FORM Swim Goggles Review 2020

FORM Swim Goggles

Let’s not be monotonous with almost the same devices. Now we have something that can utilize the smart display for the maximum performance. It’s the Form Swim Goggles that is an activity tracker with a see-through Smart Display. This is a novel device that is meant for the swimmers, especially those who do competitive swimming. Even if you are not a swimmer, you would not mind checking out something as stunning as these smart swimming goggles. So let’s move on with this smart device.

Meet The Form Swim Goggles With Smart Display

You have to count down every fraction of seconds and mile as you go as a swimmer. You have to be obsessed with your stats and pace, and this is how you need to keep your brain busy while you work out. But this isn’t easy to do while swimming, which is why you need a smart assistant like Form Swim Goggles that have a built-in screen right to it.

The best thing about these goggles is that it automatically detects the metrics like stroke type, stroke rate, and split time, while its built-in see-through Augmented Reality in lens display shows you any combination of the above metrics in real-time mode. There are few watches that can do this kind of job but you can’t really call them competitors as you can’t easily have a glance at your wrist mid-stroke or stupidly wait for the lap to finish to see the information. It’s actually the first of its kind leaving no competitors.

12+ Customizable Metrics

These smart goggles with smart display come with more than 12 customizable metrics such as stroke rate, split times, pace per 50, pace per 100, calories burned, distance, rest time, interval time, stroke count, length count, and especially, the heart rate support with the heart rate sensors like Polar OH1 and OH1 (polar sensors not included in the package).

FORM Swim Goggles
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Premium Goggle Design

These Form goggles are truly premium designed. It features the permanently built anti-fog that is chemical resistant to keep water out and prevent the glasses from fogging up. The FDA-certified silicone made eye seals add to its design features. It also includes seven adjustable nose bridges with different sized heads. And also one adjustable silicone strap. You can also wear the googles with the AR on either eye as it allows you to flip them over. Moreover, they’re waterproof up to 32 feet/10 meters. You also get a premium ventilated case having zip closures.

The Form Swim App

This smart device comes with a swim app named Free FORM that is available on both the iPhone and Android platforms. It allows you to review the metrics in detail out of the pool. You don’t have to have the phone with you as you can sync it with Bluetooth to update the data and also sync them with other apps like Strava, Apple Health, and TrainingPeaks.

AR Swim Goggles With HUD Display

Besides having a powerful sensor package for providing accurate performance data, these goggles also come with the ability to view these data while swimming. To do this, FORM goggles use a see-through AR heads-up display in either of the goggles. It is a novel thing to see the metrics while involved in swimming and its automation is something truly sets it apart. You can simply start and save your workouts with the two buttons. The interval timer starts by pushing off the wall, while flip turning it, you would see the pace for the latest lap; after finishing an interval, you would see an interval time as goggles start the rest timer. The resolution of the display is good and effective, that is a yellow dot-matrix display that has a projection into your line of sight like other AR solutions.

Overall Review

The Form Goggles with Smart Display is a unique gadget that has both its good and bad side. We’ll be having a bottom line by shortly discussing both these sides.

As there are some good ones to talk about. Firstly, its AR display is easy-to-read and works in either eye. The customizable display shows different performance data while swimming, resting, and turning. Excellent battery life. Waterproofing is very deep. Sync options with the phone and some great apps. Very competitively priced.

These goggles are firstly its display in cases which may distract and block peripheral vision on any side. The exclusive magnetic charger that is tough to be replaced once lost. And the stats can’t be edited. Most importantly, it’s only meant for swimmers and doesn’t cover diverse applications.

This is a tremendous gadget only for the serious swimmers who are involved in competitive swimming. But other than that investing an amount of $200 would be a little fancy.

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