Best High Voltage Converter & Adapter To Check Out On Amazon

We’ve come across American travelers who question – ‘Do I need a voltage converter for India?’ or ‘Do I need a voltage converter for Europe?’ For them, the answer is ‘Yes.’ It’s because the voltage differs from country to country. And you’ll find there are around 15 types of electrical outlets across the world. People living in the USA must’ve experienced this electrical change while traveling abroad, for which the appliances and devices won’t function. So what’s the solution then? The answer is simple – ‘Get A High Voltage Converter.’ To be precise, you need to get the best travel voltage converter that won’t only serve as the ‘US to India Voltage Converter’ nor ‘The US to Europe Voltage Converter’; instead, serve as a universal voltage converter supporting outlets of almost every part of the world.

What the voltage converter does is it converts the different electrical voltage to the desired level. For Americans, the power converter steps down the international electrical voltage from 220V/240V to the US standard level of 110/120V.

There’s another solution to get your electronics fit into the foreign outlets. It’s the power adapter that does pretty much the same job but with a different mechanism. They don’t convert the voltage of the outlet; instead, it helps the plugs of your devices match the different energy/voltage levels. Then again, adapters can fall flat at times, but voltage converters will not. But the good thing is you can get the adapter-converter combination as this is probably the smartest choice to deal with this situation.

If you are someone looking to travel with a bundle of electronic machines and devices, you should be up for the travel voltage converter. With our well-researched recommendations, you will now be able to make a smart investment as a techie traveler.

Here we’ll be discussing some of these fantastic voltage converters you can consider traveling abroad. As you’ll be going through these suggestions, you can witness some of the best choices for an international voltage converter. Let’s start the mission for the best travel voltage converter and adapter right here.

Foval International Travel Adapter Power Step Down 220v to 110v Voltage Converter

With 4-Port USB In UK European Italy Asia more than 150 Countries over the world

foval high voltage converter 1

If you look to make the best choice for travel adapters and converters, check out the Foval International Travel Adapter Power & Step Down Voltage Converter. The Foval Travel Adapter comes from a reliable brand and is probably the best in the business. It can be your great partner in travel, providing professional quality, portability, and safety. With Foval, just don’t run out of countries with worldwide compatibility. Let’s find out more about this here.

Worldwide Voltage Spectrum Compatibility

The Foval Power Adapter comes with an EU Power Cable and 4 International Adapters (USA/UK/AUS/Italy). Now get all your appliances smoothly running while traveling abroad.

This step-down converter converts 220/240V to 110/120V. And that makes all your American electronics usable in 150+ countries with the 220V/ 240V voltage spectrum that includes Continental Europe, UK, Italy, Australia, Japan, Thailand, China, so on and so forth.

Great Capabilities

It comes with 200 watts power supply with two standard US plugs along with four 5V/ 2.4a Ports. So you can simultaneously charge multiple devices such as laptops, Kindle, gaming console, Bluetooth speaker, electric toothbrush, CPAP machine, nebulizer, game fan, TV, DVD players, iPad, lights, and other electronics. 

foval voltage converter features

Portable & Quiet Power Converter

Foval Power converter is a joy to take on the go for its portability features. It comes with a compact size of 4.82″ x 3.13″ x 1.47″, similar to a passport. There’s also a convenient 5 feet long power cable.

Plus, it features new technology that includes a whisper-quiet bearing fan for providing a silent and stable performance.

Multi-Protect Safety System

All your electronics are safe with the Foval Power Adaptor, as it comes with the highest safety standards. It features an auto-shutdown for issues such as surge protection, short -circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-temperature, and overload. And the manufacturers also back their products with reliable after-sales service and warranty support.

What Customers Say

People find the Foval Power Adapter worth considering on international trips. It’s a combined unit for adapter and converter and is impressive with its compact size, multiple charging ports, excellent safety features, reasonable price tag, and more.

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Odoga Voltage Converter 220V to 110V Travel Adapter

with 4 USB Ports, 3 AC Outlets and UK/Europe/AUS International Travel Plugs for More Than 150 Countries

odoga high voltage converter

Next up on the list is Odoga Voltage Converter 220V to 110V Travel Adapter, a universal travel adapter partnering your trips. It comes with worldwide compatibility for the voltage spectrum while having some of the most incredible travel-friendly features. Let’s take a look at more of this fantastic combo of the adapter and converter below.

