10 Best Spray Tan Machines Amazon Has For You In 2020

If you’re checking out some spray tan machines, you must have a prior understanding of why and what you need them for. However, this article guide is comprehensively designed for all kinds of tanners out there, whether a newbie or an experienced one. Spray tanning is a complex job, and you need to have the best tan machines and kits to do it the right way. Here we include spray tanning machines and accessories that are great for sunless tanning. Sunless tanning has become the most popular tanning technique now, and the right spray tanning equipment can give you a worry-free tanning experience that excludes harmful UV rays. And also give you a streak-free, exquisite look with even tan, unlike the sunbathing.

While creating the list, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as the type of machine (HVLP or LVLP), the tan spray nozzle adjustability, heat dissipation box options, the variable speed settings, and features like minimising overspray. Keeping these factors in mind, we’ve done intensive research to round up the best spray tan machines Amazon has for you in 2020. We’ve also done collaborations with some tanning salon owners and experts while making this list. And that makes us confident enough to guide you in your spray tanning machine shopping. You will also look at a few accessories, apart from the spray tan machine and tent. So let’s dive into the discussion.

FAQs On Spray Tan Machines

How to use a spray tan machine?

To use the Spray-On Tan Machine, you need to follow a video training guide to do it step by step. Here we’ll highlight a few points that can give you an overall idea of how to use the spray tan machines.

The first thing you need to do is get suited up by wearing the dust mask. Then strip down and put on the hair cover. The next thing is to determine the tan lines and do the exfoliation if it was not done earlier. Put the ventilation on to pull the fumes away. Turn the compressor on and make sure the pressure lies between 15 and 25 while spraying. The optimal pressure will help you strike a balance between the fineness of the spray and the fumes you inhale. Next, pre-rinse the client with some cleaning solution or water using the airbrush makeup kit. Now is the time to fill the bottle with the solution and make sure the amount is enough to cover your client. It can take a few more steps to prepare the solution, depending on the brand; make sure to follow the instructions for that. Now you can spray the client, hold the airbrush about 8–12” away, then aim and start spraying in overlapping circles or lines. Spray the solution as dry as possible so that it feels dry to be touched by the person. Next, rinse the airbrush right after you’ve finished spraying. Finally, the client has to wait for at least 6–8 hours to let the solution dry off perfectly.

One more thing: you might be wondering what to wear to a spray tan. Before tanning, it’s better to cover up with an adhesive bra, adhesive footpads, and adhesive strapless panties so that you can keep those body parts free from tanning as well as your bikini remain non-tanned and fresh.

How long does a spray tan last?

A tan generally lasts up to 7 to 10 days before the skin starts to get naturally exfoliated and regenerated. To make your tan last longer, you can exfoliate your body before you start tanning; for that, you need to use a tan extender and keep the skin moisturised.

Should I get my nails done before or after a spray tan?

Yes, you should or can get the nails done by taking a manicure or pedicure session before or after taking a spray tan. Before taking a spray tan with Norvell solution, be careful to shower away any cuticle oils or moisturisers that may have been used during these treatments.

How long do you wait to shower after a spray tan, and what happens if you shower after a spray tan?

Generally, you have to wait at least six hours after a spray tan session to take a shower. This will give your skin enough time to absorb the solution to create an even shade. However, some products may allow you to take a shower sooner, but that needs to be done with proper consultation.

If you take a shower right after a spray tan, it can result in decreased longevity. Meaning that the tan may not last for an ideal time. And it can also halt the tan from fully developing.

How many tanning sessions does it take to see results?

To see results and acquire a good tan, it may take a few weeks of regular sessions, considering that you take spray tans three times a week.

Can you tan with a spray tan alone?

Yes, you can, and there are several tutorials out there to teach you how to spray-tan yourself. But it’s always a good idea to go to a professional salon for a professional tanning look.

