Dryel At-Home Mega Dry Cleaner – Product Review 2020

Dryel At-Home Mega Dry Cleaner

As we move along with some of the best household cleaning kits, we’ve moved to the review of Dryel’s at-home mega dry cleaner. You can dry clean your expensive fabrics made of silk, velvet, wool, and so on while saving your cost and time. Dryel can clean your special care cloths effectively and gently with the controlled steam power.

Saves On Effort & Money

Dryel can make your dry cleaning experience an inexpensive, hassle-free, and safe one where you can skip harsh chemicals. Now you can clean your clothes on your own schedule. It is compatible with all standards and HE machines making it safe to use. The built-in stain and odor removal spray with the on-the-go stain removal pen can help you save your dry cleaning cost up to 90 percent.

Safe, Easy & Effective Cleaning

Get your ready-to-wear look with Dryel’s 3 easy steps in just 15 minutes. It can clean up to 5 garments per load and save your money. Dryel can prevent shrinking, fading, and stretching for your clothes so that they can look newer and last longer. It provides safe cleaning for blouses, jeans, sweaters, and delicate fabrics such as cashmere and wool.

How Do You Do That

The components included with this cleaning kit are 14 cloths, a Dryel steam bag, on-the-go stain removal liquid pen, and stain & odor removal spray. The stain pen helps you remove the small stains at home or on the go. The odor and Wrinkle releaser need to be sprayed on the high odor areas. Keep it in medium heat for 15 to 30 mins in the dryer. Add up to 5 garments and 1 dryer activated cleaning to the fabric protection bag. This will steam the clean clothes. Finally, hang your garments promptly to get wrinkles falling out. Get your clean and fresh dresses in a ready-to-wear state!

What Customers Say

The Dryel have been serving their customers for years and getting great reviews for their performance, especially this mega dry cleaner convenience of use and effectiveness in dry cleaning.

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