Product Reviews – Philips’ Indoor Grill HD6371/94, 5, Black

Philips' Indoor Grill

It powers smokeless indoor grill making it hassle-free for your food that will get seared like the real charcoal grill. It’s one of the top-rated food preparation home appliances floating around Amazon as well as it’s on sale (very often) for 50 percent off.

How about the idea of grilling the meat indoor without clogging up your home with smoke? You certainly want the fragrance of the cooked meat filling up the house but not the smoke. To make your grilling experience such an amazing one the Philips’ Indoor Grill HD6371/94 comes with their Avance Collection Indoor Grill system.

How it works

The working procedure of the indoor grill is pretty simple, where the grill plugged into a power outlet and infrared heaters instead of using charcoal. The system does the magic as its components are angled to bounce beams towards the meat at the top. The system consists of two heat settings – one that comes with the keep warm function and the other one that pumps up the temperature to 230-degree Celsius. Start your cooking straightaway by simply turning it on. There is nothing like the smart app or control to make you think more than needed.

Philips' Avance Collection

Philips' Indoor Grill

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Important tips while using Philips’ Indoor Grill

A 5-minute warm-up is all that it needs to start things grilling. Although it is a smokeless grill machine, it still requires you to use lean cuts as much of the smoke is generated from the burning fat. You need to carefully apply the space as it can afford to have four patties to grill at a time. Getting to cook food for four is not something wrong either.

Using a constant temperature can make things easier to manage. If you want to get your meat cooked or seared slowly, then you may prefer to have more delicate control over the heat output.

Being non-stick, it eliminated the need to use butter or oil up the machine in advance. It has the collecting pan where the seeping fat from the meat drips. You chuck both the removable grill top and container in a dishwasher that makes things worry-free for you.

Why you should buy this

It does great justice to the purpose it is supposed to serve. It comes with a pretty impressive performance for providing you with different indoor grilling experience at a price that is about $280 and seems to justify the price for being one of the single small appliances available around.


The fat and grease that would collect at the sides and the reflectors, which is hard to remove once cooled down. It’s not possible to wash those parts with any of the greases that possibly tried except the stronger- abrasive sponge that could scratch the reflector’s mirror-finished look.

Our Opinion

If you are living in a small apartment with no outdoor space to cook a delicious smokey grill, then The Philips’ Indoor Grill HD6371/94 can be on top of your result list if you search for the best indoor grill 2020. However, you need to find out a way to either ignore the grease stains or clean it.

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