Reviewing the Top Spray Tan Machines by Our Best Household Product Team

#PreviewNamePurchase Link
1maximist spray tan machines kitMaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWNmaximist spray tan machines kit
2norvell spray tan machine applicationNorvell Sunless Spray & Kitmaximist spray tan machines kit
3fascination spray tan machine 1Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine Systemmaximist spray tan machines kit
4aura allure spray tan machineAura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Airbrush Spray Tan Solution and Professional Black Tanning Tentmaximist spray tan machines kit
5oasis spray tan machineOasis Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Tanning Solution Bundle with Disposable Spa Feet and Pop Up Tent

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maximist spray tan machines kit
6belloccio turbo tan spray tan machineBelloccio Turbo Tan Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning Systemmaximist spray tan machines kit
7thermalabs spray tan machines tent booth featuresThermalabs Spray Tan Tent (Blue) The Bestmaximist spray tan machines kit
8Abco tent for spray tan machineAbco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tentmaximist spray tan machines kit
9SunLabs ultradark spray tan machine solutionsSunLabs Dark Spray Tan Solution 16 oz Spray Bottlemaximist spray tan machines kit
10Minetan spray tan machine solutionMineTan Spray Tan Solution – Absolute X40 Pro Spray Mistmaximist spray tan machines kit

MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN

maximist spray tan machines amazon

The MaxiMist Lite Plus HVLP Spray Tanning System is your go-to option if you’re looking for performance on a budget from a reliable brand. This spray tan machine can be a great unit for your home or a budget salon startup. Here we’ll explore its features to find out more about it.

German Engineering

Engineered with German technology, this unit is designed for the highest quality mist atomization while keeping the overspray amount as low as possible. Moreover, the design is beginner-friendly and virtually clog-free for maximum convenience.

Great Specs

The Maxi Mist Lite Plus comes with some great specs. And those include a powerful single-stage turbine of 300 watts, 47 cdm airflow, 110 electrical voltage, and 75 DB. There is an air hose measuring 6.5 feet and a SatinAire Spray with 3 cups (each 5 oz.) and 2 lids. The cups feature a conical solution reservoir for picking up the optimum product. The base of the product is also wide, ensuring the solution remains optimal.

Beginner-Friendly Design

This quality machine includes all the features needed to make it user-friendly, especially for those who are new to it. It’s pretty lightweight and great for mobile use. The non-stick needle doesn’t allow corrosion and tanning solution buildup that can lead to clogs.

The trigger adjustment is also made simpler so that you can easily control the spray pattern. You will also be able to apply the tanning solution with accurate precision. Now simply adjust your spray pattern horizontally or vertically.

maximist spray tan machines kit

Great Scope of Application

MaxiMist Lite Spray Tan can be used as a home, salon, or mobile unit. It is capable of more than 10 applications a day or 60 applications a week. The light-weight mobile design provides great convenience of use. Add to that the oversize carry bag, which is very handy for onboard gun storage. Moreover, the Professional Style Heavy Fabric Tent is there to help you out for a better tanning session.

What’s In The packaging?

In the package, you get a detailed instruction manual that would make your task much easier. You also get CE, EU, and ECAL-certified spare parts kits. This entire system has it all to help you spray right out of the box. The box also includes Tampa Bay Tan Spray Tanning Products, which are fully vegan.

Budget Solution with Professional Results

This Maxi Mist spray tan machine is the go-to for budget-conscious salon startups or mobile techs. You can expect some great professional salon results from a range of users and their skin types. It can be the perfect choice for pageant groups, cheer and dance teams, girls-night out parties, and more. And it is also a great investment for businesses that want to get a return in the quickest possible time.

What Customers Say

While coming across the user reviews, we’ve witnessed some amazing responses to this Maximist Lite Sunless Spray Tanning Kit. And you’d not have to look further for your home or commercial tanning. This complete spray tan kit is worth the money, for sure.

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Similar or AlterNet products from the same reliable or leading brands: MaxiMist Allure Xena Sunless Spray Tanning System (Click the link, please, to read about it)

Norvell Sunless Kit | Best At-Home Spray Tan

M1000 Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Makeup Machine + 8 oz Tanning Solutions in Ultra Vivid ‘Cosmo Light’, Venetian and Dark + Norvell Training Programme (Retail Value $490)

norvel spray tan machine amazon

Next up on the list is the spray machine from a professional brand you can always trust. Amazon’s Choice Norvell M-1000 HVLP Mobile Spray System. A spray tanning machine that has it all for your clean, pleasant, and professional sunless tanning exposure. You can use it in the salon to impress your clients and technicians, or you can do it on the go. They are the market leader, and you can also check out their training course to get yourself trained on spray tanning for a career. Let’s check out its features below to learn more about it.