Wide Range of Device Compatibility

The Odoga is an excellent high voltage converter that converts 220V electricity to 110V, enabling US/CA devices to function while traveling abroad. It can power up and charge a wide range of tech gadgets to work just fine, including cell phones, laptops, printers, iPods, CPAP, breast pumps, and more.

Worldwide Compatibility

Now you can switch between AC plugs conveniently for using your American electronics across a large part of the world. And that makes you use all your devices in over 150 countries, including Continental Europe, North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and more.

Compact, Powerful, & Quiet

Odoga Travel Adapter comes with a power supply of 200W; four 5V & 2.1A rated USB ports and three AC outlets. It can charge seven devices simultaneously. Yet, it has a sleek and compact design with size dimensions of 6.2″ x 3.2″ x 1.6″. It also features whisper-quiet cooling fans to make the operation more convenient. You can realize how friendly this power adapter is for traveling.

odoga device compatibility

Multiple Protection System

It also features multiple protection systems to give you peace of mind. This converter has significant protections from overheat, short circuits, overloads, overvoltages, & low voltages. You can safely charge and use your electronics with this adapter.

What It Includes

With the Odoga 200W Power Converter, you also get the protective traveling case, three universal outlets, an EU power cord, and a favorable 1-year warranty policy from the manufacturer. All in all, a convincing package to purchase.

What Customers Say

The Odoga is a top-rated power converter, and people love to take it for their foreign trips. It makes them worry-free about charging their devices and powering them. And also people find them travel friendly and powerful with some fantastic features.

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Instapark ITU-1000 Series Heavy-Duty AC 110/220V Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer/Converter

with US Standard, Universal, German/French Schuko AC Outlets – 1,000 Watt

Instapark ITU 1000 high voltage converter

This time you might’ve to leave the portability factors aside and focus more on the voltage converter’s heavy-duty performance. And what you get here is the Instapark ITU-1000 Series, a heavy-duty ac 110/120V step-up/step-down voltage converter. Let’s go deeper into this pricier and more robust solution below.

Reliable Solution From A Reliable Brand

Instapark, one of the industry leaders, brings you the ITU Series Step-Up/Down Voltage Transformers. It provides a reliable, safe, affordable, and convenient solution to convert voltages. While acting as a step-up voltage converter, it converts 110/120V up to 220/240V. And as a step-down one, it converts 220/240V down to 110/120V. By that, it enables home and industrial applications to be used anywhere in the world.

Great Specs

The ITU-1000 comes with a maximum of 1,000 watts rating. It also features a heavy-duty cord and a US 3-prong plug. On its front panel, you get five outputs, including 4 AC outlets. Two of them are grounded outlets for 120V only(US standard), one French/German Schuko outlet for 220V only, and one universal outlet. All of these three types of outlets can be in simultaneous and continuous operation. And most importantly, all three outputs can be used simultaneously & continuously.

instapark converter features

Advanced Technology w. 100% Full Loading Guarantee

With Instapark ITU-1000, you get a 100% Full Loading Guarantee. It uses Advanced Toroidal Transformer Technology, which is 20% lighter than regular transformers.

Quiet & Safe

It provides a safe operation with its Dual Circuit Breakers Protection System for each voltage that it supports.

You’ll also find a quiet and sound operation with this toroidal transformer. It operates without any annoying and buzzing noise. Also, it’s more robust with 100% power.

Plus, it’s safe for your environment as it doesn’t include any unhealthy or harsh chemical insulating paint. It doesn’t have any musty odor and keeps the indoor air undisturbed.

What Customers Say

Instapark ITU-1000 Series voltage transformer impresses its customers in multiple aspects. Especially for its heavy-duty performance, whisper-quiet operation, and odorless existence. It’s a little pricier and more substantial in weight, which is obvious considering its scope of performance.

