Product Review – Portable Induction Cooktop Electric Countertop Burner

Now we’ll hear it for Wiland, a brand that specializes in induction cooker manufacturing.

With Wiland portable electric countertop burner, you can get your desired meal cooked perfectly with the right fragrance and nutrition at the home, office, or small outdoor parties. It is a high-tech induction cooker that heats with the light transfer of heat and without the electromagnetic radiation. This ceramic heater is an upgraded version of the traditional induction cookers. Let’s find out more to know how good it can be for you.

Very Powerful

This induction cooker is powerful enough to cook all you want. It can reach up to a maximum power level of 2200W with the double ring. It has 22 power levels with the minimum power of 100W. The single ring has 11 power levels, and its maximum could reach up to 110W. Don’t be confused; it’s mighty.

Great Safety Measures

It has some great safety measures such as high/low voltage protection, stops heating at a voltage over 275V, and under 140V. Stops heating when the temperature of the furnace surface touches 650 degrees, stops heating in case the machine’s internal temperature is above 100 degrees, and protection for circuit fault. So use with confidence.

portable electric burner
Wiland Portable Electric Burner

Great Compatibility

Like the other top electric countertop burner on the list, this one’s also compatible with different pot materials such as iron, ceramics, copper, aluminum, etc. However, the diameter of the pot should range between 7 to 10.24 inches. Its heat-resistant glass is a plus. You can steam, boil, fry, roast, use as hotpot, and do many more things.

High-Tech Fast Heating

It heats fast and in a uniform manner with its vertical heating double-ring system. Other things that make it a high-tech cooker are built-in temperature control valve, automatic reduction in constant temperature state, internal set temperature, and automatic fire temperature adjustment. So it heats up at the fastest speed, and it made to do so.

Other Amazing Features

To add more to it, we have more amazing features such as timer cooking to cook smartly, touch screen along with knob and LED display for the ease of operation. This explosion-proof glass panel is temperature, and corrosion resistant, easy cleaning, low soot with even and firepower heating.

Why You Should Buy It

When you have limited kitchen space or want to cook in your office or dormitory, you need this. It’s powerful, it’s safe, and it’s surely effective for more fragrant cooking.

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