Product Review – Shanik Expandable Dish Rack

Shanik Expandable Dish Rack

Shanki Expandable Dish Rack cutlery holder is a very much convenient and adjustable dish drying rack you will get around. And there are plenty of reasons for that. Some of those are its expandability, space-saving design, excellent quality, adjustability, and overall satisfaction.

Expandable With Space-Saving Design

It’s important to have a space-saving design in a dish rack. And this Shanik rack comes in an expandable design that allows it to pop into any countertop or sink. It is 14”/20.4” and it has an adjustable sidebar to shorten or lengthen according to the size of your sink or counter. So with different size sinks, space is not an issue anymore with this amazing dish rack.

Shanik Expandable Dish Rack

Shanik Expandable Dish Rack

Excellent Quality

It is crafted from premium quality materials, especially, the 100% anti-rust materials. It’s important as it is supposed to be in touch with moisture frequently. So you can be relaxed about its longevity and getting its service for years.

Efficient Cutlery Drainer

You will not be frustrated anymore looking for a space to store all your cutleries while they’re being dried up. There are two detachable plastic drainers/utensil holders that you can use to store the spoons, forks, knives, etc. These drainers are easy to remove for cleaning as well.

Shanik Expandable Dish Rack
Resistant Coated Wires

Shanik Expandable Dish Rack

Safe & Satisfactory

This amazing expandable dish drain rack has silicon end caps on its arms to make it anti-scratch on your sink and counter. Whereas, some other racks have metal parts that can scrape or scratch your expensive sink/counter. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with this product and you can get a full refund within 30 days in case the product fails to meet your expectations.

What Customers Say

Customers seem to be loving this Expandable Dish Rack, especially for its adjustability and excellent quality. So you will see some great user reviews associated with it.

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