KitchenAid Dishwashing Rack (KNS896BXGRA) – Product Review

KitchenAid KNS896BXGRA Full Size Dish Rack

The next addition to our list (Click to see the full list here) of the best dishwashing racks is the KitchenAid dishwashing rack. This gourmet stainless steel dish is your solution to keep the countertop organized and dry. It comes with some amazing features like large capacity, superior quality, premium look, easy draining, easy cleaning, and more.

Multifunctionality With Large Capacity

The KitchenAid dish rack works as a multifunctional appliance. It can drain over to dry up your dishes atop any drying mat on the counter or over any sink. It can even handle the assorted kitchenware such as bowls, plates, cups, pans, pots, and more. The large capacity allows it to accommodate even the full-size ones. For the drying function, it has a tall and wide slot to dry up the extra-large cutting boards and frying pans.

Superior Quality

It comes in superior quality that consists of its brand new satin coating and rust-resistant wire. This is used throughout the dish rack to keep it away from rusts for years. It is made to heavy-duty usage with soft feet to keep the rack from making any scratch to the countertop.

Premium Design

The premium design makes it look stand out in your kitchen. Its amazing design features consist of the brushed stainless steel panels, stylish grey crystalline drainboard, and caddy. The elevated dishwashing rack adds a class to your kitchen decor and you can easily accommodate it over mounted sinks.

KitchenAid KNS896BXGRA Full Size Dish Rack

Removable Flatware Caddy

Another exciting feature of this dish rack is its removable flatware caddy that comes with a built-in dishwasher inspired handle. It can hold your cutlery and other necessary utensils. The caddy is removable and with its convenient handle, you can carry it around your kitchen.

Easy Draining & Cleaning

The self-draining board comes with the perfect pitch to help the rack avoid water pooling. The cleaning of its parts is also quick and easy as all of them are removable and easy to wash.

What Customers Say

The KitchenAid dishwashing rack receives mostly positive reviews, however, there are users who have some issues regarding its fitting and corrosion after some days of use. But these issues could be solved as the manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty for their product.

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