HomeLabs Mini Fridge – Product Review 2020

HomeLabs Mini Fridge

HomeLabs Mini Fridge, another mini-fridge that will make you feel chilled. A refreshing bottle of water, juice, or beverages you get just nearby in your office, bedroom, or dorm. So no running here and there, quench your thirst with a cold drink from the HomeLabs mini-fridge.

Space Saver With Large Capacity

It is designed to save your space yet complementing your appliance organization in the room, dorm, or office. Its dimension is 18.6” x 17.7” x 33.9” with a capacity of 3.3 cubic feet. This is an ideal size and capacity for a mini-fridge. As they take up minimal space with a large capacity, it can be one perfect appliance in your room. Besides, its capacity allows you to keep drinks, beer, and food chilled in a fairly good number with the removable glass shelves organization.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Temperature control is an important thing when it comes to refrigerators. The HomeLabs mini-refrigerator comes with the thermostat knob that lets you adjust three temperature modes such as Max, Med, and Min. The max mode is used for extreme freezing with the minimum temperature then it ascends for Med and Min respectively for increased temperature. So, find an optimum temperature for your desired food.

HomeLabs Mini Fridge

Stylish Yet EfficientDoor Design

Its exterior comes in a classy finish with a sleek black design that can make your room more stylish. There is a beautifully designed reversible single door where you can write any personal note outside and keep your canned beverages inside with a compartment for holding a bottle of drink. It also has a section for holding your preferred condiments, butter, and eggs.

Roomy Interior

The interior of this unit is roomy enough. Besides, its storage in the door and removable glass shelves allow the adjustability to tuck anything slightly higher in the fridge and also organize your extra foods in the right way. It also comes with the removable drain tray that catches drips from the fridge when it is defrosted.


Some More Cool Tips

For easy cleaning, get fridge liners to line it up. No need for any tough cleaning with paper towels or sponges, instead, just get the liners out and wash them if they need cleaning. After receiving the new one, leave it upright for one whole day or 24 hours before plugging that in. And also defrost it whenever you feel it will remain unattended for a couple of weeks.

Why You Should Buy It

The HomeLabs Mini Fridge 3.3 is one of the best mini fridges out there in the market. It will keep your favorite drinks and beverages cool while consuming minimal space and energy. So having one in your room or office can be a good deal to make.

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