Midea Compact Refrigerator (Model WHS-65LSS1) – Product Review 2020

Midea compact Refrigerator

Midea is one of offering the finest selection of premium quality freezers and refrigerators in different styles and functions. They have kept up to their mission of providing value above everything with this great mini-refrigerator. We’ll see some of its features and watch how good it is.

Ideal Option For Small Spaces

The Midea compact refrigerator comes with a sleek look to complement the elegance and setting of your room. It is expertly designed to add a class in different spaces. Such as small apartments, gallery kitchen, European kitchen, offices, dorms, bedrooms, and any other place where you need a compact and classy one.

Quiet As You Like

This refrigerator is very much suitable for quiet spaces such as hospitals, libraries, offices, nurseries, etc. You can also buy these mini-fridges for the store and workspace. It is made with the whisper-quiet compressors that silently cycles on/off so you aren’t disturbed. They’re perfect to keep medicines, fruits, ice, dairy, and beverages nearby for better convenience.

Midea WHS-65LSS1 Compact Refrigerator

Efficient And Affordable

The cooling of Midea refrigerators are quick, efficient, and works without making any warm spots. All the essentials kept inside remain evenly chilled & fresh. The freezer compartment keeps the ice and other things perfectly frozen. It’s a professional refrigerator with great energy-saving features. Besides the refrigerator being so handy, its price is also nothing to worry about.

More Features

It comes with a reversible single door providing more convenience. The door also has a rack inside to make it easier to arrange your essentials. Another important feature is its environment-friendly design. This free-standing compact unit has adjustable legs as well. The adjustable temperature ranges from -2′ to 2′ Celsius meaning 32′ to 35.6’F.

Size & Capacity

The dimension of this Midea compact refrigerator unit is 17.72” W x 18.58” D x 19.37” L. That’s why it is compact enough to be placed anywhere. It has a net capacity of 1.6 cubic feet which is large enough for a mini-fridge.

Why You Should Buy It

You will love it for many reasons. As you can have this just anywhere or you can even simply tuck one under the table or desk and chill with chilled beverages. This Midea compact refrigerator should be a good buy.

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