FootFitter Shoe Shine Brush and Polishing Set – Product Review 2020

FootFitter Shoe Shine Brush and Polishing Set

We’ll be starting with something for your shoes first. It’s basically a shoe-polishing set that has all the essentials to keep your shoes shining. It can get your shoe shining like never before.

Shoe Cleaning Essentials Set

This amazing FootFitter set comes with a jumbo shoe shine brush, 2 shoe daubers, microfiber shoe shine cloths, and shoe polish or shoe creams colored in brown, black, white, and neutral. So what more you could expect for your shoes to remain clean.

Jumbo Shoe Shine Brush

This kit contains a brown jumbo shoe shine brush. It provides a better grip with finger grooved sides and a crafted curved body. FootFitter Shoe Shine Brush is outfitted with the swen-in genuine horsehair bristles that provide even pass over the broad areas for compact shredding. It is ideal to remove debris and dirt before polishing and is safe for delicate materials.

The Signature Shoe Shine Daubers

It contains 1 grey-brown bristle dauber and 1 black bristle brush. These can prevent color contamination while using any light or dark polish. It helps to apply creams or polishes evenly on the footwear. You can easily use it with an extended comfort grip handle to polish the hard to reach places.

Excellent Shoe Shine Cloths

It is made from an extremely fine microfiber that provides ample stretch for a gentle and lint-free shining. It is suitable for all materials.

shoe shine brush

Shoe Cream

You can choose between having shoe cream or shoe polish in your kit. If you want something creamy, with softer consistency, ease of application, the capability of conditioning materials in hard to reach places, and an ideal option for your brogued footwear then the shoe cream has to be your choice. It also provides an oleophobic layer to repel the liquids and protect your shoe.

Shoe Polish

If you choose a shoe polish over cream you will get a stiffer wax-based formula that can effectively fill the deeper scuffs and scratches. It will make the shoe even, structured, smooth, and boasting a high shine. It will also remain protected from scuffs and scratches of daily use.

What Customers Say

Customers find it as a great value product. They are very satisfied with the way it works on the shoes and anyone who loves his/her shoe must have this kit at their home.

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