicing competitor, is capable of serving up excellent performance without spending a ton of green. This machine came out as one of the best extractors in producing the highest quantity of juice from the sample oranges beating out the other centrifugal juicers.

An average juice extraction percentage is recorded at 71.8 percent which proves it to be one of the most efficient small kitchen appliances for your kitchen. It is also good at leaching more liquid from the fibrous kale leaves than other machines we put through the test, the impressive percentage of extraction stands at 50.1 percent.

Why you should buy this

The Hamilton Beach 67601A Juice Extractor can outperform other juicers even the ones cost twice as much. Its large food chute and mouth allow medium to large fruits and vegetables like apples, oranges, tomatoes, etc. Its parts are also dishwasher safe making it one of the most convenient small kitchen appliances on the list in terms of cleaning.


Its plastic construction, especially its pair of thin locking latches makes it look like a cheap one. However, It is not a luxury model anyway as it lacks some of the premium juicer features such as the thin clamps or the juice cups that are used for collecting the fruit and vegetable liquid. Although its components are dishwasher-safe, it doesn’t include the cleaning brush as well. However, this is considered as a standard accessory on most of the juicers.

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Our Opinion

We feel the Hamilton Beach 67601A is a greatly efficient juice extractor that is capable of pulling the most liquid from citrus and kale than other centrifugal juicers at a very affordable price. But if you want to shop for a juicer that looks more stylish and also easier to clean then there are some other alternative options available on the market for you.

Philips’ Avance Collection – Indoor Grill

Philips HD6371 94

It powers smokeless indoor grill making it hassle-free for your food that will get seared like the real charcoal grill

How about the idea of grilling the meat indoor without clogging up your home with smoke? You certainly want the fragrance of the cooked meat filling up the home but not the smoke. To make your grilling experience such an amazing one the Philips comes with its Avance Collection Indoor Grill system.

How it works

The working procedure of the indoor grill is pretty simple where the grill is plugged into a power outlet and infrared heaters instead of using charcoal. The system does the magic as its components are angled to bounce the beams towards the meat at the top. The system consists of two heat settings – one that comes with the keep warm function and the other one that pumps up the temperature to 230-degree Celsius. Start your cooking straightaway by simply turning it on. There is nothing like the smart app or control to make you think more than needed.

Philips' Avance Collection

Philips' Avance Collection

Important tips while using

A 5-minute warm-up is all that it needs to start things grilling. Although it is a smokeless grill machine, it still requires you to use lean cuts as much of the smoke is generated from the burning fat. You need to carefully use the space as it can afford to have four patties to grill at a time. Getting to cook food for four is not something bad either.

Using a constant temperature can make things easier to manage. If you want to get your meat cooked or seared slowly then you may prefer to have the finer control over the heat output.

Being non-stick, it eliminated the need to use butter or oil up the machine in advance. It has the collecting pan where the seeping fat from the meat drips. You chuck both the removable grill top and pan in a dishwasher that makes things worry-free for you.

Why you should buy this

It does great justice to the purpose it is supposed to serve. It comes with a pretty impressive performance for providing you with different indoor grilling experience at a price that is about $280 and seems to justify the price for being one of the most unique small kitchen appliances available around.


The fat and grease that would collect at the sides and the reflectors, which is hard to remove once cooled down. It’s not possible to wash those parts with any of the greases that possibly tried except the stronger – abrasive sponge that could scratch the reflector’s mirror-finished look.

Our Opinion

If you are living in a small apartment with no outdoor space to cook a delicious smokey grill, then The Philips Avance Collection Indoor Grill can be on top of your result list if you search for the best indoor grill 2018. However, you need to find out a way to either ignore the grease stains or clean it.

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Vitamix 7500 review

A luxurious muscle car for your kitchen

When it comes to the muscle car for your kitchen you cannot get anything better than the Vitamix 7500 powerhouse blender. This is one of the best small kitchen appliances we have in the blender category that comes with easy-to-use operation along with some powerful configurations.

Getting to know the Vitamix

Vitamix was founded by William Grover Barnard, released the first blender of the company in 1937, TV commercial or you can say infomercial (first of its kind) took them off to a flyer in 1949. Since then the Vitamix craze has been continuing to date. The efforts of the brand loyalist make you think that it worth every penny of that 52,900 pennies ($529) it costs. Its the costliest but also the most eligible one for the best blender 2018 list where some of the other competitors are the Ninja, KitchenAid, Breville, and Blendtec.