Professional #1 Brand

This sunless tanning kit comes from Norvell, a brand that was rated as the best professional sunless tanning brand by the Professional Spray Tan Technicians in research conducted by prominent market research company Webwork International Inc. The Norvell M1000 Mobile Sunless Kit is one demonstration of their expertly crafted solutions.

What’s In The Kit?

With this Norvell kit, you get a Norvell M-1000 HVLP Mobile Spray System with Norvell Tanning Handheld Solutions such as Dark, Venetian, and Ultra Vivid ‘Cosmo Light’ (8oz each). And also a Norvell Training Programme for effective and convenient application with the help of the experts.

Norvell M-1000 HVLP Mobile Spray System

This spray system includes quite a few things that need a separate mention. This system includes the following things:

Mobile M1000 Turbine, M Series HVLP Spray Gun, Spray Gun Quick Repair Kit, 10′ Quick Connect/Disconnect Hose, Standard 110v Electrical Cord, Operation Manual, and a Shoulder Strap. So you get a complete package for your ultimate sunless tanning experience.

norvell spray tan machine application

Ideal Spray Solution

This is one of the top-selling models in the Norvell product line. It’s expertly crafted for a smooth and optimal application. It’s lightweight, so the shoulder strap won’t hurt for convenient portability.

Advanced Formula

Norvell Tanning Solutions include Micro-Nutrient Technology to provide a powerful blend of antioxidants and vitamins to boost your skin’s just-off-The-Beach bronze tan, excluding the orange undertone. Moreover, these spray tanning solutions are enhanced with natural essences and fragrance-free. The kit excludes substances like parabens, sulphates, gluten, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, GMO’s, and triclosan.

What Customers Say

When it comes to spray tan machines, customers seem to be going crazy after this Norvell M-1000 HVLP Mobile Spray Tan System. You would come across hundreds of reasons people put forward to have this for their perfect sunless tanning experience. It’s truly a professional one that is winning the hearts of many out there.

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Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine System

fascination spray tan machines 1

The next item on the list of the best spray machines is the Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Machine System. This spray tanning machine system will provide you with the rarest combination of external beauty and internal brawn, making it elegant and functional at the same time. And it is worth checking out even in the most upscale professional salon setting.

Fascinating Design

The Fascination FX Series is a fascinating spray tan machine considering its bold colour accents and contours. Next is the elegant-looking handle that seems to be organically formed into the machine body. Fascination FX’s signature design can be witnessed with its handle inset, which is located in the sweeping elliptical contour. Similarly, its elliptical motif with bold chrome trim bordering the hose outlet adds to its overall appearance. All in all, the unit looks beautifully placed on four legs that have safe rubber inserts.

One-Button Control Panel

The control panel of the system provides utter simplicity with convenient one-button operation. So there’s no chance to get confused or mess around.

fascination spray tan machine 1

Smart Engineering

The Fascination spray tanning machine system is smartly engineered as well. You get a strong turbine motor to deliver reliable and correct airflow for your spray tanning. It includes a sound dampener to keep the operation whisper-quiet. Its turbine also contains a sound-baffling enclosure to ensure a quiet operation. The outer shell protects the enclosure. It’s also perfectly engineered to keep air intake smooth and uninterrupted.

FX-Design 2.0 Spray Gun

Its spray gun applicator comes with a premium upgrade. It features an adjustable fluid control knob, an alloy needle, adjustable spray patterns (horizontal and vertical), and a low-maintenance nozzle. There is also a graduated cup and a chrome-accented air cap that retains the ergonomic handle and the ring. So you can get everything in the system to accomplish a perfect tanning session.

What Customers Say

As it arrives on the market, people involved in tanning are going crazy after it. Especially if someone wants the spray tan machines for home, this seems to be worth considering as a top pick for many.

