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HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

HomeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

So it’s HomeLabs again (Click here to see full article), this time with HomeLabs beverage refrigerator and cooler. It’s about making your life easier and chilled. Staying away from chilled beverages these days is quite hard. And you cannot but to have a mini-fridge or wine cooler to keep your beverages cool. This one here […]

Whynter CUF-110B Mini-Fridge – Product Review 2020

Whynter CUF-110B Mini-Fridge

So we’ll be ending our list (click here for full list) with the smallest possible mini-fridge you will find around. Whynter brings you one of the best mini fridges for its most compact size and maximum efficiency. The Whynter CUF-110B Mini-Fridge is your go-to option when you need cold storage but running out of space. […]

Northair 2-Door Mini Refrigerator – Product Review 2020

Northair 2-Door Mini Refrigerator

It is another 2-door Mini Refrigerator we have on our list. This time it’s from Northair, another prominent brand for mini-fridge manufacturing. This free-standing compact size mini-fridge comes with some amazing features and is perfect for your bedroom, office, dorm, hotel, etc. Great Storage Design The Northair mini-fridge comes with intelligent interior design to make […]

KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator – Product Review 2020

KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator

KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator comes with a combination of the classic retro style and the cutting-edge refrigeration technology. Besides, the nostalgic chrome door handles take you back to the old day refrigerators. It comes with some great features to be your personal choice for your home, office, dorm, recreation room, and so on. Sleek Retro-Style […]

Midea Compact Refrigerator (Model WHS-65LSS1) – Product Review 2020

Midea compact Refrigerator

Midea is one of offering the finest selection of premium quality freezers and refrigerators in different styles and functions. They have kept up to their mission of providing value above everything with this great mini-refrigerator. We’ll see some of its features and watch how good it is. Ideal Option For Small Spaces The Midea compact […]

Best Two BLACK+DECKER Compact Refrigerator Review


The Black+Decker is another great addition to our best mini fridges list. This compact fridge is perfectly designed to suit all small places whether it is your bedroom, office, college dorm, or workshop or any other place where you need to keep your food and beverages cold. Other than the size, it is mostly similar […]

Refrigerator Buying Guide 2020


You haven’t shopped for a refrigerator in some time, so the various types of refrigerators and the available features may shock you. Use our guide to straighten out the options and discover the best fridge for your kitchen. Refrigerator Types standard-depth refrigerators vary by style, producer, and model, but generally, they’re about 30 to 34 […]

Whynter Beverage Cooler – Product Review 2020

Whynter Beverage Cooler

When it comes to beverage coolers you cannot make a list but to mention the Whynter. Although this is designed to cool beverages, you can also use it to cool your foods like cheese, butter, eggs, etc. It doesn’t make any big difference what you use it for as long as it serves your purpose. […]

HomeLabs Mini Fridge – Product Review 2020

HomeLabs Mini Fridge

HomeLabs Mini Fridge, another mini-fridge that will make you feel chilled. A refreshing bottle of water, juice, or beverages you get just nearby in your office, bedroom, or dorm. So no running here and there, quench your thirst with a cold drink from the HomeLabs mini-fridge. Space Saver With Large Capacity It is designed to […]

Danby DAR033A6BDB Compact Refrigerator – Product Review 2020

Danby DAR033A6BDB Compact Refrigerator

it’s time to see an appliance that is compact yet efficient. And Danby Compact Refrigerator considers this fact to come up with their classic contemporary collection of mini-fridges. They have been working with the vision to create outstanding appliances that can fit your space. And they have been doing it well enough to be one […]