How justified is the Vitamix price

For a price like this, you do not expect everyone to afford such a beast. Whether you think it to be an unnecessary splurge or not; one thing that everyone will agree on that it is an extremely powerful machine capable of blending just about anything thrown in it. Making smoothies, salsas, and soups are way easier for you day in and day out and it can be thrilling to own such a blender. But again there are some other blenders available that try to match its performance at an affordable price, even you can try the Vitamix 5200 that costs $80 less.

Powerful performance

This is one of the most powerful small kitchen appliances for a blender that comes with a configuration of 1,440-watts and a 2.2-horsepower motor that spins its laser-cuts and S.S. blades at around 37,000rpm. Truly wow and one of the best configurations for kitchen appliances. Switching it on is like igniting a muscle car that makes you feel like blending everything.

Recipe book – guiding you through amazing food preparations

If you are running out of things to prepare or cook, then to help you guide through different recipes the Vitamix comes with a hardbound book filled with numbers of recipes starting from the blueberry margaritas to homemade salad garnished with vegetarian chili. It’s blending performance is way too good for making some incredible foods for the foodies.

Why you should buy this

For being one of the costliest small kitchen appliances, you always want a great value from the Vitamix blender. And it does live up to your expectations with some surprising versatility that makes it capable of handling a wide range of ingredients regardless of it being wet or dry, and large or small.

It has gone through different tests while making delicate foods like pancake batter and whipped cream, and rugged recipes like additive-free almond butter and spinach pesto, and even the entire block of cheese was subjected to it. And in any of the cases, it has left no scope of complaint rather deserve to be praised for passing these tests amazingly well.

If we talk specifically about smoothies test, the Vitamix still comes out at the top of the rack for making the most consistently blended smoothie. But for blending smoothie alone, a $500 high-end machine isn’t worth it. It goes true for other simple recipes as well. The Vitamix 7500 can prove to be overkill with regards to both the price and the power for anything with simpler content.


It does not have any presets or timer making it a bit too simple. Comparing it with the other cheap models you expect a lot from it.

Our Opinion

If you are tempted by something freakishly powerful then this might be the ultimate choice for your blender option. However, the $529 Vitamix should have to justify its price with something freakish in terms of features along with the motor. Similarly, you need to have some incredibly demanding recipes to make the best out of such an awfully expensive and powerful one.

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First, build Opal Nugget Ice review

A dream machine for the Nugget ice lovers

Making a taste even out of an ice cube

Do you think all ices taste the same? If your answer is yes then you are not a fan of nugget ice for sure. The nugget ice also called the compressed or pellet ice has a passionate following for its soft and crunchy texture that has a slow melt time as well. This type of ice is not so available and only sold at some selected restaurant chains and gas stations. This is the reason why the home nugget ice makers have been traditionally considered as a luxury device with some multi-thousand dollar price tags. With the $499 Firstbuild Opal Nugget ice, the chewable ice addicts have a reason to celebrate. The price seems to be a huge one considering a single-function small appliance. Even though there are people who love to have access to nugget ice in their homes with the Opal game-changer that comes with the frozen novelty.

Design and features

The Opal Nugget Ice measures 17.25 inches tall, 10.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches deep. With such a dimension, it seems to be larger than the typical home appliances. It dwarfs some of the largest drip coffee makers and comes close in size to a toaster oven or a mini-refrigerator. Weight a hefty 44 pounds signifies that it is no lightweight either.

Despite this size and heft, it looks to be very aesthetic and pleasingly minimal. You can not realize its massive due to the smooth stainless steel running across the flat surfaces and a chassis with a rectangular shape. It has a single circular button surrounded by a slick LED ring. This LED ring indicates different Opal’s status through different colors.

The clear ice tray looks like a window.

The ice production can be visible through the bin which itself functions as a square window. When the corners of the clear bin are pulled, the container with a cube shape slides out which either allows the bin to hang down at an angle for quickly accessing the ice, or removing it entirely.

Smart enough

The Opal’s water reservoir is inside and right under the bin. The Opal does not include a dedicated water line input which requires you to supply this tank with fresh water from the sink. This is a smart device that can be connected to your smartphone allowing you to control it using a mobile app. However, there is nothing much to be excited about. Opal comes with many sensors that can detect if the ice bin is full, or removed. The application software should be upgraded to provide alert notification for refilling the tank when empty or cleaning time when its due. Currently, it only displays the current status of the device. Using this application you start and stop making ice, schedule the ice creation. and control the brightness of the LED ring.

