Oliver Smith Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress

Oliver Smith Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress

Looking for a mattress advertised with more organic features? Then the Oliver Smith Mattress is the solution for you that features a ventilated cooling memory foam and a 100% organic natural cover. This is also the highest-rated non-toxic foams you will get around. Also, don’t be fooled by the price as it offers a fairly reasonable price with a quality comparable with some big brand mattresses. Pocket spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses have both been around for a while now as alternatives to standard innerspring mattresses. You can simply install this spring mattress in a box spring to get started for a luxurious sleeping experience.

Luxury Comfort

The Oliver & Smith Pocket Spring Mattress comes with a multi-layer design, engineered to help you enjoy a luxurious sleeping experience at an affordable price. It provides you a comfortable plush feel. An ideal mattress for the people with back pain.

Oliver Smith Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress
Infused Foam Mattress

Premium Construction

This organic hybrid mattress is made of organic cotton and comes with a revolutionary breathable ventilated fabric pattern that ensures cooler nights of sleep. This 12-inch mattress comes with a 6-inch cooling memory foam, organic cotton ventilated cooling cover, and independently encased tempered steel coils. The top layer of gel-infused foam contours to your shape and resists body heat to keep you cooler all night long. Pocket springs are individually wrapped coil systems that are stitched into mattresses below a comfort layer of foam or other material. This approach allows the individual wrapped coil mattress to contour to your body better and doesn’t transfer motion as much as a traditional or luxurious innerspring mattress.

Smart Packaging

This mattress arrives compressed and sealed in an easy-to-move box that shipped right to your doorsteps. Setting up the mattress is also pretty simple as you have to unpack and unroll it. It will decompress itself within a few hours to let you enjoy an ultimate sleeping experience.

Oliver Smith Cool Memory Foam & Pocket Spring Mattress
High-Density Support Foam for Comfortable Cushioning

What Customers Say

The supportive foam layer also cradles the body throughout the night, making sure you achieve quality sleep solutions, optimum relaxation with the highest comfort level. It is a great value Pocket Spring Mattress for the price. The customers love this product and find it very safe and comfortable to enjoy the restful nights.

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