IUME Dish Drying Rack – Product Review 2020

IUME Dish Drying Rack

When you want an appliance like a dishwashing rack you always want to make the most out of it. That’s why you don’t mind having a multipurpose one in your kitchen. IUME Dish Drying Rack is a compact chrome appliance that fits for vegetables, fruits, tableware, and more alongside its regular dish drying feature. So a worthy one to watch out.

Excellent Quality

It’s time to say goodbye to the mold and old dish racks. Move to the IUME dish rack that is made of premium quality 304 stainless steel. This makes it extremely rust-resistant, durable, and easy-to-clean.

IUME Dish Drying Rack

Great Design

Space-saving compact size is an exciting feature of this product. Another special design feature is its innovative drainage system. The drainboard slants towards the center drain allowing the water to flow into the sink and not onto the countertop. Besides, the smallish drainboard takes a little space allowing your tableware to arrange neatly.

Great Capacity

It is suitable for holding up to 8 plates and one removable 2-part plastic utensil holder. It can drain and dry mugs, cups, vegetables, fruits, and other utensils. The package includes SS dish racks, drainboard, drainpipe, and cutlery holder.

IUME Dish Drying Rack

Keep Things Clean & Easy To Clean As Well

It comes with an adjustable drain pipe and a drain tray to keep the countertop hygienic and clean. The drain pipe is rotatable, can slide in and out, and is fully extendable up to 2.25” to provide more convenience in draining. Besides, the drain tray also helps the procedure to pour the waste-water easily. Moreover, its removable parts allow easy cleaning.

What Customers Say

Customers find this dish drying rack as a great compliment for their kitchen. Especially those who have small spaces and want a dish rack that saves space and works well at the same time.

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