Razab TALL WIDE DEEP Food Storage Containers

Razab TALL WIDE DEEP Food Storage Containers

Some small household essentials can take care of big things, especially when it comes to your Fooding. You always want your food items to retain the freshness and for that, we have a great solution for you. It’s the Razab Tall Wide Deep Food Storage Containers. This is a set of 10 containers with 20 PCs.

Secure Sealing & Stacking

These Razab Food Storage Containers feature secure and tight sealing with the Side-Locking Lids. They protect the food from water and air while keeping its freshness intact. There are the spill-proof covers that prevent dressings or sauces from spilling. Plus, the lids are anti-slip allowing you to stack the containers fear-free anywhere they fit, whether in the fridge or pantry closet. They help you save on space and access the food easily.

Ease of Use

These containers are easy to use, store, and clean. You can store the kitchen staples and other baking supplies like sugar, rice, flour, coffee beans, etc. with ease. They are also sturdy and dishwasher safe. So you can easily clean them without those painful scrubbing.

Razab TALL WIDE DEEP Food Storage Containers

Functional with Labels & Marker

It comes with a perfectly functional design including its secure sealing, convenient stacking, and ease of use as discussed earlier. Moreover, these containers come with a matte texture and a uniform crisp shape. The surface is also neither slippery or shiny. They provide an appealing look and are durable and strong. There are 18 premium labels that are vinyl stickers allowing you to write on using the liquid chalk marker(included) or any regular chalk.


Among the 10pcs, there are 2 extra-large containers with a size dimension of 9’’ x 6.5’’ x 6.4’’ (L x W x H) and a volume of 135.3 ounces; then the 4 large ones have the size dimension of 6.1’’ x 4.3’’ x 7.2’’ (L x W x H) and a volume of 61 ounces, next 2 medium ones are having a size dimension of 6.1’’ x 4.3’’ x 4.5’’ (L x W x H) and a volume of 37.2 ounces, and finally 2 small containers with a size dimension of 6.1’’ x 4.3’’ x 2.75’’ (L x W x H). They are airtight and leak-proof; constructed with BPA-free materials.

Razab TALL WIDE DEEP Food Storage Containers

Benefits of the Containers

There are immense benefits of having Razab Containers. Like it provides you airtight and leak-proof storage. So your food like sugar, flour, and many more remain fresh, crispy, and crunchy based on the type of food. They don’t let the cereals go stale nor they let the fruits and vegetables go rancid. Every cup of your coffee remains as flavorful and strong as the first cup. These containers maintain the right nutrition, flavor, and freshness while preventing the water, air, and environmental toxins from entering the container.

What Customers Say

When it’s about keeping your food fresh, people seem to be turning to these amazing food storage containers. People love the way it secures the food while providing ease of use, store, and access. All in all, a popular food storage container you can watch out for.

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