G-TING Dish Drying Rack – Product Review

G-TING Dish Drying Rack

After talking about some compact size space saver dishwashing racks, probably it’s the right time to introduce a large capacity dish rack. The G-Ting Dish Drying Rack is a multipurpose, easy-to-store, easy-to-clean, strong dish drying rack that will surely draw your attention while choosing the best dishwashing rack.

Large & Strong

May be two of the most important qualities you look at while buying a new product. It is large with a size dimension of 17.5” x 15”. It also has 16 pcs of 304 stainless steel pipes to provide efficient ventilation and drainage. If you have no worries with space then this one can help you dry more dishes, pans, and pots than other ones. It is large yet weighs only 475g and can support weight up to 15kg. The pipes together make it a sturdy construction to avoid bending even with multiple cookware.

Can Be Used as Multipurpose Rack

This rack is a dish drying rack, however, you can also use the foldable rack as a trivet cooling rack. It can be used for the vegetable colander, protecting countertops from hotpots, air-drying dishes, draining, and preparing things over the sink. Being BPA-Free and heat resistant up to 446°F, it can serve all these purposes conveniently.

G-TING Dish Drying Rack

Easy Storage

It comes in a foldable design that provides ease of storage. If you are not using it, just roll it up and place it in the cabinet. Although it has a larger capacity, it won’t consume much of your space.

Easy Cleaning

This dish rack is made of rust-resistant materials with the edge having a food-grade silicone coating. You can easily remove the pipes from the silicone rims to allow thorough cleaning of the rack. So not to be afraid of oil and rust anymore

What Customers Say

This dishwashing dish drying rack mostly receives positive reviews from its users. People find it a great value product.

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