Product Review – Duxtop 9620LS LCD Double Induction Portable Cooktop

Duxtop 9620LS LCD Portable Double Induction

Another dual-action appliance! (some others are here)

This time it’s the Duxtop Double Induction Portable Cooktop. It is lightweight and has an attractive design making it a great choice for your home and outdoor cooking arrangements. To add to its overall value, there are more amazing features that we’ll be discussing now.

Multiple Cooking Modes

There are two modes that you can switch between with one simple press, one is the temperature mood where you can easily steam, fry, and saute. Another mode is the power mode to keep food warm or quickly boil water. Besides, you get 20 preset levels for each mode that allow you to make perfect cooking.

Dual Heating Zones

This is another dual heating zone electrical countertop burner. As you know these are two separate heating zones where you can choose the settings individually using the LCD. So you can cook two different items in two different settings at a time.

Safe & Easy

It comes with the child safety lock; you can lock the operations for the kids to avoid any danger like scalding. Besides, there are no open flames or heating elements. So no burning issues. And it’s easy to clean as well where one wipe with the damp wet towel is good enough. Regarding the ease of use, you have a user-friendly touch control panel to make your cooking much easier.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

As it places the electromagnetic energy straight into the cookware, it doesn’t waste energy on the heating element. Maximum energy efficiency with faster heating gives you more out of it. Plus, the power-sharing feature that helps to avoid the power overload and distribute it between them to increase efficiency in the power mode.

Wide Range Of Applications

It has excellent compatibility with all kinds of cookware starting from the cast iron to magnetic steel made pots and pans. It’s also compact and lightweight. So you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Remember it’s built to North American electrical standards and is ETL approved.

Why You Should Buy It

The bottom line is this double induction portable cooktop is a very well-reviewed product and there is barely any reason to dislike it. So buying one soon should be a good deal.

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