Best Insulated Lunch Box Comparison – Review 2020

The use of the insulated lunch box was imposed with the need to consume quality meals at all times. Enjoying a meal at the workplace or school has become a habit that cannot be done without. Thanks to this insulated food box, your food will be kept excellent until lunch. Because you absolutely need the best-insulated lunch box, we invite you to discover in this complete buying guide the Top of the best models available on the market.

What is an Insulated Lunch Box?

The insulated hot meal box is a container intended to contain hot or cold food. It has a variable capacity according to the manufacturers. The insulated lunch box can be designed with plastic or stainless steel. In most cases, the inside of the insulated food box is made of metal. It is not uncommon to notice an insulated box designed by overlapping layers of polyester and aluminum.

The role of the insulated lunch box is to create a thermal barrier to food. Thus, they will be kept at an optimal temperature for tasting. Note that this accessory is different from the lunch bag. The latter is rather a bag to transport the insulated food box. It also promotes the conservation of the temperature of the contents of the boxes that are inserted into it.

Why Choose an Insulated Lunch Box?

Thanks to an efficient insulation system, the insulated lunch box allows your food to stay hot or cold for several hours after being packed. The lightness and compact shape of the insulated lunch bag make this tool an excellent solution for transporting a homemade meal. You no longer have to waste time waiting in line for expensive food. Now, we save money and eat balanced meals which we know how to prepare.

With an insulated meal box, not only do you enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, but you also save time. In fact, you no longer have to get up during break times to look for food. You can attack your spots quickly and be more productive. In addition, the insulated lunch box is an ergonomic accessory that does not take up much space. You can eat as many tasty and varied meals as you want.

Here are The Best Insulated Lunch Boxes

To better guide you in choosing the best-insulated lunch box for long-term hot meals, here are some effective products that have convinced the public.

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Lifewit Lunch Box for Adult 9L Insulated Large Lunch Bag

UPGRADE LINING & ZIPPER: The Lifewit lunch bag’s lining is made of PEVA foil that won’t melt easily when the bag holds something hot, at the same time, we use a high-quality zipper which will minimize the possibility of a broken zipper.

THOUGHTFUL GITF: Considering that when you use the lunch bag, you need a food bag to store your food, so we have 2 reusable food bags come with the lunch bag, which is convenient for everyone to use when carrying food, which is more health.

Lifewit Lunch Box for Adult 9L Insulated Large Lunch Bag

LONG-TERM INSULATION: The Lifewit lunch bag is made of insulating material that can keep foods and drinks cool or warm for more than 5 hours. Besides, the interior lining is made of food-grade PEVA foil so you could put your foods into the bag directly. The built-in 6mm EPE foam provides great protection to your containers, foods, and drinks.

LARGE CAPACITY: 7.87” L*7.87” W*9.84” H. The maximum capacity is 9L, spacy enough to store 12 tins of coke (330ml), 6 bottles of beer or your lunch such as a sandwich, salad, snacks, drinks and fruits and so on.

DURABLE & HEAVY DUTY: The exterior of the Lifewit lunch bag is constructed out of 600D water-resistant dirt-proof Oxford fabric for durability and waterproofing and easy cleaning. Strong linen handles and heavy-duty nylon connect by dense stitching that makes the bag extremely durable, proud to carry your lunch.

Lifewit Lunch Box

check price and details

Japanese Bento Lunch Box: Best Insulated Hot Meal Box

This best insulated hot lunch box is made for people who like to combine design and utility. It can contain solid or liquid food without the risk of leakage. You have a volume of 600ml to use in a box that goes into the microwave without damaging it. In addition, it comes with a nice bag of the same color. It’s an insulated lunch box that is very popular with consumers. This food thermos is very purchased and benefits from many users’ reviews very favorable. It is, therefore, an excellent insulated lunch bag to choose to keep your food throughout the day.

Japanese Bento Box


Be envied with the Bento Box Lunch Box by GRUB2GO. Great design, versatile function, and a minimalist style come together in a traditional Japanese style set.


Learn tips, tricks, and ideas to make creative, hot yet healthy lunches and meals that anyone, even bento newbies can prepare! Delivered via email.


Dual-layer air-tight eco containers keep your food fresh & help you portion control. Use one or both big containers at once.

THE ORIGINAL Japanese Bento Box


Our silicone-lined lids with an integrated vent system will keep your food in the lunchbox and not all over your stuff! Take these lunch boxes for adults, kids, men, women & teens anywhere!


These lunch boxes are BPA-FREE; made with non-toxic, food-grade materials, and dishwasher & microwave safe.

Japanese Bento Box

check price and details

UTOTEBAG insulated lunch box

The UTOTEBAG hot insulated lunch box is one of the best models available on the market. This medium-sized lunch cooler bag has excellent temperature retention properties. Made with resistant and waterproof material, the insulated hot meal box can support more than 5000 times a load of 10Kh. It is light, easily transportable, and has several pockets in which to store absolutely everything you need to eat well. This insulated lunch box is very popular and you can give it to your child or a parent to store meals.

Insulated Lunch Box

It is perfect for the student or adult to carry lunch boxes, snacks, sandwiches, salad, fruits, or drink. This Lunch Bag is fashionable for men and women. Wide-open Design, the top wide open design provides a good view and access, easy to remove food quickly. Lightweight and portable, providing you with a comfortable carrying experience.

Insulated Cooler Bag:

The lining is made of thickened thermal insulation material. Easily to make this lunch bag in more long-lasting use and more efficient temperature insulation. Long-term Preservation Up to 6.5 Hours. In addition, we use non-toxic, waterproof, and friendly materials to produce this lunch bag to ensure the safety of use.

