ENKOSI Bath Mat – Product Review 2020


Bathing and showering are made safe for your kids and elderly ones with the generously sized nonslip ENKOSI bath mat. It is one worth mentioning while you’re looking for the best bathtub mat for baby and old. This is a premium bath mat that is made with top-class materials. It deserves to have your better look into it.

360-Degree Protection

The ENKOSI is a premium bathmat, made of top quality anti-slip material. To provide you all-around 360-degree protection this shower mat comes with a gorilla grip with 200 perfectly-placed suction cups for maximum sticking capacity. Your loved ones can now have a safe and enjoyable shower.



Perfectly Sized

You never want to put your safety at risk with the slippery small rubber shower mats. The ENKOSI removes all your tension with its ergonomically designed extra-large size of 40″ x 16″ that protectively hugs your bathtub floor and prevents you from any accidental falls.

Secure For Kids & Elderlies

The toddlers and babies love to play during the shower. But to keep them playful and secure you need to ensure safe bathing for them. This non-slip and extra-long ENKOSI bathmat provides this safety to keep the smile undisturbed on their face every time they shower. Not only kids but the elderly people are also safe with this amazing bathmat.

Modern & Sturdy

It is not only functional but also fashionable. This can complement the stylish bath rugs decor with its classic that is available in 9 color variations. So it’s a great combination of modern style and perfect sturdiness for a bathtub mat set to spruce up your bathroom decor.



Easy to Care

This is a machine-washable bath mat that is easy to maintain for a cleaner and fresher look. It will remain functional for a long long time. And the manufacturers do guarantee this, you can get your money back if it doesn’t impress you.

What Customers Say

This is one of the safest and best bathtub mats you get on Amazon. It satisfies people with its amazing features and functionalities.

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