NAPATEK Smart LED Desk Lamp

NAPATEK Smart LED Desk Lamp

When looking for the household essential, we ensure that we include the most interesting, smart home essential out in the market. This brings us to reviewing another smart device that is the NAPATEK Smart LED Desk Lamp. It is a desk lamp that can control using the app and voice control. It also comes with a wireless charger. You would have to continue with us to know what more it has to offer you.

Remote Control with Voice Commands

This is a next-generation LED desk lamp that works with remote voice control through smart devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot, and Alexa. No touching the base of this desk lamp yet you can control the light from anywhere in the globe by simply saying “Hey Google…’’ or ‘’Alexa…”. Make sure you have a 2.4GHz Wifi connection.

Remote Control with App

Besides the voice control, the smart desk lamp can also be scheduled or automatically controlled using the smartphone app. Now remotely turn off your lights while going to sleep or get back to home with a light turned on remotely. With the app, you can also explore different aspects of this smart light such as the Smart Scenarios, Custom Brightness, Turn On/Off, PC Mode, Color Temperatures, Candle/Reading/Leisure Scenes, and Scheduled On/Off. Any of your family members can control the same light, over 1000 desk lamps and over 100 rooms can be controlled.

NAPATEK Smart LED Desk Lamp

Wireless Charging & USB Charging Port

This smart desk lamp features wireless charging; what you’ve to do is simply place the wireless charging enabled smartphone on its wireless charging area on the lamp’s base. The Max 10W Qi charger offers fast charging for the phone and the lamp as well; 2 or 3 hours will just be fine to get it fully charged. Moreover, there is a 5V/1A USB port available on the back of this light that can charge any device with a USB cable.

Amazing Features

It comes with the most amazing features you could think of in a desk lamp. It provides a flicker-free uniform beam of light that doesn’t fatigue your eyes even when used for long. There are 64 LEDs, 3 color modes, 100-110lm, and 6 brightness levels. Its 180ºrotatable head helps it be used for different purposes such as office, homework, reading, studying, leisure, making up, etc. Plus its aesthetics is powered by the Aluminium Alloy head and arm with a stylish and sleek design that makes it a futuristic and minimalist décor for your place.

NAPATEK Smart LED Desk Lamp

Connecting the Smart Desk Lamp

You can connect this device with the SmartLife app and also with other third-party control. To connect it with the SmartLife app, you need to download it first from the marketplace for Android or iOS. Then you need to pair the app with your office/home Wifi. After that, you’ll be able to add the lighting device. Once you confirm it, it should be ready with a successful connection. Now explore the features of this smart LED desk lamp. You will also have the option to connect to the third-party control in the app.

What Customers Say

What people say about this desk lamp is “Smart and Amazing.” And we believe it truly is, so you can expect to get what it says.

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