Product Review – Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Countertop

Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Countertop

So time to end our list with another amazing hot plate electric stove and this time it’s from the Techwood, another infrared ceramic double cooktop.

It is portable and you can take it anywhere such as your office, dorms, RVs, holiday homes, nonetheless having one in your busy kitchen. So check out more of its features.

Multi-Functional Modern design

The Techwood infrared hot plate electric stove surely deserves your consideration for its ease of use, great build, and beautiful double crystallite glass design. You can even use it as an extra kitchen appliance and it would not take much space rather enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

Maximum Thermal Efficiency

This double cooktop comes with 1800W power with 900W for each. It provides more convenience in cooking with fast and even heating. Heat loss and energy is also saved to ensure maximum thermal efficiency.

Compatible With All Cookware

The functional plate doesn’t have any restrictions and is compatible with all cookware without the need of using a special one. All pots and pans ranging up to 7.1” are suitable enough whether it is made of steel. aluminum, or glass.

Techwood Hot Plate Electric Stove Countertop

Superior Technology

The temperature is adjustable with the thermostatic knob, allowing you to set different temperature settings for different dishes. Now you can cook your favorite foods like scrambled eggs, simmer soup, frying fishes, grilled cheese, pasta, etc. in a much convenient way by choosing your desired temperature. The burner safety cycles on/off automatically for overheating protection.

Other Features

The surface of the burner is scratch-resistant, no-high frequency radiation, double cooking rings for more ease of use, far infrared heating ensures safety, and finally, it’s easy cleaning procedure are few other amazing features that make it worthy to be your choice.

Why You Should Buy It

You can rest assured of the quality and performance of this amazing infrared hot plate electric stove cooktop. You also get an amazing 60-day hassle-free return policy and 36-month after-sales promise. Besides, it is also a well-reviewed product. So you can have a go without any hesitation.

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