Why you should buy this

The Opal Nugget Ice is a great machine that can make a lot of chewable ice right on the countertop without even having a dedicated water line.


Opal Nugget Ice may seem to be one of the most expensive small kitchen appliances for a single-function device. Some other drawbacks consist of the hassle of regular cleaning, making a loud noise, and the inability to storing ice for extended periods.

Our Opinion

There are quite some people addicted to the chewable pellet ice, for them, the First build Opal Nugget Ice can be a dream come true. But if you are a regular shopper who does not belong to this category should pass on this special type pricey small kitchen appliances.

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Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker Review

The multicooker from Crock-Pot is all set to bring the heat to the instant pot

About Crock-pot

The famous brand Crock-Pot comes up with an answer to the instant pot that is an electronic pressure cooker which became an internet sensation among the cookers and chefs.

Functions that add a great value

The $70 Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker is one of the first countertop kitchen small appliances of the company. The price could double to what it is for the pressure cooker. It is a true multicooker that comes with the similar features of other instant pot products. The pot heats the food under pressure whether it is searing and sauteing meat or steaming the rice and veggies. It can also cook at low temperatures taking up to a long period like the traditional slow cookers.

Convenient and hassle-free

The Crock-Pot Express’ is one of the most convenient and hassle-free small kitchen appliances with the operation which makes it easier for ordinary customers. This is the reason why we recommend it to the novice home chefs.

Build to perform

It appears to be almost the same if you have seen the instant plots previously. This Crock-Pot is made of dense steel and a plastic cylinder that is topped by a thick circular lid. A large control panel is set on its front side. There are some buttons to activate the machine’s different cooking programs and also there is a LED display in the middle of the panel.

Sleek design and automatic controls

The Crock-Pot comes with well-spaced and clearly defined buttons. The white lettering of the panel against the black backdrop makes it easier to read. The controls are jammed closely together, as a result, they might feel cluttered and confusing.

Simply swivel the circular lid clockwise and anticlockwise to open and close the Crock-Pot Express respectively. There is a heavy-duty handle on top of the lid for that purpose and for moving it around. It also has two steam valves on top of the lid. The small Bobber valve reaches upwards when the interior of the Crock-Pot is hit by optimal pressure. It also helps as an overflow to release excess vapor pressure.. The other one is the Steam Release valve that allows you to manually vent or seal the cooker’s airtight chamber.

The Crock-Pot has its inner cooking pot at the center of it. The chamber has a removable non-stick coating so it is its electrical cord that makes it easy to store.


The Crock-Pot company has been selling slow cookers for decades. Crock-Pot’s Express Crock Multi-Cooker can be said as a completely new breed of kitchen appliances. First and foremost, the Express needs to be considered as a pressure cooker. Most of the multicooker preset cooking functions, precisely 8 out of 12, need steam pressure. The options are Meat/Stew, Rice/Risotto, Beans/Chili, Poultry, Soup, and Steam.

Some of its pressurized presets are a little unconventional. Steam-baking cakes and puddings are designed with a dessert program available. The Multigrain function can tackle bread and sturdy cereals such as barley or oats. Another standard preset available in this pressure cooker is the Yogurt preset.

Well labeled and easy to use

There are some conventional cooking modes in The Crock-Pot as well. The Slow Cook functions instruct the appliance to cook food low and slow. On the other hand, you have Brown/Saute. It puts the cooker’s heating factor in overdrive. To sear the meat and saute vegetables is possible without changing pots due to the high temperature.

Although the Crock-Pot doesn’t come with a separate manual mode for the Instant Pot, it lets you decide how long the dish needs to be cooked for. It is also easy to adjust the cooking time with those + or – keys while starting the program. In most cases, you can choose between high or low values for both the temperature and pressure.

Why you should buy this

If you want to cook food quickly then the Crock-Pot Express does it well under pressure. It can prove to be a highly competent slow cooker, rice cooker, and sautés station. It is easy to clean a device that comes with simple control.


As the instant pot’s stainless steel is in sear mode, the non-stick pot doesn’t develop as much caramelization.

Our Opinion

The novice cooks are going to love the Crock-Pot Express’ for its simplicity and also the efficiency. But experienced home chefs can look to Instant Pot for some more flavors.

