COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer – Product Review 2020

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Now time to have something smart in your kitchen scene. Here we have one of the top home appliances brands Cosori with their Smart WiFi Air Fryer. It could be the smartest food manager you can have in your kitchen. Control and track it with your mobile devices. It allows you to have a better view of it with the ergonomically angled display. This comes in a slimmer footprint making it a real space saver. Now prepare your meals with a different level of convenience. The Cosori Air Fryer has an immense feature and we’ll be highlighting some of it here.

Truly Smart

The Cosori Air Fryer is a truly smart appliance that you can control using the Vesync APP or Alexa’s voice control from anywhere. Now you have it all in your palm to schedule your cooking, adjust your cooking and track the meal’s progress. For example, get a head start by scheduling your dinner to be cooked in 4 hrs in advance.

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

100+ Pre-Programmed Recipes

The more smart feature of this air fryer is it’s 100+ pre-programmed recipes provided by the Vesync APP letting you cook them using your mobile device. You also get updates on delicious recipes every week in the Vesync APP. Join the community to cook more from the recipes with the all smart Cosori Air Fryer.

Large Basket With Right Safety Standards

Cosori’s 5.8-Qt. the nonstick square basket is large enough to fit a 5-6lbs chicken for cooking while the round baskets can’t. With such size, it can easily make food for 3-5 persons. This nonstick coated basket is also a removable one. It is dishwasher safe which makes cleaning quick and easy. Kosori meets the right safety standards and is a BPA-free & PFOA-free product.

Smart Health Manager

It is very important to consume less fat for people who are suffering from blood pressure or cholesterol. This fat consumption should be maintained by a good health manager. And yes, there you have the Cosori air fryer as a smart manager for your health. It uses 85% less fat than the regular deep fryers while keeping the same delicious taste of fried food. And that too with little to no oil.

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Easy Cooking, Fast Cooking

We’ve talked about how easily you can control the cooking functions like scheduling, adjusting, or tracking the process with your mobile device. Adds to the ease is the built-in one-touch menu featuring 11 preset cooking modes – Poultry, Steak, Shrimps, Seafood, Bread, Dessert, Bacon, Frozen Food, French Fries, Root Vegetables, & Vegetables. The Preheat option improves the texture of your and it takes 2–5 minutes! You can navigate between the VeSync APP and the touchscreen to select the presets, adjust the time, and temperature. Finally, open the app to pick an original and delicious recipe and get it cooked for your loved ones.

It not only helps you cook easily but also helps to cook faster. Its cooking time is faster than traditional ovens. It is also FDA Compliant/ETL Listed. Features like automatic shut off to prevent overcooking and overheat protection makes your cooking safer. The cool-touch handle and button guard prevents any accidental detachment.

Why Buy It

In today’s time, you can’t ask for anything better than one such smart wifi air fryer. This small kitchen appliance can solve your big problems in the smartest way possible. Cook whatever, whenever and from wherever.

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