Blue Diamond CC001951-001 Cookware Set – Product Review 2020

Blue Diamond CC001951-001 Cookware-Set

We’ve been talking about the small kitchen appliances and how we can miss out on cookware set on the list. So we have here the Blue Diamond cookware set that will take your non-stick experience to a new level. It includes different sizes of non-stick pans that can stand up to your daily life. Its diamond-infused design is its secret. Blue Diamond Pan’s has 5X harder nonstick coating, lets you cook at 4X faster speed and lasts 10X longer than other regular nonstick coatings. Watch out to know more about what you can do with this amazing kitchen gadget.

Great Set Composition

This cookware set includes some amazing pieces of kit such as the 7” and 9.5” open frypan, 2.5-Qt. covered skillet, 2-Qt. and 3-Qt. covered saucepan, 5-Qt. covered stockpot, 1 SS steamer, and 3 multi-purpose utensils made to nylon coating. These utensils are lightweight and won’t bend over time or scratch, making them truly ultra-durable.

Great Safety Standards

The first safety issue that is solved is it’s a completely toxin-free set. Meaning this set is lead, PFAS, cadmium, and PFOA free. It ensures no toxic fumes will be released in case of accidental overheating. So, healthy cooking has never been so easy. It’s also metal utensil & dishwasher safe. Plus, it’s safe to be used in the broiler & even up to 850°F.

More Amazing Features

  • Its ceramic nonstick feature allows easy cleanup
  • The lightweight pans allow comfortable and easy cooking
  • The forged base makes it warp control providing extreme strength
  • The tight-fitting glass lid seals the nutrients and moisture to ensure flavorful cooking.

Some Use & Caution Tips

These cookware pieces are suitable for all stovetops such as the gas, halogen, electric or ceramic except induction stovetop. It can provide long-lasting performance in case of cooking on low to medium heat settings. In that case, a few drops of smoke point oil and butter are needed. Metal handles maybe a little hot at times so use caution like using handle covers while cooking.

Why You Should Buy It

It’s a great cookware set. These small kitchen appliances can make an amazing cooking experience for you. If you are in love with great nonstick cooking pans, then no look further and add one in your kitchen closet.

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