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Sokoo Power Converter 220V to 110V

International Voltage Converter for Hair Straightener/Curling Iron, Step Down Universal Travel Adapter Europe UK/AU/US/in, 2Outlet, 4Port USB Charger QC3.0 Grey

sokoo high voltage converter

The Sokoo 220V to 110V Voltage Converter is a step-down transformer that can help all your American appliances run universally. Sokoo has come up with a much-needed upgrade, and you can happily travel worldwide with all your tech gadgets. We’ll find out more about this converter here.

Worldwide Usage 

Sokoo power converter safely converts foreign country voltages from 110/240V to standard USA 110V. These converters include five types of power adapters and multiple output sockets, among which four dedicatedly serve to the US, UK, IN, AU outlets. So you can use all your American electronics in more than 150 countries that include the UK, Turkey, Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, China, Hongkong, Japan, and more.

Compatible Devices & Machines

Unlike many other voltage converters, the Sokoo is powerful enough to be compatible with a curling wand, hair straighteners, beard trimmers, shavers, and more. You can also charge your electric toothbrush, Bluetooth speaker, laptop, tablet, Kindle, camera batteries, and more. Its compatibility covers almost every household electronics you need in your daily life.

sokoo converter features

4 USB Ports

Charging is something you mostly need with your devices when you’re out for a foreign trip. To make it more convenient, Sokoo offers a Blue, Quick-Charge USB Port with a 3.0 rating that offers up to 4X quicker charging. It is compatible with most modern smartphones, including Galaxy S7, S6; Nexus 6; LG G4/G5/Flex 2, and more.

It also has three smart USB ports that allow you to charge your power-hungry electronics simultaneously. So it can generate a total 54W/9A charging rate, which is great to get all your devices going.

Safety, Protection, & Precautions

The Sokoo ensures USB outputs are isolated from the AC unit to keep all the devices protected. Over-temperature, over-current, overload and short-circuit are some of the electrical issues from which your electronics are kept safe.

As a precaution, remember not to use it with Hair Dryers or anything that is over 200 watts.

What Customers Say

People find it a reliable high voltage converter that safeguards the electrical devices when one’s out traveling abroad. It’s also great for charging multiple devices, and the performance is as good as it’s advertised.

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BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 100-220V to 110V Voltage Converter

250W with 6A 4-Port USB Charging 3 AC Sockets and EU/UK/AU/US/India Worldwide Plug Adapter (White)

bestek high voltage converter

When talking about the high voltage converter, we can’t miss out on the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter/100-220V to 110V Voltage Converter. It stands out from the competition with its higher conversion rate and incredible USB charging feature. We’ll be taking a more in-depth look at it and find out why it’s a joy to have on foreign trips.

Worldwide Power Voltage Converter

With the Bestek Universal Travel Adapter, voltage conversion to run your US appliances isn’t an issue anymore. It could convert all the different voltage from 100-240V to 110-120V and power up the American electronics safely. This unit includes an EU Power Cable and four International Adapters (US/UK/AU/IN) supporting outlets of 150+ countries. And that list includes places like 

St. Paul’s Cathedral in England, the Forbidden City, the Eiffel Tower in France, the Tajmahal in India, the Great Wall in China, the Opera House in Sydney, and Mount Fuji in Japan. So if you are planning to travel the US to India voltage converter

Incredible for Charging Your Devices

Charging the devices isn’t something to worry about anymore on your foreign trips. The Bestek Converter is known as the BMW of the industry for charging electronics in international travel. It comes with four adapters and an exclusive direct EU plug, making it one of the top choices for foreign trips, which makes it an ideal voltage converter for Europe.

bestek converter

Highly Efficient

Bestek stands from the competition with its independent research & development and patented converter technology. It holds a conversion rate of up to 92% for converting 110/240V to 110V, which is 50% higher than its competitors.

Multiple Protection System

BESTEK comes with an exclusive ETL certification in the converter industry. Its hardware is also  NRTL safety tested & upgraded with multiple protection systems such as over-load, over-current, over-heat, and short-circuit. So all your appliances can function with complete security. There’s also a great Warranty & Safety Guarantee Policy, which makes it even more convincing.

