ASAKUKI 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

ASAKUKI 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

We have more options to freshen up your ambient air even more. Here we have the Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser that humidifies your air with a refreshing scent. So that you can have an ideal environment to spend time with your family. It can also promote your sleep by perfuming your pillows and sheets after diluting with water. A few drops of this essential oil into your humidifier or diffuser and you are good to get a fatigue-free fragrant surrounding.

5-IN-1 Multi-Functional Aroma Therapy

This is not just a simple, essential oil diffuser, but an excellent multifunctional aromatherapy device. It is featured with a larger 400ml water tank, multiple diffuse modes, 7 different LED colors, and an automatic safety switch that protects it from getting overheated when running out of water.

6 Bottles of Complete Essential Oils

The ASAKUKI essential oils consist of the all-natural plant extracts. So it is effective and safe for your skin and hair. This 6-pack of all-natural premium essential oils offer a variety of blends and fragrances to suit different aspects of your daily life. Among these fragrances Lavender helps you to be more focused and relaxed, Sweet Orange promotes the anti-anxiety and cognitive functions, Tea Tree boosts the immune system and fight infections, Lemongrass alleviates sores and pains while balancing your body and mind, Eucalyptus helps to relax the respiratory system and provide better sleep, and finally, the Peppermint stimulates concentration while alleviating fatigue.

ASAKUKI 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Restore Wellness

So what we’ve seen is that the oil diffusers not only make the air fragrant but also provides you a lot of health benefits with its different aromas. It simply restores wellness by creating a calm environment for you and your loved ones. This wellbeing support could be relieving the stress or anxiety, promoting deeper sleep, relaxing the mood, and so on.

What’s more?

This essential oil diffuser comes with multiple LED color changing lights with dim/bright flexibility. So you can have the full control for setting up the mood of your surroundings. These lights can cycle or stay on the various colors enhancing the overall aesthetics of the unit. It also has the auto shut-off feature. Now you are good to set the mode in your home, office, spa, gym, study, and so on. This essential oil diffuser works great for any room more than 200 square feet with running hours of up to 12 with its large 400ml capacity. You should have such an essential item for you and you can also consider this as a gift for its thoughtful design and handy functions.

ASAKUKI 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

What Customer’s Say

This essential oil diffuser has been bringing smiles on many faces, it is perfectly functional, and having one is a great buy. You also get a 1-year warranty and after-sales support in case of any inconvenience, and that is something that sounds convenient enough.

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