Eon Luxe Solutions – A Household Products to Kill Ants & Fruit Flies

Eon Luxe Solutions Fruit Fly Trap

We have an interesting and effective essential for home, the Eon Luxe Solutions Fruit Fly Trap, a high-end insect killer that can get you rid of the fruit flies, drain flies, gnats, mosquitos, and so on. You can also term it as an indoor kitchen bug catcher. This appliance makes them remember that it is your home, not theirs. So no more buzzing around the food or threats of biting, just watch out for this amazing insect killer that provides you with an effective way to deal with this irritating problem.

Meet the Product

Are you tired of the messy homemade solutions like dish soap, apple cider vinegar, old wine, and other crummy glue to trap the bugs in the kitchen? Here is one alternative to these tricks that is far more effective, the Eon Luxe insect killer/bug trapper. This is an innovative solution for keeping your kitchen free from insects, flies, and other bugs. Moreover, it comes odor-free and chemical-free yet highly effective to trap these pesky offenders of your home.

Highly Effective

When it comes to catching the fruit flies, drain flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other small bugs you will find this Eon Luxe to be highly effective in trapping them and keeping them away. This trap works in 3 simple steps using the UV light, vacuum fan, and the sticky glue.

Eon Luxe Solutions Fruit Fly Trap

Attracts using the UV Light

The UV light of this trap attracts the mosquitoes, fruit flies, drain moths, and other similar bugs. It is more obvious as the flying pests naturally lure in the direction of the UV rays source when it draws their attention. This UV light can lure these bugs in an area of around 320 square feet and works best in a dark closed room.

Captures using the Vacuum Fan

Eon Luxe Solutions Pest Vortex applies the vacuum action to gather the tiny flying bugs and drag them into the detachable retention cage. When gathered, they can’t escape because of the whisper-quiet fan that continuously operates to get them landed onto the no-escape sticky glue pad.

Traps using the Sticky Glue Pad

The things come to an end for the nasty pests with the no escape crummy glue pad. To get it working, you need to remove its protective layer and not touch it again. This tray will gift you lots of dead bugs that you can change when it becomes full. The replacement is available with 6 glue boards. Each glue board should last around 3-6 months depending upon the season of the year and the density of the flies.

Eon Luxe Solutions Fruit Fly Trap

Safe to use anywhere

The Eon Luxe Trap is chemical-free and non-toxic, making it safe for you and your home. There are some favorite places where people use the most. They generally place this unit near the fish tank or fishbowl, reptile and lizard enclosures, indoor plants and herbs, sink, and on the kitchen counter. It helps you keep all the annoying flies and bugs away from your home to make it more beautiful. Simply plug it into the wall outlet of your preferred place and get it going for an insect-free life. Although, these are not the kind of household products that kill ants and other big insects.

What Customers Say

This Eon Luxe Solutions Fruit Fly Trap has been a very effective fly killer thus a great essential for home, especially kitchen. People suffering from fruit flies and other flies get the most out of it in the most convenient way and at the best price.

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