All-in-One Design

It features 250W output power, 3 AC outlets, and four 6A rated USB charging ports that can charge seven devices simultaneously. These plug adapters and the EU plug cable are enough to cover all the universal sockets.

What Customers Say

The Bestek is one of the most popular power converters around. And people find this to be an indispensable part of their travel kit. Mainly because of its high efficiency and versatile performance.

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Hyted 2000Watts Travel Adapter and Converter Combo

Step Down Voltage 220V to 110V for Hair Dryer Steam Iron Laptop MacBook Cell Phone World Plug Power Adapter for the US to UK Europe AU Over 150 Countries

hyted high voltage converter

It could be frustrating to see your hairdryer or any other essential device not working on your foreign trips. To avoid facing such hassles, you can consider a reasonably priced, high-performance step-down voltage converter – HYTED 2000Watts Travel Adapter and Converter Combo. It can be an excellent solution for people who are traveling into or from America. Let’s check out more of this superb combo of an adapter and converter.

Designed For Traveling

HYTED Travel Adapter is a great companion for international travel. It comes with a compact, portable size measuring 2.4″ L x 2.2″ W x 2″ D and weighing 0.29 lbs. You also get a free travel pouch, adding to the convenience of your travel experience. 

Universally Compatible

It’s a universal travel adapter that comes with an all-in-one plug. And that allows you to use it in more than 150 countries, including the UK, Australia, North America, EU, so on and so forth.

hyted converter

Converter Mode

HYTED is a combo power transformer unit that works both as a converter and an adapter. While in converter mode, it steps down the voltage from 220V/240V to 110V /120V to make your electrical products usable almost everywhere in the world. Here electrical products are the ones that are heating devices and mechanical motors and come within 26-2000watts power range that includes hair straighteners, dryers, irons, and more.

Adapter Mode

It also has the adaptor mode that supports dual voltage 110/220V and 120/240V, 8A max) devices like iPad/iPhone charger, Macbook, Laptop, and other double voltage appliances. 

What Customers Say

People find HYTED to be a convenient and versatile converter/adapter combo for their foreign trips. But make sure you follow the instruction carefully to avoid any inconvenience with your appliance while traveling abroad.

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Pyle PVTC320U Step Up and Down Converter – 500 Watt Voltage Converter Transformer w/ USB Charging Port

UK Power Adapter, AC 110 / 120 to 220 / 240 Volt Vice Versa, 110V/120V/220V/240V Input Voltage – Pyle PVTC320U

pyle pvtc voltage converter

Are you going abroad? Want your appliances and devices to run smoothly in the foreign outlets? The Pyle PVTC Series Step Up/Down Voltage Transformer is the right choice for you. It offers a safe, reliable, cost-effective & convenient solution to step up or down the voltages to your desired level. This converter works great for both home and commercial applications. Watch out for more of its features here.

Powerful Converter

The Pyle PVTC320U is a powerful 500 Watt Voltage Converter Transformer. It converts voltages from 110/120V up to 220/240V or from 220/240V down to 110/120V. There is also a UK Power Adapter, a US 3-Prong Plug, a heavy-duty Power Cord, and an adapter for American to European outlets.

3 Mode Output

It also has three different output modes. Among them, two grounded while another one supports 120V with the US Standard Outlet and 220V with the Universal Outlet. There is a 5V Standard USB Jack as well. You can use all three outputs for continuous and simultaneous performance.

Universal Application

This voltage transformer comes with a universal design so that you can run all your electrical devices and appliances everywhere in the world. It comes with four input voltage options, such as 110V, 120V, 220V, and 240V. These diverse ratings allow you to use the right voltage based on the electronic requirement of your device.

pyle pvtc converter

Compact Size

The Pyle PVTC converter unit comes with compact size dimensions of 7″ L x 7″ W x 5″ H, allowing for convenient transport. The design makes it portable enough to let you take it along on your foreign visits. 

Fuse/Circuit Protection

It also takes maximum protection measurements. This 500 Watt voltage supply features fuse & circuit protection for the right level of safety and security of your machines and devices so that they have enhanced longevity. It also comes with a couple of spare phases that can be handy during applications.

