Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray

Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray

This brings us to the Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray, a product that makes the wish come true for a lot of women. The wish that their partners could last longer in the bed for an enhanced session of lovemaking. Even the guys wish for the same. The Promescent climax control spray fulfills the wish of both as it makes the men last longer in bed. Let’s watch out for more of on this Promescent Delay Spray reviews below:

Unique Formula

The Promescent Delay Spray is developed by the School of Pharmacy of a renowned US university. It is clinically proven that this delay spray effectively helps men to involve for a longer intercourse session. This provides more control while making a prolonged climax. What sets it apart from other delay spray is its unique formula. It is made with a topical male lidocaine formula powered by the rapid absorption technology. So the men can control the penile sensitivity while keeping the sexual pleasure undisturbed.

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Ease to Apply

This comes with a 7.4ml spray that is easy to apply as well. You need to apply it 10 minutes before starting the intercourse, needn’t any prescription for that. You can adjust the dosage to apply yourself based on your penile sensitivity and the state of your arousal. However, the pleasurable sensitivity is still maintained as it absorbs beneath the skin where the nerve endings are.

Cost-Effective & Great for Both

You can have great sex most cost-effectively with the Promescent Climax Spray. It’s not only for your pleasure but also for your partner’s. This 100% FDA compliant spray doesn’t transfer the desensitization to your partner allowing her to enjoy satisfying sex for a longer session.

Promescent Delay Spray
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TargetZone Technology

It comes with a rapid and direct response to provide the best desensitizing experience. This Promescent Delay Spray comes with a patented formula that targets the most sensitive spots of your penis while allowing you to absorb fast. This technology helps you to be completely in control and be more confident. You will be able to give a 164% better effort in the bed to transform your love life completely. Moreover, it has been endorsed by a big community of over 2000 urologists. So no more sexual frustration as it closes the O Gap; meaning the time gap the men and women take to reach the climax.

What Customers Say

Well, you could only praise this amazing sexual kit. This Promescent Desensitizing Delay Spray can be one of the best gifts for relaxation for the interest of both involved in a relationship. People seem to be realizing it and with such price, who minds enjoying sex life more!

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