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Ember Travel Mug

If you are a coffee geek then this exorbitant smart mug is catnip for you

I must interject a note here to mention that we really tried out two distinct Travel Mugs. Throughout her first go-around, my wife found that the battery on the apparatus emptied fairly fast. Though she had been pouring hot coffee into the mug and maintained the room temperature at 140, the battery was completely drained after around 45 minutes.

Now its time to come up with something for your beverage solutions such as this Ember Travel Mug. It is good at controlling your beverage temperature and has a unique and alluring design to hold your coffee at the optimal temperature and right flavor.

Goldilocks zone to drink hot beverages

Coffee or tea can taste magical when they are in the goldilocks zone and ideal heat level. Having quality coffee grounds with a competent coffee maker can help you to taste the depth of the delicious flavors. To get you with such taste the $150 Ember Travel Mug comes up with sophisticated electronics design and engineering that regulate the precise temperature of the mug content actively and precisely.

A mug adds it big to the 21st-century small appliances list

Although it may look like a simple single-serve thermal mug, it is surely more than that. The mug comes with a black exterior with a tall and slender design. This design with a slightly narrow top provides a better grip for its comfortable matte surface that has reduced slippage. Weighing 1 pound while empty and 1.75 pounds while filled, makes this dense cup pretty handy.

The next part that is the technical part of the ember beverage system is the charging coaster which is a flat one with a rectangular shape. The receptacle on the coaster accepts the mug for charging its battery. One big setback is the fact that you do not have a choice but to carry the coaster for charging the mug.

Why you should buy this

Ember made a number of design modifications to its Travel Mug. The temperature control wheel at the bottom of the mug is replaced by LED + and signature controls. In a neat bit of design, these controls remain hidden until you tap on the Ember logo on the device.

Starting to use these small appliances make life easier for you. To start experiencing the best coffee, you can simply pour your drink inside by unscrewing the top. Things get a little interesting from here on as the Ember logo on mug’s face is a touch-sensitive power button that you can use to turn the device on and off. A quick tip on the logo shows up a small screen with white LEDs. The display is at the bottom of the mug and recessed underneath the surface. You can have different readouts for tapping it every time which includes the current drink temperature, state of heating or cooling, ember travel mug replacement lid, chosen temperature, and finally the ember travel mug battery life.


It’s awfully expensive and the amount of liquid it holds isn’t much either with the 12-ounce container. With its built-in heater, it retains the heat for around two hours if away from its charger that includes a proprietary charging system. Sometimes people do complain about ember travel mug not charging properly. It is a rare case and we recommend replacing the charger (you will probably get it free from vendor) If you are a coffee fanatic and want to go beyond that $20 thermal mug then you should go for this.

Ember Travel Mug on Amazon

Our Opinion

You need to be an ultra-rich coffee geek to get your coffee burned by the temperature of this flashy Ember mug technology coming at an insanely high price. However, the coffee it provides is delicious so much so that you cannot stop yourself from having it again and again at a temperature that invokes those taste-sensitive neurons.

Ember Travel Mug on Amazon

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