What Customers Say

The PYLE PVTC Series impresses many people out there with this fantastic power converter. People find it perfectly functional, reasonably priced, and quite convenient to carry.

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RJTEK Auto Step Up and Down Voltage Converter

Transformer 80W International Smart convert from 110V to 220V Also 220V to 110V for Worldwide Travelers

rjtek high voltage converter

RJTEK makes an excellent addition to our list of the Best High Voltage Converter. It’s been a step-up/down voltage converter that can be very handy for worldwide travelers. This smart converter can enable your electrical appliances to run on almost any part of the world conveniently. Let’s find out more about this product right here.

Decent Power

Generally, our portable electrical appliances don’t include power specs for more than 80 Watts. For that, the RJTEK 80W is decent enough to use on international trips to run your regular gadgets. It automatically steps up/down from 110V to 220V and 220V to 110V. 

Built W/ Safety Features

There are some fantastic build features to this RJTEK voltage converter. Its inner core design is made of pure copper for a better service life compared to its traditional competitors. The features that it includes are the top-notch Flame Retardant Shell for safe application, completely silent function, and sleeker and cuter design. Most importantly, it consists of sextuple security measures such as fuse/short circuit protection, overloading protection with alarm, overheating protection, and temperature control function.

rjtek converter features

Great Compatibility

The devices up to 80 Watt are compatible with this automatic voltage converter for powering up. Some of such devices are Electrical Toothbrush, CPAP Machine, Laptop, Hair Straightener, Mobile phones or Mobile Phone Disinfector, Heating Pad, Curling Irons, Xbox, Television, and so on.

Travel-Friendly Size

It supports a large number of countries for converting foreign electricity to the USA standard electricity, which is to convert the 100V-240V to 110V. To make it a travel-friendly converter, it comes with a compact size of 4.1″ H” x 2.2″ L x 2.2″ W, and also with a weight of only 1.7 lbs. So it can take a little place anywhere in your travel bag.

Protect Appliances

To protect your appliances, it features an automatic circuit breaker. It interrupts merely the current flow, the moment it detects any electrical fault. So all your electrical devices can stay safe from damage caused by the overload of current or short circuit. You can also reset the unit by manually pressing the reset button to resume regular operation. There’s also a warranty and after-sales service policy to make it even more convincing.

What Customers Say

People find this RJTEK power converter to be a worthy option to have for their tech equipment while traveling. It comes with an impressive design and color, and people also find it perfectly functional at a reasonable price.

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Odoga Travel Adapter Kit

Universal Power Adapter with 2 AC Outlets, 2 USB Ports – International Power Adapters Plugs for Europe, UK, China, Australia, Japan & More

odoga high voltage converter and power adapter

While rounding up the best power converters and adapters, we came across one first adapter that we feel is worthy enough to mention here. It’s the Odoga Travel Adapter Kit, a universal power adapter that can enable most electronic devices in overseas outlets. It comes from a brand you can rely on and also includes some fantastic features to discuss here.

Compact & Powerful

The Odoga Power Adapter comes with a perfect travel-friendly compact size measuring 6″ H x 4.2″ W x 2.3″ L. This power strip is going to fit any bag, even the tiniest ones.

With such a tiny size, it surprises you with a whopping 2000 Watts capacity. So it is good to handle all the dual voltage electronic devices you are supposed to take on your foreign trips.

Perfect for Traveling Abroad

This power strip has five international adapters to support outlets of more than 160 countries. And that vast list includes North American Countries like the USA, Canada, European Continental, large parts of Asia including China, India, Japan, Singapore, and more.

Multiple Outlets

The Odoga International Power Adapter comes with multiple outlets that include two AC outlets and two USB ports with a 2.4A rating each. And that allows you to charge your laptop, cellphone, tablets, curling iron, hairdryer, and other electronic devices that are capable of handling dual voltage input of 100V/240V.

odoga power adapter

One Solution Fits All

How about a solution that fits all your devices? This Odoga power strip can power up your regular devices with its two AC sockets and two USB ports. Moreover, its five adapters of type A, G, I, L, and F make it universally accepted for charging your cell phone, laptop, Bluetooth speaker, tablets, and more (charge four devices simultaneously).