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Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2-Slice Toaster review

One of the best small kitchen appliances – single function toaster prepares the breakfast at an affordable price

Toaster – keeping it simple

Getting a toaster for your breakfast keeps it simple for you without making it much more ubiquitous than toast. However, you still need to choose one that works well at the kitchen counter. In that spirit, Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome 2-Slice Toaster is a pretty fair toaster pricing at only 30 bucks. The performance can be characterized as “good enough,” considering its overall user experience.

Design and features

The Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Toaster comes with a shiny and chrome-bodied build that has a classic appeal. But the classic appeal gets undercut by not so good looking black plastic trim and the cheap red LEDs. So, overall it comes with a design that does not offer anything to be excited about.

Classic presets

It comes with the classic and usual preset buttons such as a button for the bagels, a button for the frozen items, and another button for the reheating things. Pressing a button without depressing the lever will do nothing. They are supposed to turn on only after a toast cycle has begun. It may seem to be back as well.

For manual toasting, there is a smooth-turning dial arbitrarily labeled with nine settings which are more in numbers compared to other toasters. However, this cannot be considered as an advantage as these nine settings do not mean 9 distinct usable settings.

Should not expect anything wow!

The $30 Hamilton Beach toaster cannot wow you with its features and you should not expect something like that either. Because at the end of the day, it has a simple job to toast your bread that doesn’t leave much opportunity for a feature-rich experience.

Why you should buy this

The Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Toaster performed pretty well showing no real weakness when tested. Being a toaster with a reasonable price it is more than capable of doing your regular toasting jobs done.


The design is not impressive and another setback is the tendency of the Classic Chrome that slightly overcooks at medium settings.

Our Opinion

To conclude things simply for this kitchen appliance, It is a decent setup for a decent price to get your toasting job done.

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Breville One-Touch Tea Maker Review

Tea brewed automatically with robotic precision – one of the smartest small kitchen appliances on the list

Delicious tea making – A challenging job

It is a challenging job to make delicious tea, especially when you need to stray beyond basic black leaves. To get the best flavor possible nothing could be better than having a kitchen gadget that can automate tasks to bring the best out of the tea type, steep time, and water temperature.

Pricey with sophisticated functioning

This machine is priced as much as a premium drip coffee brewer and is an impulse buy really. It offers the highest sophistication and controls among the electric tea brewers. It comes with the preset modes for popular tea types. The machine can brew using the custom parameters for steep time and target temperature that is handled with robotic and motorized precision. Additionally, the appliance looks to be attractive with a thoughtful design. It is also easy to operate and clean. All these make it a uniquely qualified and perfect kitchen companion for passionate tea drinkers.

Technically designed

It comes with a pricey metallic look that clad in a skin of shiny stainless steel. The body has sections crafted from tempered glass and also a touch of grey polycarbonate. This machine strikes the eyes well with its handsome profile. Like the other similar products, the Breville tea maker consists of two basic parts: one “power base” platform and another electric kettle carafe (called a “Jug”). This jug is resided on top of the base and rests inside the special cradle on the platform’s center. Positioned this way, the jug powers its internal heater by drawing electricity from the base.

Other tea or coffee makers of similar categories have a cheap plastic exterior, and also do not feature anything like Breville’s LCD screen that displays the pertinent information like the water temp and brew time.

In terms of physical footprint, the Breville has a compact dimension that is 10-inches tall, 6-inches wide and 8-inches deep. The tea-making capacity of the device is maxing out around 40 ounces (1.2L). However, the Breville’s machine is capable of boiling more water when used as a simple electric kettle (51 ounces – 1.5L).

Plenty of brewing modes

Although the Breville tea maker is not a completely automatic tea make but it is certainly the closest one. Because it automates much of the work for you, and this gizmo is too simple to use and operate.

Rare manual aspect

The manual aspect of using this Tea Maker is rather an obvious one, that is using your hands to load its basket with tea and the kettle jug with water. There is a volume marker labeled in mL units in the handle that indicates how much amount of water you need to pour into the jug. After you get the ingredients present, you’re all set to start brewing.

Machine controls

All the machine’s controls are located on the base, in front of the kettle’s socket. There are six brewing modes for the Tea Maker such as Black, White, Green, Herbal, Oolong, and Custom. To accommodate unique blends, you can use the custom mode to manually adjust the steep time and brewing temperature. The dedicated keys are available for this on either side of the LCD screen.

