PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder – Product Review 2020

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

The Petkit is a popular name that is dedicated to delivering some great pet supply products with its unique design module. Their smart automatic pet feeder is a high-end pet supply product that can help you enhance the lifespan of your pet by ensuring a safe and healthy diet.

Personalized Pet Feeding

This PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder also allows you to set a personalized pet feeding module. You can set up to 10 scheduled meals a day. Also, you can control the portion from 1/20 cup to 1/2 cups (5g to 100g) that can perfectly meet your pet’s unique feeding demands. Moreover, you can feed your cat or dog anytime outside the feeding schedules with the Feed Now option. It works by the scheduled program once you input the meal settings and it stays permanent even if the machine is offline.

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

Feed Remotely, Feed Smartly

There is hardly any scope for your interference regarding your pet’s feeding as the feeder maintains an automatic feeding schedule. What adds more to it is its Alexa-enabled features that allow you to control the feeder using your Android/iOS smartphone. If you want your device to feed your pet right away, just ask Alexa and it will take care of the rest. Also, make sure you have a network that works at 2.4 GHz frequency.

Large & Healthy Storage

This amazing pet feeder comes with a large storage bucket that can hold up to 3.3 lbs of dry foods. So your pet can stay fully fed between refills. This large food storage can take of your pet’s feeding for as much as 7 days while you’re away from home. Besides, it keeps the food fresh and dry throughout the feeding period.

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

More Options

The feeder comes with a low food sensor that automatically reminds you once the food level gets low. You’ll get an alert once the hopper gets empty. It also features double power options, so you get a power adapter along with a battery backup option. This ensures the pet feeding is continued even if the power cuts or Wi-Fi drops.

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

Sociable App Feature

You can run this appliance using its smart app that is available on Android and iOS platforms. This app doesn’t only take care of your pet’s feeding but also gives you the chance to be sociable regarding your pet’s raising. You can exchange your views with other app users and make pet raising a more convenient experience.

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder

What Customers Say

It has anonymously proved to be a brilliant feeder that is not only an automatic one but also a smart one with Alexa-enabled features. People seem to be highly recommending this pet feeder.

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