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Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Airbrush Tanning Solution and Professional Black Tanning Tent

aura allure spray tan machines amazon

The Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit makes a great addition to our list of the best spray tan machines. It’s another well-received product that promises to give you an amazing sunless tanning experience. It comes packed with some features that are worth watching. So let’s check them out.

What’s In The Kit?

It promises to be a complete spray tanning machine kit with all the potential tanning necessities. This kit includes Aura Allure Spray Tanning Machine and Norvell Sunless 3 Pack (8oz each) Bundle: Norvell ONE Rapid Tan Solution, Norvell Venetian Solution, Norvell XLATAN pH Balancing Spray, XL ‘Skylight’ Style Spray Tanning Tent with Carrying Bag.

Satin Spray Nozzle Technology

This Norvell Spray Tan Kit features patented Satin Nozzle Technology. So you can get the best atomization, perfect coverage, and a soft feeling on the skin. And that too with low overspray.

Fine and Precise Flow Control

Getting a super and precise flow control is an important factor in the tanning process. With Aura Spray Tan, you get a specially designed dial that gives 0–2 fl oz. of solution control.

Stylized Design

The Aura Allure comes in a stylized design to make you look stylish as well. It has a glossy black surface with a metallic finish. And that gives this machine a lavishness to complement the class and luxury of the job it is supposed to do.

aura allure spray tan machine

Whisper Quiet, Lightweight Turbine

Having a whisper-quiet turbine in the tanning kit is all you want for your spas, salons, and training schools. So you can concentrate more on what your customers or students are saying.

Moreover, it’s compact and easy to store. The design is feminine and practical at the same time; it includes a cord management feature and a built-in cup holder for maximum convenience in use.

Retractable Carry Handle and Gun Holder

The Aura Allure Spray Tanning Kit comes with a unique retractable handle that goes perfectly with the design of the turbine. And it also aids in storing and moving the tanning machine.

You can also move the machine using the gun dock. This all-in-one solution requires no spillages or extra hands.

Long Flexi Hose

To manoeuvre it in a better way, you get a durable flex hose measuring 11.5 feet. It’s extra soft and extra flexible for better manoeuvrability. It also features a twist-and-lock connection at the gun.

Ingenious Filtration System

The filtration system is designed in a smart way where the overspray is channelled on the back of the side panel and guided into the filter concealed underneath the unit.

What Customers Say

People love to get spray tans with this Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit. They find it amazing to use and handle. And also the fact that it sprays evenly and perfectly.

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Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Tanning Solution Bundle with Disposable Spa Feet and Pop-Up Tent

oasis spray tan machines amazon

Now it’s time to explore the Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit, another all-in-one spray that’s worth checking out. This tanning spray machine is engineered with a thoughtful design with perfect functionality. Let’s see more of this tanning machine below.

Powerful Spray Tan Gun

The Oasis Spray Tan Gun is a result of thoughtful engineering and professionally inspired design. It includes a powerful mini turbine providing a power-packed tanning performance. And it is complemented by a sleek spa-like appearance with beautiful designer lines, making it a perfect fit for your home or salon. And its performance can be well compared to the full-size spray tan machines.

What’s In The Kit?

Oasis Spray Tan Machine is an all-in-one spray tanning machine that includes everything you need for perfect sunless tanning. It includes three most popular Norvell Tanning Solutions such as Norvell Venetian, Norvell Ultra Vivid Cosmo, Norvell Pre-Sunless XLATAN pH Balancing Spray – Each of 8 oz size.

You also get an Extra-Large Black ‘Skylight’ Spray Tanning Tent equipped w/ a carrying bag and 25 pairs of Pink Disposable Sandals.

Convenient Spray Head, Needle, Nozzle

Its detachable FlexiMyst spray head is a great plus for convenient flexibility and cleaning. You can stage multiple solutions with this modular tan spray system and have a backup. This removable spray head comes with a fine, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel needle & nozzle for detailed atomization. The MicroMist adjustable nozzle provides a flawless, streak-free bronze glow.

oasis spray tan machine

On-the-Go Solution

This all-in-one tanning kit provides an on-the-go solution with its compact, lightweight, and mobile design. You don’t get any hoses or bulky cabinets making things simpler for you to be taken anywhere you want.

