LYAPKO Acupuncture Hand / Foot Massage Ball

LYAPKO Acupuncture Hand Foot Massage Ball

We are now with our last mention (Other list products are here), it’s the LYAPKO Acupuncture Hand / Foot Massage Ball. This is an exclusive acupressure active massage tool that includes a unique patented design. The adults and children both can use this applicator therapy tool. Time to see more of it.

What it does

This exclusive round applicator comes with natural and safe treatment to provide you with some excellent health benefits such as relief of pain and stress, reduce fatigue with improved sleep quality, increase efficiency and vitality, enhance sensitivities of any extremity thus enhancing fine motor skills. It also improves overall health conditions by improving the mood, promoting restoration and development of brain functions, and stimulating the body’s immune system.

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Patented Massage System

This patented massage system is developed by the well-known Reflexologist Lyapko in Ukraine. This is an exclusive design that comes with faceted tops to not hurt or damage your skin. There are made from metals like copper, zinc, silver, and iron. It changes the appearance of the treated area as it gets filled with blood with a changed sensitivity and temperature. So your body gets the perfect treatment environment and ultimate rejuvenation.

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Great Construction

It comes with an ergonomic construction for providing maximum relief and comfort. This massage ball is constructed with soft pliable rubber. It also comes with a convenient size having 2.2’’ diameter with a gap of 0.157’’ between each of its 656 needles. This ergonomic spike needle makes it a successful foot and hand massager. It’s light and you can take it anywhere you want. It helps the children to develop fine motor skills and improve their speech and memory.

Live Healthier

The Lyapko acupuncture massage ball helps you live a healthy life. With it, you can improve your cognitive performance, get relief from chronic pains, get energized with improved vitality and mood, be fatigue-free and get the sedative effect, and finally have better fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity.

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What Customers Say

This is an exclusive acupressure hand and foot massage ball option that provides a great convenience of use. You can get relief from all those unpleasant health issues even on the go. And people do find it very effective to make them live a healthier life.

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