OSITO Rechargeable Eye Massager Reviews 2021

OSITO Rechargeable Eye Massager with Heat for Dry Eye with Vibration to Refresh Mind and Music Air Pressure for Fatigue Relief Improve Sleeping-PU


The data lines can be connected to this eye massager to the computer, you can download or delete music. Built-in Speaker providing soothing music, when the public use, you can bring headphones to use. Plugin the headset, the release function automatically shuts down.

OSITO Rechargeable Eye Massager


Tender vibrating power protect your eye muscle from hurting when you enjoy air pressure massage, and gentle heat compression to increase eyes’ blood circulation. Tired and dry eye relief.


This eye care machine will massage the eye area, it releases pressure and air, then relieve eye soreness, eyestrain, and reduce puffiness. You can use it before bedtime for 15 minutes (default time setting), it helps with your sleep.


180 degree adjustable, fits most kinds of face shapes and also fits different head circumference by adjusting the elastic band. Foldable and handheld make it easy to carry on no matter you are home, office, or traveling. Just enjoy it anywhere.


This eye massager with the cordless design. Rechargeable lithium battery and USB charging for maximum portability, full charge about 3.5 hours (USB cable: white or black).

OSITO eye massager with cordless design, portable, and comfortable to wear. It has 3 massage modes. The vibration is very comfortable it feels like the gentlest tapping on your eyes. The music volume is very light but you can hear it.

Every day just spares 15 minutes to wear it after a tiring day looking at screens or when it’s hard to fall asleep, to give your eyes a rest, and improve blood circulation around eye muscles to reduce dark circles and sleep better. It is suitable for home, office, and traveling, at the same time, with the elegant appearance and functional modes, it’s an ideal present to your parents, friends, teachers, and boyfriend/girlfriend.

OSITO Rechargeable Eye Massager

How to Use

  • Press the open button and the default air pressure function opens (air pressure icon is lit).
  • Press the music switch button for 3 seconds, the music is on/off. Short press to increase the volume. Short press the volume down button to reduce the volume, long press 3 seconds to the next song.
  • When the public use, you can bring headphones to use. Plugin the headset, the release function automatically shutdown.
  • When the battery is low- red flashing state, plug in the data cable charge, charging complete- blue.
  • The data cable can be connected to the computer, you can download and delete songs.

NOTE: The air pressure function acts around the eyes and the temples. You can achieve the best results by adjusting the elastic band because of the difference in face and head circumference.

 Multi-Functional OSITO Rechargeable Eye Massager for Eye Care

  • Air and Heat Compression & Vibration Massage & Soft Music
  • Wireless & Adjustable&180° Foldable
  • Default use time setting: 15 minutes.
  • Suitable Temperature (37-43°C)
  • Music can be turned on/off by you.
  • Weight: 800 g

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Note: There is confusion regarding this Osito rechargeable eye massager. People tend to search for “Ozito rechargeable eye massager” instead of Osito. Basically, both are the same thing. So if you are here for “Ozito”, this review is actually for you as well. If you have time, watch the video:

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