The brewing basket lowered and raised automatically

You can start the show when the kettle’s contents hit the correct temperature. The brew basket is magnetically attached which is slowly and automatically lowered into the hot water to soak. The allocated steep time allows tea leaves to infuse flavors, after which the basket raised back automatically. This action controls tea infusion also allows the machine to be operated unattended. The Tea Maker can serve as a standard electric kettle as well.

Great performance

Breville makes a point to explain in the manual that Tea Maker is “not calibrated for commercial or scientific use,” but my thermocouple tests confirmed the device was quite accurate. After going through the thermocouple test, the temperature readings were within 1 to 3 degrees away from what the Tea Maker showed on the display which very much accepted as the Tea Maker lags a few seconds behind than the more sensitive thermocouple equipment.

Regarding the taste and quality of the Tea brewed, it has been amazing through the Breville Tea Maker. You can have a different type of tea with the amazing brewing modes that perform as well as it is said. When it comes to the time it takes for preparing the tea is not less as you may expect, it is due to the sophisticated mechanism that it goes through.

Why you should buy this

The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker automatically brews and steeps. The Tea Maker also has different presets for tackling a wide range of tea styles and also functions as an electric kettle having a variable temperature.


The Breville is expensive compared to other electric kettles. The carafe of the Tea Maker is only marked in metric units.

Our Opinion

The Breville One-Touch Tea Maker is undoubtedly the current pinnacle of automated loose-leaf brewers for your home but it comes with a lavish price that requires you to be a rich tea fanatic to get one.

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Eades Appliance Technology SousVide Supreme review

This bulky SousVide cooker tries to be one of the most supreme small kitchen appliances with its performance

Eades Appliance Technology’s SousVide Supreme is a water-bath-style cooker that costs around $429; also available in the UK and Australia as a Breville appliance. This kind of sous vide machine comes with a large-capacity water reservoir that’s best to cook food in bulk. The SousVide Supreme is pretty impressive in terms of meeting the performance expectations, but as for the features go, it floundered at some places. Some of its direct competition like the $500 Caso SousVide Center SV1000 didn’t perform as well but features a built-in vacuum sealer, a hose for water draining, and other water circulation tech.

If performance is the priority, then the SousVide Supreme is strongly recommended if you’re set on a water-bath cooker.

What are the configurations like

The maximum water capacity of the SousVide Supreme is 2.6-gallon (10-liter); the timer can be set from 0 – 99 hours and the temperature from 86 – 210 degrees Fahrenheit (equivalent to 30 – 99 degrees Celsius). The finish consists of stainless steel that weighs around 13 lbs (5.9 kilograms).

Thoughtful design

The display is kept pretty minimal, with a distinct start button and power button, Set Temp and Timer buttons, Fahrenheit/Celsius button, plus and minus buttons. There’s a small display screen for showing the current cooking temperature. To view the remaining time during the cooking process you have to press the Set Timer button which is annoying. The LED indicator lights let you know the current status of the water and the timer.

It looks decent that doesn’t come up with any sort of design statement for your kitchen. It also takes up quite a bit of space on the counter of your kitchen. There are handles on the base unit and the lid. The lid itself feels to be very fragile though.

Amazing performance

After using the industrial-grade thermometers for testing the water of the cooker, we found it maintained a steady temperature throughout the process. This was impressive as it lacks water circulation capabilities. Additionally, it came out pretty good in terms of staying close to the target temperature. That allows you to get your food perfectly cooked.

Why you should buy this

The Eades Appliance Technology’s SousVide Supreme keeps the water in it to the target temperature.


It’s a little bit too big and fairly expensive as well. With this size, it doesn’t include the built-in vacuum sealer, the draining hose, or the water circulation capabilities. These features aren’t the must-have ones but for improved user experience and to consider it as one of the best small kitchen appliances for your kitchen you expect it to have these features as well.

Our Opinion

The Eades Appliance Technology’s SousVide Supreme is a pretty well performer, but it could be better if the missing features would have been there.

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Well, you should have realized how hard we worked to put some of the best small kitchen appliances in one list for your convenience. Having a smart household product always gives you a sense of smartness and convenience in your day-to-day activities. We assure you that the one listed above are some of the smart appliances for kitchen available out there. We hope it has been a helpful guide to help you choose the best household product especially the smarter ones for the amazing food experience.

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