Presto Professional Knife Sharpener 08810

Presto Professional Knife Sharpener 08810

This Presto Professional Knife Sharpener is another great sharpening unit from the Presto. It goes one step ahead with this version as it includes the 3-stage sharpening technology. We’ll have a look at more of it below to find out why it ranks high as an automatic electric sharpener.

3-Stage Sharpening System

It comes with a convenient 3-stage sharpening system for great results at home or restaurant. With stage 1, the sharpening process begins by creating the perfect angle with its Sapphire coarse-grinding wheel. The sharpening continues with the Sapphire medium-grinding wheel for providing the blade a precision edge. Finally, the process finishes with the extra-fine-grit ceramic wheel which makes the blade perfectly polished with an exact razor-sharp edge.

Optimum Sharpening Angles

You can get the optimum sharpening angles with its adjustable blade selector. Select the thick one for hunting knives, the medium one for chef’s knives and regular kitchen knives, and a thin one for paring knives or fillets.

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Convenience of Use

This knife sharpener provides an easy and fast way to sharpen the knives. You only have to draw your knife through every slot a few times to get a razor-sharp edge of your knife. With 120 volts and 60 Hz specifications, it takes very little to get your job done.

Sharpens Effectively

Presto Professional Knife Sharpener 08810 effectively sharpens your kitchen knives, fillet knives, hunting knives, sporting knives, and even the Santoku knives. Its magical wheel made of Extra-fine-grit ceramic fine hones your knife’s blade to a razor-sharp edge. And that too in minutes.

What Customers Say

Just get yourself accommodated to use it with proper instructions and see how magically it turns your blunt blades into razor-sharp ones. And this what the customers feel. All you have to do is understand its functions and you are all good to save your time and money.

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