More Details

There is more to its thoughtful engineering, and some of these need a mention here. Like its encased electric motor, backflow prevention valve, stable base, additional solution bottle equipped with a cap, convenient trigger having a handy knob, power switch push button, and the power cord with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

Safe Norvel Tanning Solutions

As you must’ve seen for other tanning machines that how safe and sound the Norvell tanning solutions are. They are free of substances like gluten, paraben, sulfate, phthalate, GMO, and triclosan. They include all-natural fragrances and they’re also 100% Vegan and Nut-Allergen Free.

What Customers Say

Customers do find the Oasis Spray Tan Machine Kit to be a satisfactory option. It can do the tanning pretty well and should meet most of your expectations.

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(Product will come soon again.)

Belloccio Turbo Tan Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

Belloccio 4 Solution Variety Pack, Tanning Tent, Accessories, and Video Link

belloccio turbo tan spray tan machines

Belloccio Turbo Tan Ultra Pro Model T85-QC makes it into the list of the best spray tan machines. This is a well-priced natural tanning solution that aims to provide you with an even tan, blended with antioxidants and vitamins. So you can get tightened, revitalized, and moisturized skin. Let’s take a look at more of this spray tanning machine here.

What’s In The System

This tanning system includes quite a lot of things. We have the Belloccio Turbo Tan Ultra Pro Model T85-QC Professional High-Performance Tanning Machine to start with. Then you’ll see a powerful turbine air pump unit, an air hose w/ quick-connect couplers, an HVLP spray application gun, quick-connect fitting, and a user manual guide.

Conveniently Designed System

Let’s talk about the convenience of these accessories. The air hose here is durable, flexible, and slim. The body of the spray gun is professionally designed with a lightweight plastic composite body. The manual includes a video guide covering detailed instructions on how to use the tools for spraying perfectly and also on how to take care of these spray tan equipment.

belloccio turbo tan spray tan machine

What’s In The Kit?

There’s more to the Belloccio Spray Tanning Package. You get a full tanning accessories kit with it. This kit includes 10 disposable hair net caps,10 pairs of tanning feet pads,10 disposable bras, 10 disposable nose filter plugs, and10 disposable panty thongs.

Moreover, you get a Belloccio spray tanning tent booth, and 3 more airtight cups measuring 14 oz each, to keep the leftovers for the next use. So you should hardly need anything for your perfect sunless tanning sessions.

4 Solution Pack

Belloccio Spray Tanning System comes with 4 Solution Variety Pack. You get 3 DHA Simple Tan Solutions of concentration 8, 10, and 12%, and also an Opulence Solution. So you get to spray the full range of skin types of different skin tones. These solutions are suited to the following skin tones:

  • 8% DHA Simple Tan Tanning Solution is perfect for fair to medium type of skin tones.
  • 10% DHA Simple Tan Tanning Solution goes great for most skin tones whether it’s fair, mild, and medium or the Caribbean, Darker olive, Latin, and the Mediterranean.
  • 12% DHA Simple Tan Tanning Solution is mostly applicable for medium to darker skin tones like the Caribbean, olive, Latin, or the Mediterranean.
  • Opulence Tanning Solution is one of Belloccio’s premium DHA tanning solutions that go with any skin tone. Moreover, it provides a quickened full tan within just 4 hours.

What Customers Say

For the Belloccio Airbrush Makeup or Spray Tanning System, you would find the customer response is just amazing. They love the purchase as it’s portable, convenient, and has everything you need for a good tanning session. The tent and accessories are up to making the user experience convenient.

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Related Products

Several accessories make up a spray tanning system together. In this section, we aim to discuss the tan tent and tan solution separately. The tan tents can help you to avoid making any mess with spray tanning while also providing the privacy you need. As some people are worried after watching Scarlett go full nude the first time while tanning, but you can relax with your privacy. All you need to do is get a great tan tent booth and spray tan most conveniently. The tan tent and spray tan solution both can be interesting to watch out for the salon owners or the ones looking to get spray tan machines for home. So let’s check out these additional products here to make this guide a more helpful one.