Great Protection System

Odoga believes in Safety First policy as it comes with rigorous testing and includes overcurrent protection, overload protection, and short circuit protection. Its safely built construction includes fire-resistant materials, LED safety indicators, and a high-quality circuit board.

What Customers Say

The Odoga International Adapter is probably one of the most liked ones on Amazon. People find it intuitive and convenient to handle appliances like hairdryers and hair straighteners. And it seems to be a highly recommended power adapter out there.

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Beleeb Auto Step Up Step Down Voltage Transformer Converter

 110-120 to 220-240 Volts Overload LED LCD Soft Start Circuit Breaker Protection AC 100V±20%220V±20% Power Converter 3000W [1-Year Warranty]

beleeb high voltage converter

Now we have the Beleeb Auto Step Up – Step Down Voltage Transformer Converter to review. It’s the most expensive high voltage converter we have for you. Beleeb power converter is a high-capacity unit that comes with some high-end features. We’ll be looking at these features here.

Fully Protective Design

The Beleeb Auto Step Up/Down Voltage Converter is a premium, highly functional transformer unit. It comes with an 8-second soft-start circuit built inside for preventing any inrush current at the beginning. 

The circuit breakers included in this unit provide overcurrent protection, unlike the fuses. They’re more sensitive and don’t require replacement while pressing the overload button is enough to reset and resume the operation.

Advanced Step Up & Step Down Performance

Beleeb Power Converter features Automatic Voltage Conversion Technology that doesn’t require you to select the input voltage anymore manually. This transformer can automatically recognize the input voltage, such as 110V±20% 220V±20%, and convert it to the respective power. So there’s no likely chance to choose any incorrect voltage and damage the appliances.

It is compatible with a big list of countries that have a voltage level of 90V/125V or 180V/250V and a frequency of 50HZ/60HZ. Some of that includes the USA, CA, UK, China, Japan, and more (Adaptor required).

beleeb converter compatibility

Highly Efficient

Beleeb is a highly effective transformer converter. It has a built-in toroidal transformer with high performance regarding low consumption and stable output. It saves more energy and does the job more efficiently.

You can use machines and appliances up to 3000 Watts capacity. That could include coffee makers, rice cookers, hot water pots, blenders, mixers, and more. But check out the inductive and non-inductive load of your appliance to find out if it’s compatible or not.

It also uses pure copper with 80%-90% utilization & higher conductivity, making it more efficient than its competitors. And that allows you to use multiple appliances simultaneously unless the power allows.

Convenient Features

With such power, you could be surprised by its almost none noise operation. So you won’t have to be bothered about your daily life anymore. 

It also comes with an LED indicator reminding you of overload so that you can use it correctly. Plus, you also have an LCD to show the input and output volt visually.

Some wall-mounted accessories can help you with your space-saving techniques. And to ensure the correct use of the transformer, you get an instruction manual written in English/Chinese/Japanese.

The manufacturers back their product with a 1-year limited warranty and also guarantees the quality and performance of their product.

What Customers Say

With the powerful Beleeb converter, people smoothly run a full-size refrigerator and coffee grinder, or a similar combination of appliances. For running powerful machines and devices, this comes out as one of the best high-voltage converters you can get around.

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So far, we’ve seen some fantastic suggestions for voltage converters and adapters. That has included dedicated converters, adapters, and also the converter-adapter combos. For all of these inclusions, the standard features you can find are worldwide voltage spectrum compatibility, a wide range of devices and appliances compatibility, compact size, simultaneous charging option for multiple devices, and convenient travel-friendly features.

We’ve also seen both the step-down, 220 to 110 volts voltage converter, and the step-up 110 to 220 volts voltage converter. After going through all these, you should be good to make the right choice for your high voltage converter, or you can simply go for a converter-adapter combination as this should be the smartest choice to make.

Considering all the features and user feedback, we find the Foval International Travel Converter/Adapter as our best pick. You can also check out the options from Odoga as they’re equally useful to help you with your devices running smoothly abroad. You can simply buy these on Amazon, and we believe you should hardly go wrong with your preferred Amazon voltage converter.

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