HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

So it’s HomeLabs again (Click here to see full article), this time with HomeLabs beverage refrigerator and cooler. It’s about making your life easier and chilled. Staying away from chilled beverages these days is quite hard. And you cannot but to have a mini-fridge or wine cooler to keep your beverages cool. This one here from HomeLabs is a free-standing electric beverage cooler designed with a transparent glass door to allow you to view your beverages constantly.

Large Capacity with Removable Shelves

The HomeLabs Beverage Cooler comes with a large capacity of 3.2 cubic feet with organized space for beverage options like beer cans, bottles, standard-sized soda, and so on. To organize and prioritize these items, you get 3 adjustable and removable racks in this unit. Keep your beverages perfectly cool. Now you can impress your guests with a chilled welcome drink. And don’t worry about the capacity as these organizer chrome shelves can hold up to 120 standard size cans and several bottles.

Advanced Temperature Range Control

This is a single zone countertop beverage mini-fridge equipped with a user-friendly easy-touch internal temperature range control panel that can cool down to 34°F, and a large digital display to monitor the right setting of the temperature. In any case of power outage or power unplug, the preset temperature settings are restored automatically from its memory function.

Powerful Cooling

The 120V/240W heavy-duty vertical chiller designed with energy-efficient advanced technology. Its whisper-quiet compressor has a convection fan for faster cooling that keeps the air circulation constant to maintain a uniform temperature supply inside the fridge. It is a perfect choice for your hospital, restaurant, office, bedroom, and other places where you need a noiseless environment.

HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Beautiful Design

It also offers a beautiful interior where you have the blue LED lights to illuminate your stuff inside. Also, it’s exterior is pure class in the sleek black design with a stylish and decorative finish. Adding to the beauty there is an elegant and see-through left hinge glass door with the stainless steel frame.

Its digital control feature allows you to ascertain the exact temperature of your beverage refrigerator while supplying you with control to regulate the temperature easily. All in all, It can be a great addition to your home or workspace.

Auto Defrost Function

This counter beverage cooler comes with a storage temperature range sensor for auto defrosting. So in case you leave it unattended for a few days, it can take care of itself.

Great for Any Space

It is great for any space with an external size dimension of 18.9” W x 33.25” H x 17.30” L and an internal size dimension of 16” W x 29” H x 12” L. So use it anywhere and everywhere but remember not to store fresh foods like meat, vegetables, etc. It’s a good party option so you can be a great entertainer by supplying some refreshing drinks to your thirsty friends.

Features Shortlisted 

Double Panel Glass Door Wide Blue LED Interior Light Auto defrost Powerful Cooling System Additional Temperature Sensor Adjustable Shelves Digital Temperature Control Panel Powerful Compressor Based Cooling Consistent Air Circulation Easy Touch Temperature Control

Why You Should Buy It

Well plenty of reasons to buy it if you’re someone need chilled beverages frequently. So get one to chill yourself right away.

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