KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt – Product Review 2020


The KEENHEALTH-Maternity-Support-Belt is designed for expecting mothers to support their growing baby pump. And most importantly reduce pressure on the spine and relieve pain from the lower back, pelvic zone, and hip. Now make your pregnancy an enjoyable experience with this amazing belly band.

Great Materials Used

The Keenhealth maternity support belt is made of sturdy and premium quality materials. It can give you perfect support carrying your baby. The fabric of the belt is thin and lightweight so it doesn’t get hot and itchy. Also, its breathable design helps to alleviate any discomfort related to your baby bump.

KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt 2

Maximum Support

This belt is designed for maximum support to your pelvic, back, and hip to relieve pain. It also provides immediate alleviation from spinal pressure once you place this maternity belt. This perfect fit belt also helps you to remain flexible. Plus, this pregnancy belly band is a great assistant during your third-trimester heavy lifting.

Excellent Adjustable Fitting

This maternity support belt is neither too tight nor too loose. Its velcro end allows adjusting the belt to your growing belly up to 44 inches for M size and up to 49 inches for L size. The velcro straps are fully adjustable to ensure it fits you like a glove and provides perfect support to your lower back.

KEENHEALTH Maternity Support Belt 1

Easy Cleaning

It’s an easy-to-clean belly band. You need to soak it in detergent, rinse it and dry it. That’s all it needs for a clean new look.

What Customers Say

KEENHEALTH-Maternity-Support-Belt is a great product that is comfortable and feels safe to its users. So a highly recommended one.

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