Mercer Culinary Triple Diamond 3 Stage Electric Sharpener

Mercer Culinary Triple Diamond 3 Stage Sharpener

Mercer Culinary is a prominent brand for providing high-quality cutleries for professionals. And their Triple Diamond 3 Stage Electric Sharpener is a great addition to that. We’ll find out more about this product below.

3-Stage Sharpening

The Mercer Triple Diamond Sharpener comes with three sharpening stages as Course, Medium, and Fine to deliver you a razor-sharp blade for all your cutting needs. Its six knife channels ensure to guide the blade of your knives at the right angle when you pull it across the sharpening stone. And you need a few passes to get an incredibly sharpened knife.

Extremely Convenient

Not a chef? No worries. You can still have the accuracy and convenience of knife sharpening with the Mercer Culinary Triple Diamond 3-Stage Knife Sharpener. Turn on the machine, place your knife in the rightly angled slot. Then pull it in your direction by starting at the bolster and end at the tip. Repeat the process at every station, on either side of the blade. You can work your way from the course-side on the blade’s left to the fine-side on its right.

Mercer Culinary Triple Diamond 3 Stage Electric Sharpener

A Must-Have in Your Kitchen

No time for dull knives anymore. Get the most sharpened knife to enjoy your cooking. It’s easy to use and made in a way to give you the most professional results. Now get clean and efficient cuts with the razor-sharp knife. It’s durable and built to last so that you can sharpen your knives for a long long time.

Great Features

The Mercer Culinary 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener can be a great addition to your kitchen. This is made in the USA with specs such as Voltage 120, Frequency 60 Hz, and Power 2. 1/125W Amps AC. It also comes with Ultra-Fine Stropping Stage and Diamond Abrasive to make it super effective for your cutting needs. The Precision Guides and Patented Triple Bevel Edge add great value to the product. It can sharpen all kinds of knives such as Serrated Knives, Straight Edge Knives, Cleavers, Butcher Knives, NSF Certified Knives, and Pocket and Sporting Knives.

What Customers Say

Professional cooks like to have this knife sharpener in their kitchen. This boosts their cutting and cooking productivity by getting their sharpening job perfectly done.

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