UtoteBag Insulated Lunch Box


You can use this lunch bag to bring homemade delicious food to work. The students can use it to bring lunch to campus. If you want to plan an exciting Sunday picnic or BBQ, It is best to use it to keep food fresh. It is very easy to take anywhere like go Day Trips, Beach, picnic, and Sporting.

All details:

We add 8 bronze buckles to firm the handle, and double sewing around the connection, 5000+ shaking with 20 kg load, the handle still works well on limiting conditions. We use genuine leather materials in both the zipper and the LOGO, which are more high-grade and durable. Powerful organization ability left and right mesh pocket and zip front pockets provide more storage space.

UtoteBag Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box

check price and details

PuTwo Insulated Food Box

Thanks to its large capacity of 8L, this best-insulated lunch bag can keep one or more lunch boxes and other accessories. Its large capacity is more than enough to allow you to take a large amount to work, the office, or during your walks. The foam lining of this best-insulated lunch box keeps meals hot or cold over time. It is waterproof and offers you a large storage space. In addition, it is a shoulder bag that quickly slips around the body to go to school or work.

Insulated Lunch Box

100% leak-proof & 20% longer insulation time:

PuTwo lunch bag cooler bag Black lunch bag insulated lunch bag upgraded interior material ensure 100% leak-proof and inner 10mm EPE foam enhances the preservation time up to 6-8 hours, which is 20 longer than average lunch bags; lunch bag exterior is made of 600D for water-resistant and easy cleaning.

Safe & Two Compartment Lunch Bag:

FDA (food and Drug Administration) Certified food grade aluminum foil inside ensures this lunch bag cooler bag lunch bag for men insulated lunch bag lunch Cooler Black lunch bag kids lunch bag lunch tote lunch bags for women Two-compartment lunch bag safe and. Two compartment design can separate hot and cold food storage.

PuTwo Insulated Lunch Box


Best zipper in the world ensure lunch bag cooler bag lunch bag for men insulated lunch bag lunch cooler kids lunch bag lunch tote lunch bag for women two compartment lunch bag ensures smooth usage and durability. PuTwo black lunch bag is ideal to use with PuTwo Blue Lunch Box, PuTwo Grey Lunch Box, PuTwo Bamboo Black Bento Box, PuTwo Bamboo White Bento Box.


8 Liter large capacity, PuTwo lunch bag lunch bags for women cooler lunch bag for men insulated lunch bag lunch containers lunch bags kids lunch bag lunch tote can hold about 10 cans of carbonated drinks, and you can also place 2 cans of beverage in the top space of PuTwo lunch bags for a women lunch bag for men kids lunch bag for women.

PuTwo Insulated Food Box

check price and details

Umami Insulated Lunch Box White

This best isothermal 1200ml lunch box has a large enough capacity for any use or to take a large amount of food. This best-insulated lunch box is designed in French factories with BPA-free material to preserve your health. This best-insulated box for long-term hot meals is airtight, solid, and has beautiful finishes. In addition, this food thermos can be put in the dishwasher, the refrigerator, and the microwave. Its maintenance is very simple.

Insulated Lunch Box


Super convenient & trendy bento box that everyone will LOVE. Available in 5 different colors: Bamboo Black, Bamboo White, Black Matt, Denim Blue, and Pink Kawaii. Its unique design is a modern take on the traditional Japanese bento lunch box and is ideal for women, men, and teens.


Forget crowded restaurants, boring sandwiches, or greasy expensive processed meals! Enjoy good food every day – at work or at school – a healthy well-balanced home-made meal, with food YOU chose and that no one else touches! Save up to 3,000$ a year (Umami study, comparing lunch box VS takeaways), and embrace the zero waste lifestyle.

Umami Premium Bento Lunch Box


The hygienic silicone seals ensure no leakages for both compartments. Say goodbye to lunch boxes that leak all over your bag! Your Umami lunchbox is very easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Robust: the salad lunch box is made of polypropylene, a high-quality reusable plastic known for its solidity, and is entirely recyclable. It is and guaranteed BPA and BPS-free, and is FDA approved.

Umami Premium Bento Lunch Box for Adults


UMAMI is the ONLY compartment lunch box that includes: 1 sauce container, 2 movable & removable dividers, 3 pieces of sturdy cutlery that lock in place for quiet transportation. Maximum convenience: carry up to 4 different courses, a whole meal! Suitable for: dishwasher, microwaves (3 minutes max, reheating only), and freezer. Ideal size (40 oz.), this lunch box will become the daily companion of your lunch breaks.

Umami Premium Bento Lunch Box for Adult

check price and details

How to Use and Maintain an Insulated Lunch Box Bag?

To get the most out of your insulated hot meal box, it is recommended to heat or cool it by putting in the water of the desired temperature until it is full. Let the insulated food box soak up the temperature for about ten minutes, pour it without waiting for the meal, and then close.

Also, it’s best not to use a container that is too large, as excess air will cool your food. A portion of cold food can also lose its freshness because of this. You will need to clean your insulated lunch box after each use to avoid odors. Some elements can be removable and put in the dishwasher. Otherwise, a non-abrasive sponge and a mild soap to which baking soda is added are perfect for refurbishing the insulated box.

How to Choose the Best Insulated Lunch Box?

The first criterion for choosing a better-insulated meal box is its capacity, which must be chosen according to your specific needs. Then, we will make sure that the manufacturing material is safe for health and that it promotes maximum insulation. The insulated food box must have intense pressure and a solid lining to withstand impact.

In addition, your insulated lunch box can be fitted with handles and shoulder straps. The possibility of placing cutlery or attaching the lunch box with a rubber band is also interesting. Choose the accessory that seems more practical and the design of which suits you.

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