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Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa Black

How about enjoying dinner while having a hands-free video call with the loved ones? Sounds great, isn’t it? Yes, you can enjoy such moments with the cutting edge person tracking technology of the Facebook Portal Smart Display. With this Facebook device, you no longer need to point the camera as it keeps up with the person tracking automatically. This smart display will also take augmented reality video games for your kids to a different level. Here we begin our list with this amazingly smart display from the tech giant itself. You can enjoy some smart display features as this Facebook Portal comes with the built-in Amazon-Alexa functionality.

Enjoy Smart Video Calling

Enjoy your video calling experience with your FnF on a fairly large screen using the popular apps Whatsapp and Messenger. Its smart camera pans and zooms automatically to conform to the movements. Now move hands-free while staying always in the frame. Now you get to remotely see the kids playing while being busy with some other stuff like having dinner or doing household chores. Your privacy stays protected as all the video calls maintain end-to-end encryption. If you don’ want to use the camera or the microphone simply disable them or block the lens using the camera cover.

Amazon Alexa Enabled

Now explore the world of the smart display with the Facebook Portal as this device comes with built-in Alexa-enabled functionality. Now talk to Alexa to make the most out of the smart display. Just simply provide a voice forwarding that makes Alexa play your music, control your smart home devices, read the news for you, provide different information, and do other Alexa-kind of stuff.

Facebook Portal Smart Video Calling 10” Touch Screen Display with Alexa Black

Ease of Use

Setting up this portal is as easy as you like. This smart display is powered by Facebook so you can simply set up this portal with a Facebook or WhatsApp account. All you need to do is plug in the device and connect it to an active wifi connection. And there you go for the ultimate digital experience.

Do More

This redesigned portal comes with 10” HD LED touch-screen in a new sleek frame. You can do lots of smart things with its built-in Alexa. Like you can check out who’s there at the door, or let the kids enjoy their fav stories with the Story Time’s animation, music, and AR effects. This display can also get you reminded of your loved ones’ birthday or show you if the contacts are available for connection, and do much more.

Overall Review

The Facebook Portal is the second attempt by Facebook for delivering an in-home smart display. It consists of mixed reviews. When it comes to smart video calling it leaves with no competition for its competitor. But it lacks behind its competitors regarding the Alexa related features. Facebook is yet to register as a big name as a hardware manufacturer but it is certainly showing a great intent to rule the business of Oculus virtual reality with these portals.

Yes, there are some good ones that can make its purchase a worthy one. Some of these are its ability to serve as a digital picture frame for your family, A better communication bridge among the huge community of WhatsApp and Messenger users all over the world with wide-angle hands-free smart video calling experience, the augment fun options for your kids such as doing fun with the augmented reality masks or listening to a Spotify music together or the Story Time AR function that allows reading books with the animation characters over video chat, also there are some good apps but not as many as you like. So quite a few reasons to invest in this amazing, smart display, especially if smart video calling and AR functions are your priority then look no further.

Yes, it does have a few to talk about. First of all, its video calling option is limited to Whatsapp and Messenger, meaning you can’t make a video call with friends who don’t use any of these Facebook-owned apps. A massive number of people use either of two yet there are many who don’t. Another drawback of the Portal is the lack of popular third-party apps like Google Photos, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Its speakers are good, but when compared to its competitors there is plenty of room for improvement. This portal comes with some basic Alexa commands and lacks the advanced Alexa features.

Now you are good to make an informed choice whether to go for the standalone video calling experience and some AR fun features of this Face Portal Smart Display or go with other smart displays that have more functional advanced Alexa features.

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