The Best Thermalabs Spray Tan Tent (Blue)

Bigger Than Others, Folds Easily In 30 Seconds and Has NO Logo On Tent Itself! Professional Sunless Tanning Pop-Up Spraying Booth for Airbrush Art, Makeup & Painting


thermalabs spray tan machines tent booth

One of the most integral accessories the spray tan system demands is the Spray Tan Tent. Here we’ll be looking at the Thermalabs Spray Tan Tent, the most high-end and expensive tan tent out there.

Expensive, But For a Good Reason

Spray Tan Booth can save you big time from making any mess with your spray tan. The Thermalabs Air comes with the world’s most reliable spray tan booth that is uniquely designed in a way to keep all your surroundings neat and clean.

Tent Booth Features

This tan tent is way bigger than most of the other traditional tents. It’s also waterproof, making it more convenient and durable to use. The top is wider and transparent allowing more light ti to enter. Plus, it’s easy to clean by simply wiping its walls and bottom. There is also a sturdy pole sleeve and convenient storage pockets.

Fashionable without Using Logo

Thermalabs believe that it’s their quality that will speak for them. So they didn’t use any logo(also to not promote any particular brand), yet gave the tent a stylized design with a cool rounded shape design. And the blue adds to its overall luxurious appearance. You can also get them in fancy pink, bronze, and elegant black color.

Convenience At Its Best

The Thermalabs Air Tent is just a breeze to use. It is designed for your fun & easy airbrushing experience. It automatically pops open and folds in seconds. It’s lightweight and feels like a compact carry bag when folded to provide ease of maneuverability.

thermalabs spray tan machines tent booth features

Get Bonuses With the Purchase

Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent features a perfect setting for the tanning experience. And you get some additional bonuses that are worth as much as $50! Some of these include a pair of Adhesive Feet Pads, Exfoliating Mitt, Nose filter, Bra, G-string, and Hair cap.

Spray Tan Tent You’re Gonna Love

This tanning booth you’re ought to love for some good reasons. Why mess up surroundings, keep it cleaner with this tan tent. This also blends incredibly in the salon or house. You can have it for indoor or outdoor use. It also promises maximum quality to ensure durability and a perfect tanning environment.

What Customers Say

The Thermalabs Air Spray Tan Tent is an unparalleled choice for any tan tent booth, leaving almost no competition out there. People are highly impressed with their large size and other convenient features. And they think it to be a great value for money product.

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Abco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent

Instant Portable Outdoor Shower Tent, Camp Toilet, Changing Room, Rain Shelter with Window – for Camping and Beach – Easy Set Up, Foldable with carrying Bag –  Compact and Lightweight design

Abco tent for spray tan machines

We’ve seen how important the tan tent booth can be for the perfect spray tan sessions. Here, we have a multipurpose privacy tent that can well be used as a spray tan tent. It’s the Abco Tech Pop Up Privacy Tent. Let’s check out its features and see how well it can be as a spray tan tent.

Instant Privacy Tent

The Abco instant privacy tent comes with ready-to-use private space for your different outdoor activities like outdoor showers, camping potty use, changing clothes, and most importantly spray tanning. No matter where you go, don’t miss out on your tanning anymore. You can even use it for indoor tanning to keep things neat and clean around you.

Functionally Sound

For perfect spray tanning, the Abco offers a functionally sound tent. It’s a lightweight and tall tent that provides convenient access to enhanced airflow. Also, it provides a side window having better visibility of the outside. This popup tent gives you reasonable privacy to concentrate on the tanning session.

Abco tent for spray tan machine

Easy to Install

To make it more convenient, this popup tent provides instant setup features while also allowing you to easily fold it back to the carry bag. Now effortlessly set this up anywhere you want.

Comprehensive Pack

This comprehensive tent pack includes a green popup canopy tent, a carrying bag, and 4 metal mounting stakes. There is also an additional built-in bag for storing your wallet, phone keys, and an integrated clothesline to help you dry the towels and clothes.

What Customer’s Say

Although this Abco tent here is not specifically designed for spray tanning. However, people find it to be very well built and designed. Hence, they think it provides a great environment for tanning, and that too in the cleanest way possible.

