Clothes Dryer Machine Buying Guide 2022

Clothes Dryer Machine Buying Guide

Any dryer can get the job done, eventually. But a money-wasting dryer usually takes longer; use excessive heat or over-dry laundry if you would like clothes a little damp. In addition, everything is harder on garments and utilizes more energy. Here is how to get the perfect clothes dryer machine for your needs & budget.

Dryer prices differ, ranging from about $350 to $2,000, according to features, type & capacity. And while doing laundry may be a routine task, the dryer is not as humdrum as it once was. You will see multi-tasking dryers that permit you to dry two loads simultaneously, all in one machine front-loading washers that go directly into dryer mode &  dryers with moving control panels. This puts the controls accessible if the dryer is stacked atop a front-loading washer.  

Companies design some dryers to be combined with the matching washer, but not all come up with a perfect couple. Here is some advice: Pick your washer first, then a dryer. The washer does most of the work, and it is a more complicated machine.

Lab Tested for Your Home

To determine how good each dryer does its job, testers run loads of laundry of varying fabrics  & weights. We time how much time it requires to dry each load by utilizing the most suitable setting. We then set the dryer to its minimum dryness level to learn whether clothes come out damp. Why? Some people prefer to iron cotton when it is wet.

Additionally, we set the device to the max dry level to determine whether it can dry laundry within the shortest possible time without exposing it to high heat ranges.

Some models are generally noisy, so it’s better to check before buying, so our panelists judge the dryer noise level as it dries an average-sized- load.  

Clothes Dryer Machine Types

How much space do you have?

Clothes Dryer

Full-Sized Dryer

Electric models are also the large sellers, and Consumer Reports’ decades of examining have revealed that gas & electric dryers perform equally. Therefore, we currently test only electric models; on the other hand, gas versions are available in our clothes dryer machine ratings because we expect them to perform equally.

An electric powered dryer needs a 240 voltage outlet. You will require a 120 voltage outlet and a gas hookup for a gas dryer. And if the warranty matters, know that most full-sized machines include a 1-year warranty on labor and parts. Speed Queen, however, offers a guarantee that ranges from 3 to 7 years.

Clothes Dryer

Compact Clothes Dryer Machine

Companies make only electric-compact dryers at the moment, not gas. Our dryer ratings show that each dryer measures 24 ins wide and height & depth change. The dryer could be stacked on top of its matching compact front-loading washer. Unfortunately, sales of compacts are not decisive; therefore, we don’t have enough data in our reader survey to provide brand reliability details. The warranty lasts one year or 2.

Size Up Your Space

Most full-sized dryers are 27 ” wide, but increasing capacities may mean a dryer is Two to three ins wider. Measure the space you will need to work with and allow at least 6 ” in the back of the dryer for ventilation. Measure the doors into the home & laundry room and other possible tiny areas you may have to maneuver through. Note the machine’s height & control location if it will be under a countertop.

We list dimensions in our clothes-dryer ratings and note which may be stacked with a matching front loader in the Specs section and Features.

If noiseless machine matters, consider models that scored Excellent or better in our noise tests. You will know they are working, but they should not bother you.

Clothes Dryer
Clothes Dryer Machine

Count the Towels in Your Basket

A clothes dryer machine’s drum capability is more significant than its matching washer’s total capacity. That is because damp laundry requires room to expand as it dries. A dryer with a claimed capability of around nine cubic- feet, among the biggest we have examined, should fit 17 thick, full-sized shower towels.

Otherwise, a compact dryer usually has a claimed capability of around four cubic feet and should fit about 6 of these towels. Next, you will observe the claimed capacities known in the dryer ratings.

Clothes Dryer

Moisture Sensor

This is a must. Moisture sensors identify the laundry’s dampness and turn off the device when clothes are dried out. So your clothes should not get overdried, & you will save energy an improvement over a thermostat, which usually makes the dryer run a bit longer. Even some dryers for around $650 already have moisture detectors.

Clothes Dryer

Auto-Dry Cycles

No more estimating how much time is required to dry up your clothes the way you want them. Rather than depending on timed dry, auto dry- cycles offer settings of more dry to less dry for damp ironing and points in between.

Clothes Dryer

Extended Tumble

Cannot reach the dryer once your laundry’s done? An extended tumble setting decreases wrinkles by intermittently tumbling the garments. Some tumble for as long as several hours.

Clothes Dryer

End-of-Cycle Signal

A quick tune or a string of beeps warnings you that it is the perfect time to take your laundry out from the dryer. After the cycle is over, leaving it in there for a long time will result in more wrinkles and lines and more time ironing. Some alerts could be switched off, or the volume lowered so that the sound will not interrupt sleepers.

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