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SunLabs Dark Spray Tan Solution 16 oz Spray Bottle

Sunless Tanner Solution | Machine Airbrush Self Tanning | Dha with Bronzer by Sun Labs | Best Self Tanner for Legs

SunLabs ultradark spray tan machines solution

For a spray tan system, the spray tan solution is probably the most important thing that matters. It’s formulated with the safest possible ingredients to give your skin a new life. And how it does that, we’ll be looking at that below.

Natural Ingredient Formula

SunLabs did a lot to come up with the most natural and paraben-free blend of ingredients for a spray tan solution. And it provides the most natural look with the best tanning possible. It enhances the elasticity and feel of your skin by nourishing, revitalizing, and hydrating it. It’s because of the smoothness and sleekness of your skin that matters the most for achieving a flawless look.

Most Desirable

The SunLabs Spray Tan Solution is so desirable because it’s a celebrities’ favorite and the doctors also recommend it. It requires zero exposure to the sun and can be called self-tanners. It doesn’t have any side effects and works great for light, pale, or medium-skinned people. This fast tan self-tanner ensures a rich glow that is safe and natural.

SunLabs ultradark spray tan machine solutions

Glow From the Inside Out

It’s designed to bring out the natural glow that comes when someone is happy. With Sun Laboratories Self-Tanning Product, they can expect such glow and look darker, slimmer, and more radiant. Intensifying an inside-out glow.

Convenient & Effective

Sun Labs’ solution has appeal to all kinds of tanners, new or experienced alike. It works great on all skin types and gives you the perfect tan you desire. You won’t find any streaks or blotches and the convenience of using it will surely make you use it again and again.

What Customers Say

When it comes to spray tan solution, Amazon’s Choice makes a strong remark. And people find it very much worthy to have in the box, whether man or woman, it’s equally good.

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MineTan Spray Tan Solution – Absolute X40 Pro Spray Mist

Darkest Ultra Dark Professional 1 Hour Express Tan, 33.8 fl oz

minetan absolute x 40 spray tan macines solution


MineTan Absolute X40 redefines the ultra-dark to show what ultra dark skin finish means. This Quad Bronzing includes melanin-activating intensifiers that are blended with naturally extracted tan actives to create a faster and darker tan by stimulating skin cells to promote color. And yeah, you’re gonna love this new dark, that is more natural with ultimate bronzing results.

1 Hour Express Pro Spray Mist

Each Pro Spray Mist comes with a 1 Hour Express Tan recipe blended with Quad Bronzing Technology that speeds up the tanning process. It also allows you to control the depth and skin color of your tan. So what you get is rapid, streak-free, long-lasting, fast-drying results without any fake tan smell.

Minetan spray tan machine solution

Vegan & Natural

MineTan has a reputation for creating products with sensitive skin-friendly formulas. Their PETA-Approved products including this Absolute X40 Ultra Dark solution include ingredients that benefit the skin. This solution here contains 100% natural DHA, is vegan, and completely excludes substances like parabens.

Convenient Spray Solution

It provides a wash ‘n’ wear enriched formula for your maximum convenience. Now choose the darkness level with a streak-free finish. With a fast-drying formula, you only need to wait for 1-3 hours and start right off. Now go to shower fast and show your ultra-dark sexy look to the world.

 Browse More From MineTant 

What Customers Say

Regarding customer responses, it’s mostly amazing. Especially, because of its incredible oil-based formula that is safe, fast-drying, and convenient. So go dark and surprise people including you.

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So what we see here is, you need to have the right spray tanning kit for a desirable & beautiful look. The spray tan machines and accessories we’ve mentioned here can make up that perfect kit for you. If you want us to pick one favorite that would be Norvell M-1000 HVLP Mobile Spray System and kit. It can simplify your spray tanning job like never before. Other mentions in the list also have the potential to perform well enough and are worth checking out as well. We hope you can make the right choice now to achieve the beauty and aesthetics of a full-coverage body makeover.

Feature Image Source: Womenshealthmag.com

All Other Image Source: Amazon.com